In the serenity of Serena, Let us discuss poverty

By Amara Shah

In the serenity of Serena,

Let us discuss

poverty, hunger, instability in Afghanistan

Chemical- induced death of children in Syria’s war arena

Starving skeletons of slum dwellers is such a horrible view

Sipping black coffee, taking small bites of organic cookies

Their destiny at least we can review

Hunger, starvation and indigenes; So many woes befell our countrymen

With overfed tummies, cosmetic clad faces, bottled water, ‘hmmmies’ and yummies

Let us share their unbearable burden

With their illiterate, rustic, unsophisticated retrospective and retrogressive cultural norms and notions

How badly our unwashed down trodden lot portray our great heritage, cultural diversity, progressive sentiments and emotions

Let us sit in a five star hotel and roam in chilled corridors, sip wine and then dine

With the white skinned Americans

At least this sacrifice of ours

Can reveal the world

Our modern, sophisticated, educated spirit and stop our foes, (on us), to whine

Gloom, murkiness and dark across the country

Is a thorn to our eyes: accustomed to twinkling stars, rustling leaves, blooming flowers and dancing lights

To hide ourselves from dust and dark of our age (zamana)

Let us take refuge in ‘Shamadaan’ and ‘Zamana’ of Serena and see the city from cozy heights

Our seminars, workshops, interactive sessions followed by humpy bumpy galas

If fail to bring revolution, will bring tranquility of mind and serenity of souls, in our villas



Amara Shah tweets @ShahAmara_