Freedom of Religion: Islamic Pakistan vs Secular India

By Muhammad Fateh Farooq

While scrolling through different T.V channels, not stopping at anyone and getting annoyed, I got stuck on a channel on which a highly crowded gathering was seen, sitting calmly and listening very attentively to the speaker.  This attitude of the audience forced me to stop at that channel and made me curious to see what really was happening there.

My eye suddenly caught the logo of the channel which was named as ‘Peace TV Urdu”, making me curious about the happening there. I started watching the channel and within seconds the speaker appeared on the TV screen and it was none other than the famous Muslim cleric Dr.Zakir Naik.

After a couple of minutes, I came to know that the program was recorded in India, indeed in Gujarat, an Indian state which is famous for its harshness towards Muslims. For a while, I could not believe that I was witnessing this but in the next few minutes, a more dramatic thing happened when a Hindu individual appeared on a mic and asked Dr Naik a very harsh and unbearable question regarding Islam and Muslims. Dr Naik, however, handled it very beautifully and satisfied the questioner with many pieces of evidence. The most attractive thing at the moment was the calmness of Muslims sitting there observing all this happening.

After watching this all happenings my views about India and specifically about muslims of India changed. Earlier, I used to think that the Muslims there in India have always been crushed and are never allowed to carry on their religious beliefs but watching Dr Naik’s program I saw a completely different face of Indian Muslims which I had not known earlier.

Actually, this really was the face of Secular India, Yes SECULAR INDIA! Being Hinduism as the India’s principle religion, she has also allowed followers of the other religions to carry on according to their beliefs. If I call it big bigheartedness of Indians, I would not be wrong.

Comparing the same scenario with Pakistan would have some harmful aspects. In our beloved country can we allow any non-Muslim cleric to publicly hold such big gatherings of hundreds and then preach for any other religion than Islam? Certainly the answer is a big NO! Let me speak the truth here that we don’t carry such big hearts and we are so self-sufficient that we rather keep our mouths shut where it needs to be open. Here, Ulemas come out in the name of defending Islam all the while Islam is being hurt by their actions. Indeed, Indians are helping to spread Islam more than we Pakistanis.

At the end let me call India a secular state and Indians true and open heart people.

Think Pakistanis, Think!


  • Kamath

    I have a suggestion for all these clerics: Lock these Muslim clerics, non-Muslim Sadhus, Swamis, Yogis etc.and throw the keys away. World will be better off without these scoundrels.