My mother doesn’t love me anymore probably

By Foaad Hassan


What could be worse than your Mom refuse to take all the gifts you bought her for mother’s day and even stops your grandma to accept them! Yes it happened with me today and my feeling or mind was shattered and I could not control my tears. In front of her I expressed some anger and agitation but all in vain. She is not happy as I do not give my home proper time, I am not available for her all the times but yeah deep down I care for my parents a lot. The reason for all of this is my job and late working hours probably and I also work on weekends most of the times so in this modern world how can we make hour parents understand this modern corporate routines.

Social media is a great thing, it connects us and enhance our businesses bridging the gaps but even if it has lot of positive and good impacts it is destroying our lives and society as we misuse it for personal gains and business gains both. There are two points whether social media is destroying our social values or our office routines? I like to ask everyone who work late, work on weekends and when he or she comes home he is responding to his boss or team 24/7 on WhatsApp groups and emails. In my case yes I do all of this, I don’t have working hours, yeah I have to be there on time but there’s no fixed time to leave my work place and when I come home or even if I am driving, on weekends I am responding to office and there is no way you can say “No”, I have like ten Whatsapp groups with clients and teams in office so your client and boss should get answer as soon possible, I get emails at 6 am, 7am, midnight so if my Mom comes and ask me to do something I speak little loudly, respond with anger in my sound and never available for anything or I don’t take her anywhere or go with her. I think my Dad understands as he understand industry norms but even he sometimes says that “who work twenty four hours my son”. I have stopped meeting my relatives, yes! I do not have a social life but where is my fault? My office pays me well, I am earning good and I think I am my Mom and Dad’s ideal boy who works for a multi-national earns good yeah but he is not available.

I am unable to understand where is my fault in all of this, who brought Whatsapp into official matters? Since when we shifted our focus from emails to Whatsapp? Which law says we should work twenty four hours and seven days? There is no control of Government or any department over private sector. If we speak against it then we will lose our jobs and Mom and Dad won’t like their son sleeping whole day and watching Netflix.

I cannot control my office but yeah I can make my parents understand that it is not my fault, you guys always wanted this from me and here is the result, why should my office care about my life? It is not their responsibility and blaming Government is a fun job to do! In the end I accept that it is all my mistake because when I work like 10-12 hours and available for my office 24 hours then it can change my behavior, you can check with any psychologist moreover working on weekends so what can I say? Sometimes I feel like committing suicide so Society has to accept this machine life and inhuman self-made corporate laws, soon we all will pay for this, today my mom refused to take any gift and soon you all will face such reactions at home.