Pride of “Nuclear State”-Murdering Humanity

By Syed Foaad Hassan

Just when most of us celebrate “Youm e Takbeer” every year, the day when we experimented a device which can tear your flesh , destroy every single tree, bird in-fact every living thing in milliseconds, just when India and Pakistan talk about war, capturing each other’s land and “Ghazwa e Hind” I want to recall “Humanity”.

Seven years ago more than 100 Ahmadis died brutally during Jumma prayers in Lahore, the Capital of great Punjab and many people celebrated that bloodbath, unfortunately we did not stop, after that we vandalized their graveyards, Mosques and homes. Moreover recently another Ahmadi doctor, Mehdi Ali (Cardiac Surgeon in USA) who came here for three weeks on a humanitarian mission at Tahir Heart Institute Rabwah had to receive nine bullets near community cemetery in-front of his five year old son and wife. No one dares to speak or raise voice except few even liberal newspapers like Express Tribune are quite; they did not even publish the story of Dr. Mehdi maybe they are too much scared of Mullahs, their curious stories of publishing blank pages is not too old yet. We have killed thousands of Hazaras, Shias and now we are targeting Bohris and Ismailis too as well as every liberal who speaks for minority rights and sound liberal like Raza Rumi and Rashid Rehman.

Dr. Mehdi Ali Qamar

Again coming towards nuclear experiments and war, so everyone in India and Pakistan can afford meals twice day? Or Shelter? Recently this year hundreds of children were died of hunger in Thar and now hundreds of IDPs are waiting for food and Shelter in North Wazirizstan and Look we are so proud Nation with overwhelming power that our children could not sleep at night and prepare for exams , In more than 40 degree Celsius temperature all we think about is electricity for an hour. Have you ever thought about children including infants dying of measles just because of sub-standard vaccine? Now most of people will feel that this is totally irrelevant. Let me explain how this all is relevant with Nuclear Explosions.
Put yourself in shoes a person who works day and night, have couple of children and unfortunately his parents could not afford to send him for higher studies in a private university so he is just earning ten thousand. He is living in a country where over-time is like a dream even after reaching his office early at 8:00hrs or 9:00hrs so sometimes he works 12-15 hours a day, delaying salary is common practice of his company and when he comes home after 15 hours of labour his children are crying because of severe heat and load-shedding for constant 4-5 hours after every single hour and they can’t afford UPS and generator so they have to suffer. One day one of his children is diagnosed with measles and he comes to know that vaccines were sub-standard and now he must take him to a Government hospital where health conditions are poor, people are laying on floors due to insufficient beds. Don’t even think about better education, fun, vacations and anything like that for this family. Now tell him that we are nuclear state , we have beaten India in race of nuclear bombs experiments on 28th May 1998 and today under magnificent atmosphere and circumstances of 20 hours load-shedding, poor health conditions, minimum gas available , when he can be killed in a mosque or even outside his home while polio teams are busy in vaccinating his children , where any of his Ahmadi, Hazara or Shia friend can be killed just because of his faith after checking ID card and then his grave would be vandalized by a mob even if it’s near Chief Minister’s residence, then killers and mob would be treated as a hero like Mumtaz Qadri, I am pretty sure this guys would really appreciate, jump with joy and feeling of contentment in his eyes would be un-matchable.

Naya Pakistan or Roshan Pakistan will emerge when no one will sleep on foot-paths, no one will die of hunger, when no one would regret that he couldn’t save his child because he can’t afford medication in private hospital, when everyone can afford quality education, when parents of a five year old girl won’t be afraid that she’d be raped or when she grows up Sardar would kill him after declaring her wanni, when everyone can live freely according to his faith and offer prayers in his Mosque, Church, Temple or Imam Bargah without any fear of Mullah mob and if I am pessimist and I cannot appreciate qualities of a society and you think I am just highlighting negative side of Pakistan then I apologize , I am sorry I care for this Nation- State and doing the least which is creating awareness and writing for the rights of suppressed.

Article was published 3 years ago, today I have changed some dates and years but situation is almost same.

Writer is a Lahore based Journalist, Publicist and Advertiser