From the Loudspeakers of a Mosque

By Waseem Altaf

July 6,2012: Ahmadpur East
On an allegation of burning the pages of the Quran,a mentally challenged man named Ghulam Abbas was arrested and brought to the police station.
Later,the mullah from the loudspeakers of the nearby mosque announced that a man had committed blasphemy and was in police lock-up. On that, the villagers got enraged,came out of their houses and blocked the main highway running through the town.They broke down the gates of the police station, took out the prisoner, threw petrol on him and burnt him alive. Approximately 2,000 enraged locals stood there until the man was completely burnt.

June 25,2017: Ahmadpur East
An oil tanker carrying 40,000 liters of fuel overturned after trying to make a sharp turn on the main highway. It was then that the local residents were told of the leaking fuel over loudspeakers from the nearby mosque prompting them to steal petroleum. A large crowd of people, including women and children carrying bottles, pots, buckets and other home utensils gathered at the scene to collect the leaked oil. And then when someone tried to make the hole in the oil tank wider with a hammer, the oil caught fire.The tanker exploded and a huge fireball enveloped the people around.
More than 155 people were burnt alive not very far from the scene where Ghulam Abbas was burnt alive 5 years ago!

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  • MusOsuM MusOsuM

    Why to relate two events? One is about a “mentally challenged” person doing it in front of a “mentaly challenged” mob and another is about safety measures. Does not makes sense plainly

  • Umer Khayyam


  • Faisal Ghazi

    Not only Ghulam Abbas was mentally ill the crowd of people who were involved in such a crime were also maniac. actually the person below use the word mob was more suitable to them.

    They infamous the perfect & glorious religion Islam the religion of peace.

    They were not Muslims the Muslim is a far thing they don’t even deserve the title of human
    Just because of these psychopaths the people around the world were unable to see the clear vision of the true religion.

    God cursed them

  • Faisal Ghazi

    Probably the mosque was an anti Muslim scheme

  • There is no relation in these two incidents because there is 50km difference in both locations.

    Do not spread misinformation by misleading the masses.

  • I think its our nation mentally