Proposed NAYA Pakistan Cabinet by Harris Khalique

By Harris Khalique

Folks, here is my preferred NAYA Pakistan Cabinet with my rationale for favourites. Take it easy haan. Its just proposed and my appreciation may be exaggerated too, like your criticism of others is. Take a chill pill if you don’t like the idea. Don’t abuse me for being stupid. My facts may be wrong but I am your friend guys. After all. Hakoomtein to ati jati rehti hain, dosti pakki honi chahiyay. (Phir aaj Lahore mein garrmi bhi bohat thi naa, I am kinda dizzy.)

1. Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Haj and Auqaf
(For stopping the practice of accepting alms and gifts from innocent devotees at shrines)

2. Jahangir Khan Tareen, Finance, Agriculture, Industry and Trade
(For curbing inside trading, averting the sugar crisis, distribution of lands to landless farmers, and financing the party selflessly during the campaign)

3. Aleem Khan, Housing and Urban Land Management
(For effectively eliminating both land grabbing and encroaching state land)

4. Dr Shahzad Waseem, Capital Administration/CDA
(For ensuring use of farm houses/public amenity plots in ICT area for their legally approved purposes and supporting industrial homes for marginalised women)

5. Pir Mithu, Minority Affairs
(For his activism to save Hindu and other minority girls from abduction and forced conversion)

6. Sheikh Rasheed, Information and Broadcasting – Coalition Partner
(For his finesse, truthfulness and honesty)

7. Dr Babar Awan, Law and Parliamentary Affairs
(For his loyalty to the Constitution and his uprightness in declaring that his doctorate was honorary)

8. Dr Firdaus Ashiq Awan, Women and Development, Health
(For her demonstrated respect for women and feminism and personal investment in public health)

9. Murad Saeed, Education
(For campaigning against fake graduate degrees all this life)

10. Sirajul Haq, Interior – Coalition Partner
(For his dedication to curbing extremism and radicalism)

11. Dr Shireen Mazari, Foreign Affairs
(For being a symbol of peace and dialogue in the region)

12. Dr Arif Alvi, Defence
(For fighting to win the seat from Defence Housing Authority in Karachi)

13. Mahmoodur Rasheed, Chief Minister Punjab
(For his vast governance experience at his personal household level)

14. Liaquat Jatoi, Chief Minister Sindh
(For his commitment to democracy and rights of Sindh)

15. Sardar Yar Mohammed Rind
(For his demonstrated affection for common Baloch and struggle against dictatorships)

Harris Khalique

16. Pervez Khattak, Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (to continue)
(For putting an end to nepotism and favouritism in his province)

17. Ghulam Mustafa Khar, Advisor to the PM
(For similar experiences in areas of personal interest as those of the PM)

18. Imran Khan, Prime Minister
(For being the fourth most successful leader of an 11-member Pak team of cricket – a spectator sport played in a dozen countries)


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