For me, you don’t matter!

By Laiba Zainab

It is not a swag statement “My Life My Rules”. Being a girl is not a crime, I am not unfortunate that I am born with a vagina. You are not privileged because you have a penis (either functional or non functional). I have my own thoughts, some very strong opinions and definitely my very own life style. What matters to me is myself. Yes I love myself and you think you can assumed opinions about how I should live my life are not invited.

Being bold and blunt is never wrong, was never wrong and will never be. If you feel insecure due to my confidence then this is really not my problem. I know due to your patriarchal brought up girls like me are a stigma and shame. But you know what! I am not going to change myself for your pleasure. I am not among those people who fake pleasure, orgasms and life for the satisfaction of others. You love to flirt with me and when I don’t respond according to your wishes then it is very easy for you to call me a bitch, a slut or “beghairat” but trust me that’s your issue.

You can not digest that a girl can be open and loud about her thoughts, you can’t bear a girl having strong opinions and according to your pit hole mentality a girl who has dedicated career plans and is not just confined to kitchen is a “Bad Girl” in this society. This doesn’t make me think that I should be a “Good Girl” according to your set standards. I am born to fly high, born to achieve what I want and born to dance in the air with much great moves than you have. So try to absorb this and if you can’t then stay away.

I am an open book, open enough that you can read my emotions through my eyes yet closed enough to be manipulated or changed due to your harsh comments or your hate speeches. You need a perfect wife, a prefect daughter, a perfect daughter, a perfect sister while I embrace my imperfections and wear them as a crown. So for me your disrespectful words don’t matter.

You find masculinity in my confidence while for me this is just the way I am. I am proud of who I am because you have no idea about the struggles I’ve gone through. I love from the depth of my heart and If I hate someone then the emotions are equally strong. So the rule is simple, if you don’t like me then stay away fro me because I am not going to change just for satisfying your fragile ego.

I’ll speak and I’ll fly, I’ll dance and won’t rely on someone weak enough to deny diversity in human nature.

I am perfect in my imperfections and for me people like you with fragile egos and patriarchal thoughts don’t matter. Yes for me only I matter.
For me you don’t matter!

  • Farzeen Chaudhary

    Beautiful piece (and you) 💕

  • Laiba Zainab

    I Love You❤