A New MQM…?


By Prof. Busharat Elahi Jamil


In 1984, during General Zia’s regime, Altaf Husain founded a political movement named Mutthida Qaumi Movement (MQM) means united races’ movement. Presently it has become the 4th major political party in the political fabric of Pakistan following PML-N, PPP and PTI. He provoked deprived ethnic groups highlighting discriminations based on language, culture and race to overemphasize and accomplished his political agendas. According to the Reports, MQM established its militant wing to destabilize the Karachi politically, socially, morally as well as economically. The depravity he addressed urged people to use force along with their vocal influence. Moreover, MQM’s used its militant wing as a pressure group and intend to produce finances for peculiar socio-political objectives of the Party. So far, as it is said “you can just initiate violence but can’t control it”, MQM has also been labeled as a terrorist group. Later, investigations by Pakistan security and intelligence agencies proved MQM’s close relations with India and Indian Agency RAW, accusing them of certain help in anti-Pakistan activities.


Intelligence, media reports, confessional statements of the arrested MQM associates revealed that MQM is immensely involved to undermine Karachi, the economic hub of the Country. It was to disrupt and weaken the Federation and its institutions. As a result, to contain the horrifying conditions and solidarity of the democratic Nation PPP Govt. in 1992 launched the military operation in Karachi to assure the State’s Writ. This forced the MQM’s main-stream leadership including Altaf Husain to flee to London. MQM and Altaf Husain have serious allegations of involving in anti-State activities, terrorism, killings, loot, land grabbing, kidnapping, etc. In result of that crackdown, MQM leadership moved to London and started scheming, decision-making and supervising the party from there till August 2016.


On behalf of a specific ‘Muhajir’ (Urdu Speaking) vote bank, MQM perpetually persuade to monopolize the Local, Provincial and National Assembly elections in Karachi and Haidrabad receiving overwhelming mandate. MQM had well organised in most parts of Karachi divided in sectors and controlled by units in-charges to influence and get the best out of their vote bank. Furthermore, because of its prearranged influence, MQM over-stepped to control Govt. institutions and the administrative machinery of Karachi including Water Board, KMC, Education, Health Department, etc. to run them subjecting to their own benefits. This assumed the disastrous failure in the function of these Institutions which piled up the miseries of the common masses. MQM, as a political steak-holder, frequently followed the policy to overcome the system in its influential constituencies and capacities in Karachi.


Steadily, Altaf Husain used his telephonic speeches as a tool to acquire the sympathies of his Muhajir Community and to instigate them against law enforcement agencies and later against the sovereignty of the State. It was also to mount socio-political pressure of his influential existence on National and Provincial Governments. But finally, one of his anti-Pakistan speeches in August 2016 pushed Government to ban his live appearance and broadcasting hate speeches on media.  Establishment, media and public solely and strictly responded against Altaf’s intolerable discourses. Local MQM leadership under Mr. Farooq Sattar announced their disassociation from Altaf Husain. As a result MQM fragmented into two, MQM Pakistan and MQM London.


This is a general and precise account on history of MQM Pakistan; however, I don’t have any direct concern with above discussed matters. But it has a vivid resemblance with the politics and activities of PML-N Govt. in Centre and Punjab. Altaf Husain and the leadership of the PML-N are contemporarily the brands of same military dictator (Gen. Zia-ul-Haq).  The main objectives of the creation of both these political bodies were to support and strengthen the military regime to prolong its rule.


MQM and PML-N leadership is involved to shift their unlawful wealth to UK through money laundering. They are living in UK with a royal and majestic lifestyle. When NAB, JIT and other judiciary offices try to inspect their illegal wealth they have the same tactics and schemes of poor health conditions to avoid accountability and court trials in order to refrain from any direct refusal or denial of public accountability. Both political groups have a certain political monopolization and influence over their voters and constituencies. They are also involved in exploitation of their voters and have no concern with issues to eradicate their miseries. In Centre and Punjab, PML-N is wholly involved in the devastations of Govt. institutions like Police, FIA, Bureaucracy and Services institutions. The policies and leadership of PML-N are responsible to blow-out Provincialism.


Members and parliamentarians of these political gangs remain busy to hide and secure the illegal actions, corruption and maladministration of respective leaderships. Like Altaf Husain, PML-N’s mainstream leadership also have the killing charges and are under trial. They eternally tried to influence the judiciary and establishment through public invasion and criticism. Like Altaf Husain, Nawaz Sharif also instigating his followers by delivering harsh statements and speeches against the State Institutes. Moreover, ideologically the leaderships of MQM and PML-N remained sternly against the military and Rangers deployment to assist police in their corresponding reigning zones which reflects their direct or indirect association with unlawful activities. Many of PML-N parliamentarians and ministers are found their relations with militant and terrorist organizations to undermine the State.


PML-N leadership seems to follow the MQM’s policy to flee from Country and settle in London during their trial in Courts of Pakistan. PML-N leadership is now demonstrating the best of their power and political influence to jeopardize the whole accountability process in order to secure their assets and exculpation. Mostly these political bands sacrificed their enthusiasts and supporters to secure leadership from judicial trial and punishments. Eventually they would also start operating their office of party leadership from abroad and more likely against the national interest. Circumstances and crunches in PML-N are evidencing the emergence of another MQM in Punjab and Centre on behalf of so-called democracy in Pakistan. This is not unobjectionable and extremely damaging for the survival and development of the nation state; because it seems that they have same agendas of disruptions. Furthermore, they can be the front-fellows of the anti-Pakistan lobbies like a banned political party MQM (London).