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Social Media Campaign: Go Nawaz GO

Social Media Campaign: Go Nawaz GO

Malik Omaid Tahirul Qadri announced a campaign of writing Go Nawaz Go on currency notes. State bank promptly reacted by giving statement that currency notes will be deemed void if there is any slogan written on them. Though this is very amusing as I have myself seen Mobile Numbers and religious slogans like “Qadiani ***** on currency notes. But we can leave this for another time. Here are some masterpieces made by either PTI wallas or  … Read entire article »

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The Mullahs are coming!

By Sher Sultan The Mullas are coming! They are coming in all hues and shades. All styles of facial hair are on display. With close cropped beard, to a totally unkempt one, with heavy moustache accompanying a beard, to a solo beard with clean shaven upper lip – these are not just random fashion statements. Every specific facial hair style represents a specific school of thought, commonly known as a FIRQA. The truth of the school is articulated not just through facial hair style, but through the apparel as well. The close cropped bearded one believes in all secular dresses, and partakes of all secular professions, becoming an engineer, a doctor, or a professor. One of them was teaching me at the Executive MBA classes at I.B.A., and never let go … Read entire article »

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SOS! Save Our Shalwars!

By Ghazala Akbar: For the past few years, a silent revolution has been in progress in Pakistan of which our security agencies, political parties, the religious right, Ghairat Brigades, Difa- e- Pakistan Council are blissfully unaware. It is not an Indian – Zionist – Western inspired conspiracy. US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has no hand in it.There are no hectoring articles written by Western think tanks. Scholars at the Jinnah Institute have not issued any erudite papers.The Human Rights Commission has failed to comment. Honourable Justices of the SC are otherwise engaged to take suo motu notice. Most surprising of all it has escaped the keen trend – spotting eye of NFP, the ever- vigilant cultural critic at Dawn Newspapers! This quiet revolution represents a paradigm shift in our internal dynamics, a development … Read entire article »

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Everything is More Fun in Pakistan!

Everything is More Fun in Pakistan!

“This is just a off shoot of the new “More Fun in Philippines” campaign by the Philippines tourism board. Clearly I’ve just used random pictures I found off the net and not really promoted tourism to Pak in most of them. Now if only I had a good camera… and any photography skills we could actually turn this into something good Join me! ”– by Madiha Talat (view the whole excellent album here).  … Read entire article »

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Waddi Mohtarma Dhazan Dhazan

Everyone and their mom is abuzz with the latest that Veena Malik has been up to. In fact they are so infatuated with the recent memo scandal (and Nixons bugging fiasco that) that everything is christened with a ‘gate’. And Veena’s gate is most definitely open. The latest on the internets is this young man with his innuendo loaded commentary on the whole shebang. For good measure a few Aamir Liaqat memes have also been thrown into the mix. Our hilarious commentator here goes by the name of Osman Khalid Butt and his Youtube Channel, The Living Picture can be found here. Hopefully he will continued to entertain us with his wit and not become a one-hit-wonder. Please watch and ‘like’ this so that he knows we are listening and laughing. … Read entire article »

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Does it itch?

So there was this girl, in this Lahori country club, and she was buying chicken patties. Her hair color was a disgruntled shade of ginger but it was her flamboyant jumpsuit that traumatized me more. There were buttons, front and back. Some where they should be, some where they shouldn’t. It was hard to tell where her hips were in the jumble, so I assumed her legs started two feet from the ground, making her … Read entire article »

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Aaloo-eating zionists – Pakistan’s youth reacts to daily doses of ghairat and lies

By Saadia Gardezi The latest music video to go viral in the Pakistani blogosphere, Aaloo Andey by Beyghairat Brigade, says most of what those on the centre and left are thinking. The Pakistani virtualverse has been twittering about the satire since it came out. However there has also been some verbal violence against the views expressed in the song, characteristic of the Pakistan we live in… what for one man thinks is xenophobic nationalism, for another is just … Read entire article »

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Jalsa weekend Lahore

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Pakistan Police can have fun too

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Damned if we do, damned if we don’t…

By Ghazala Akbar Somewhere deep in Last Para lies the HQs of the premier spook outfit, I – espy – eye. The Chief, (codename, Passion) is reading his favourite John Le Carre novel, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. In walks his super boss, Control. Passion: What’s up Doc? You look worried. Control: Just saw our pal Mike Mellon on TV giving evidence to the US Senate Armed Forces He’s talking about us again. Passion: But I only saw him in DC last week and you saw him in Spain. No complaints. Control:  Yup! That’s just it. He was obviously lulling us into a false sense of security over the margaritas and the paella. Passion: What’s he saying now? Control: Same thing. We’re running with the hares, but hunting with the hounds. Passion: So what’s new! They always say that … Read entire article »

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A Double Whammy for the Cyber Army General

A Double Whammy for the Cyber Army General

Slowly but surely the cyber army general, more popularly known as Zaid Hamid or “Sir” Zaid by his army of silk mustached self styled patriots or the bevy of monikers that circle around his red beret is clawing his way back to the limelight after his Yusuf Kazab association related lull. Yes, we’ll never let anyone forget of that shady association. Of late he’s been making all sorts of nasty waves by appearing on two … Read entire article »

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Another Warning from the Red Bereted Cyber Army General

The monotoned ravings (often confused by many as warnings) of Zaid Hamid translate in “inspirational” as well as humorous effects. More often than not his messages run the thinnest of thin lines between flat-faced seriousness and tongue in cheek parody. Consider this slideshow which announces itself as a message from “our Cyber Army General Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid”. If this is not used in jest we certainly are in trouble. Or as Captain Obvious would say…Deep deep trouble. Nothing new in what the Cyber Army General in Chief has to offer besides showcasing his militia nut antics (Abviously targeted at the legions of hormonal silk moustached army of self appointed uber patriots) what is more confounding in the good general’s tirade is the use of the background score. Surely the Zaid Hamid fanboy … Read entire article »

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We Shall Overrun: The Young, Urban, Middle Class Pakistani Manifesto

By Nadeem F. Paracha 1. Asif Ali Zardari is the devil incarnate. 2. The Pakistan Army is the saviour. 3. The Taliban are resisting American imperialism. 4. We hate American foreign policy unless it suits us. We are against American imperialism if it means we have to ditch the Taliban as that would be against the aspirations of our founding father, Mohammed Bin Qasim. We will no longer shop at Marks and Spencer because they are somehow connected to Israel. However, that does not mean we will switch off our computers and cell phones whose chip technology has been made possible due to major contributions from Israeli scientists. … Read entire article »

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Traitors and Reactionaries

Dedicated to Hameed Gul and Nadeem Farooq Paracha   By Raza Habib Raja The political spectrum in our country is polarized between two extremes: patriotic conservatives and the liberals. Both these extremes are often in complete conflict and accuse the other of naivety and even fanaticism. While conspiracy theories of the rightwing are well known, I have seen that liberals are not at all far behind and churn out their own conspiracy theories in which they try to absolve the PPP government of everything under the sun. Following are the “pearls” of wisdom uttered by both sides.     The Patriotic Brigade   1.      We are patriots and love our motherland like hell. We are macho and believe in jingoism. Our favorite terms are: Islam; nationalism; traitors; baigharat liberals; strategic location; CIA; Mosad; RAW; corruption; and independent judiciary.    … Read entire article »

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Sex is no laughing matter in Pakistan

SHAZIA MIRZA April 18, 2010 IN ALL the countries that I have travelled to to perform stand-up comedy – the US being a regular destination – I have never been held up or interrogated at customs. Or I hadn’t, until I arrived in Pakistan. I spent six hours at Lahore customs, as I did not have a visa in my British passport to enter the country. The people who organised my gig had mistakenly assumed that because my parents were born in Pakistan and I, too, am brown, they would automatically let me in. The customs officer asked: “Are you Pakistani?” Yes. “Where were you born?” England. “That makes you a foreigner.” He looked through my passport, which is filled with US visas. He said: “Are you a spy?” No, I’m a stand-up comedian. … Read entire article »

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