Contemporary Social issues of Pakistan: Our Responsibilities and 70th Independence Day

By Prof. Busharat Elahi Jamil.
Pakistan has a diverged society, shared into various political, communal, castes, creeds, languages, sects, statuses, traditional and […]

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Pakistanis and Glass of Wine – A Social Enema  

By Rafique Ali
The previous article was about intricacies of drinking, there is another elephant in the room; social behavior of […]

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Book Review; The State of Islam: Culture and Cold War Politics in Pakistan

By Najeeb Kakar
Saadia Toor is an Associate Professor of Sociology at City University of New York, College of Staten Island. […]

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Majhi Satakli – The other side of a celebrated Police Officer

“We are posting this story as Naimat Khan has penned a fuller picture of Ch Aslam who was killed in […]

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ملک اسحاق ایک کٹھ پتلی تھا اصل کردار سیاسی لبادے میں

تحریر: عماد ظفر

بالآخر ملک اسحاق کا قصہ تمام ہوا اور مبینہ پولیس مقابلے میں اسکو دونوں بیٹوں اور ساتھیوں سمیت […]

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Nilofer’s Corner: Judicial commission’s findings do not imply that 2013 elections were ‘fair’

By Nilofer Qazi

Imran Khan accused the electoral managers of ‘rigging’ the election of 2013. It has been over two years […]

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