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Taboos on the brink: What you don’t know about Balochistan

Taboos on the brink: What you don’t know about Balochistan

By: Farooq Abdullah For Most of us, the group of words like violence against women, harassment at institutions or work places, rape, honor killing and gender disparity are not that staggering because we listen about these so often in mainstream media–both domestic and international–that it offers none but very little appall by now. Besides, it is way too “ordinary” a news in this part of the world to get noticed. India, for instance, where reports of raping … Read entire article »

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Iftar Deals In Pakistan 2014

Greetings to all Muslims on Holly Ramazan. Ramazan is a special month for Muslims of and they respect this month, keep fasts, offer prayers and recite Quran-E-Pak (Islamic Holy Book). People love to do very early morning breakfast (before Fajar Prayer) called Sehar and don’t eat or drink whole day and allow to eat or drink just (before Maghrib Prayer) called Iftar. Many people love to go outside for Sehar and Iftar and enjoy the best tastes from restaurants in Pakistan. Sehar: Sehar is very early breakfast time in Ramazan people eat healthy dishes to maintain their whole day because keeping Fast they can’t eat or drink anything so they love healthy meals. People of every age love Ramazan and they have energy in them to complete the law of Islam. We see … Read entire article »

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Afghan singer Gulnaz shot dead in Peshawar

Afghan singer Gulnaz shot dead in Peshawar

Afghan singer Gulnaz has been killed by unknown gunmen in Peshawer area Gulberg. This is not the first time that singers from Pushtoon origin has been targeted. Pushtoon singers especially female singers have been systematically target killed in recent years. In the past another renowned singer Ghazala Javed was killed allegedly by her husband. The detailed report by Raza Rumi on that event is posted for our readers. The Music Doesn’t Stop in Peshawar   On June 18 (2012), … Read entire article »

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Tuition Culture and Decline of Sports

By Fazal Abbas What is your past time in the evening after school or college? Ask this question to any young student these days and an overwhelming majority will respond: ‘None, I attend academy for tuition’. Over past fifteen years or so our country has developed a unique culture of evening tuition’s which has become a plague to healthy and beneficial culture of regular schooling and college education. Public schools and colleges are now de-facto ‘facilitation centers’ or ‘liaison offices’ of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of various divisions. The parents and teachers are obsessed with high grades/marks of the students, using it as the only yard stick for success in their lives. What’s ironic is that rise in tuition culture has not done much to ameliorate the quality of the … Read entire article »

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Media – The Godfather

by  Asad Ur Rehman How would you feel if one day you woke up normally, got ready to go to office and on the breakfast table while reading newspaper or going through Facebook, Twitter or any other news site you find out your casual walk photograph with your friend, wife, sister or class fellow has been published without your consent for a news story? You will probably feel uneasy because you had no relationship wi th that piece of news and that photograph was taken without your permission and knowledge. The only chance of feeling good about such an incident is that the news is extraordinarily good and raises your social graph. In another similar-yet contrasting situation, how would you react when you find out that your photograph along with a girl … Read entire article »

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The night club songs of Nahid Akhtar, the Asha Bhosle of Pakistan

The night club songs of Nahid Akhtar, the Asha Bhosle of Pakistan

By Nate Rabe Introducing the woman who gave the world ‘Hello Madam Disco’ and ‘Some Say I Am Sweety’. Nahid Akhtar came onto the music scene in Pakistan in the mid-1970s, first on the small screen but finding her true space on the much grander sets of the Lahore film industry. After the 1971 war, which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh and a horrible period of national crisis in Pakistan, the best Bengali artists left Pakistan … Read entire article »

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Who was Raza Rumi?

It was only late in the night when I came to know that Raza Rumi was attacked—By whom and why? I do not know. I just know that because of the consequence of that unprovoked attacked, Raza was compelled to leave Pakistan and settle in some neutral land where his safety and security is, at least, not at risk. Well, so much has been written about the unfortunate circumstances and plight of the security of journalists in Pakistan and so much has been said already too. I may save myself from taking a dip in this vast sea. Here I want to expound on who was Raza Rumi. A Teacher? A Sufi Master? A Friend? I have no words to express my grief over these unfortunate and saddening times. Long gone … Read entire article »

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Musings over a cup of tea-Part II

Bisma Tirmizi A lighter issue I ponder today, but maybe not that light; just written with a tad bit of humour and some passé amusement. I was sixteen years old when my uncle suggested I get engaged to his son. Fifteenth century England or the city of Sukkur in the state of Sindh, Pakistan, latter I reckon. I was oblivious to the existence of my cousin but once told, I seemed to be a smitten kitten, why, I truly wonder now? My education was at a prestigious school, I spoke some French and fluent English, mingled in the upper middle class society of Lahore and Sarghoda and most importantly and essentially I was a mid teen. Tariq, the prospective seventeen year old was a teenager living in Sukkur, he seemed to have … Read entire article »

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Come on Pakistan! Culture isn’t a static thing

By Raja Arsalan Khan Pakistani intelligentsia cannot challenge the Taliban through a comprehensive narrative because of the confusion it is suffering from. We are unique; we are supreme; we are here to tell people how to live; we are destined to change the whole world; only the Muslims have contributed to the human progress; everything should must Islamized; everyone except Muslims are our enemies. It is the executive summary of education imparted to our students while we seek an answer to the question: how to root out militancy from society. And unfortunately, media (now a 24/7 business) is complicating the problem by constantly bashing the West and reminding people about so-called negative influence of non-Muslim world and unending conspiracies designed by Jews, Hindus and Christians to consume us. Even a cursory look at the extremism … Read entire article »

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Did Pakistan TV Debate Prompt Burning of Yoga Center?

Pak Tea House was noted by the famous US media outlet NBC NEWS in this story below. Wish we were quoted in a more positive news story. By Wajahat S. Khan ISLAMABAD – Armed men may have burned down a yoga center in Pakistan after it was criticized during a provocative television talk show, local observers said Monday. The Art of Living, a non-profit organization whose spiritual leader is an Indian yogi, was set on fire Saturday evening, three weeks after outspoken television anchor Arshad Sharif suggested it was a potential threat to Pakistan’s national security. The two nuclear armed nations are fierce rivals and have fought four wars and countless skirmishes. In a Feb. 14 episode of his prime-time show “Kyoon?” – meaning “Why?” – Sharif suggested that the facility’s spiritual leader, India yoga … Read entire article »

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Karachi Literature Festival: Bigger & Better!

Karachi Literature Festival: Bigger & Better!

By Abdullah Zaidi One thing which was clear from the onset as KLF approached was that it was going to be bigger and better than before. There were new exciting writers to look forward to: Omar Shahid Hamid and Bilal Tanweer. Then scholar Ashish Nandy was making an appearance at a Literature Festival in Pakistan for the first time. Lastly, the presence of regulars such as Mohammad Hanif offered nothing but good. Geo-Political Value of Pakistan – … Read entire article »

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The new face of fascism

Saad Hafiz Benito Mussolini’s infamous quote on fascism, adapted to Pakistan, reads, “Everything for the Taliban, nothing outside the Taliban, nothing above the Taliban.” The quote accurately captures the remarkable hubris of fascism, its frightening, xenophobic and coercive impulses. Fascism brings with it a thick set of assumptions about the world’s past, present and future. It represents a complete vision of life that crosses class divisions and carries no pluralist opposition. The objective, unchanged through time, is to establish control over the people, its main thrust to remake society and rule over every dimension of life. Like their predecessors in history, the new fascists draw their allure from their anathema towards half measures and compromises, their simplicity, their appeal to the imagination and their zest for action but also their intolerance … Read entire article »

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Valentine’s Day at Centaurus Mall

Valentine’s Day at Centaurus Mall

By Waqas Rafique It was Friday and the colours of the Valentine’s Day were in full bloom. I tossed my vehicle into an annoyingly long queue of cars outside the Centaurus Mall, Islamabad, with a friend. All we wanted was a late afternoon snack. However, when we reached at the main gate, the security guard informed that we couldn’t go inside the mall since it was a “family day”. Awkwardly surprised, I told him that my … Read entire article »

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Poles Apart

Haider Rifaat After witnessing the current situation in Pakistan, I have come across many individuals who assess other nations based on stereotypical beliefs. There are numerous factors which make Pakistan and the U.S. entirely different. However, one of the most vital factors which has created a rift between the two countries is the cultural difference. Pakistan and the U.S. have not been able to get along well on account of the distinct cultures. Several conservatives who mainly dwell in the rural regions of Pakistan do not approve of western clothing. In contrast, the U.S. supports diverse cultures and people from different religious affiliations. Moreover, modernization has become a trend in Pakistan, yet people who belong from traditional backgrounds oppose western customs, particularly the openness in the society. Keeping the culture aspect aside, there … Read entire article »

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The Flowers’ Stalks: selling books on Lahore’s streets

The Flowers’ Stalks: selling books on Lahore’s streets

  By Behzad Taimur The Sun is mellow and the early Sunday morning birdsong comes drifting down slowing through the air, and settles softly on a small street just off of Lahore’s famous Anarkali bazaar, like dust settles down once a gust of wind has blown past. The street is littered with small stalls of old books – each stall is a sheet of paper or a clump of rags with innumerable books lying on top. This, … Read entire article »

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