In the Muslim World there exists an ideology and it needs to be blamed

By Umer Ali

Beirut was rocked with bombing on Thursday, a day before Paris attack. There was no reaction from most […]

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Paris Attacks and our Extremist Mindset

By Foaad Hassan

Being victims of worst terrorism since more than a decade, we still need to learn how an attack […]

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مذہب اسلام میں شدت پسندی پر اجمل کمال اور فہمیدہ ریاض کے درمیان دلچسپ مکالمہ

ملک عمید
فیس بک گروپ “بزم” میں معروف ایڈیٹر اور ناشر اجمل کمال صاحب نےمبارک حیدر صاحب کی معروف کتاب ‘تہذیبی […]

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Dadri Lynching and the state of minorities in India

By Zargar Yasir

A few months before President of U.S.A Barack Obama visited India. In his own words he had already […]

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5 Things Haunting Pakistan Today

By Hassan K. Bajwa

Spend some time watching any news channel or flip through a newspaper anywhere in the world and […]

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شجاع خانزادہ کی شہادت اور سوالیہ نشان

تحریر: عماد ظفر

دہشتگردی کے سانحات میں جان گنوانے والوں میں ایک اور شہید کا اضافہ ہو گیا۔ پنجاب کے ہوم […]

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The Killing of Malik Ishaq: Does this Change Anything in Pakistan?

By Mohammad Jibran Nasir

Wednesday morning I woke up to the news of Malik Ishaq, the dangerous head of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) […]

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