Reading: Some Reflections (and the Books I read in 2016)

Aslam Kakar

I grew up in a small village on the periphery of Pakistan. In childhood and till my undergraduate studies […]

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Pakistanis and Glass of Wine – A Social Enema  

By Rafique Ali
The previous article was about intricacies of drinking, there is another elephant in the room; social behavior of […]

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Book Review; The State of Islam: Culture and Cold War Politics in Pakistan

By Najeeb Kakar
Saadia Toor is an Associate Professor of Sociology at City University of New York, College of Staten Island. […]

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پاکستان میں انتہا پسندی کی کہانی

تحریر اجمل شبیر

ہر مذہب کے ابتدائی زمانے کے بارے میں عام طور پر یہی کہا جاتا ہے کہ اس مذہب […]

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Nilofer’s Corner: Interview with Seemi Ezdi Candidate for Islamabad Local Bodies UC 42 Election 2015 area f/10: 2,3,4 PTI

By Nilofer Qazi

With the local bodies elections planned in Islamabad I thought it would enlightening to speak to a candidate […]

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Utilization Of Young Population In Pakistan

By Ibn Azhar

As per UNICEF’s 2013 Statistics, Pakistan is a country with one of the largest youth bulge in the […]

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جبران ناصر کا دورہ امریکہ اور چند مودبانہ گزارشات

“نوٹ: پاک ٹی ہاؤس انٹرنیٹ پر فکری تبادلۂ کی ایک کھلی اسپیس ہے اور ہم آزادی اظہار پر مکمل یقین […]

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Cyber Crime Bill: Transforming cyber space into a Tiny Hole

Luavut Zahid took comments from two of the Pak Tea House Editors/Contributors on the proposed Cyber Crime Bill that has […]

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Joint Statement from Article 19, Human Rights Watch, Privacy International, Digital Rights Foundation, and others on the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015 Pakistan

ARTICLE 19, Human Rights Watch, Privacy International, Digital Rights Foundation, and others are seriously concerned by the proposed Prevention of […]

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