Common enemy of Pakistan and Pakistanis

By Shehla Ahmad

In the wake of the recent and tragic attack at a school in Peshawar which resulted in over […]

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I am an Ahmadi and I love Pakistan

by Saniya Ahmad

No matter how much I love Pakistan, it is not the place for me to be right now. […]

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When the Umpire Raised the Finger: General Zia- imposing Martial Law (5-07-1977)

Malik Omaid

Pak Tea House is sharing this video of dictator Zia ul Haq announcing Matial Law in the country on […]

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Karachi Literary Festival: Spring in the land of suicide bombers and charlatans

Raza Rumi
Who says Pakistani literature was a relic of the past? If anything, Pakistani authors have a global audience today, […]

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