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Pakistan’s energy crisis & endemic mismanagement

The Irony of the power crisis is that PMLN sits now on the same seat where they use to accuse PPP of corruption. Today they ask for prayers of rain to control situation. The crisis continues with no end in the near future.   [View the story "Pakistan’s energy crisis & endemic mismanagement" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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How Journalists have become kingmakers

How Journalists have become kingmakers

پاکستان کی صحافتی دنیا میں بہت سے کالم نگاروں اور ٹی وی اینکرز نے عملی سیاست کا بیڑا اٹھا لیا ہے چاہے وہ حکومتوں کو گرانا ہو، آئی ایس آئی اور فوج کو کنٹرول کرنے کی سعی کرنا ہو یا ایسے سیاست دان جو کہ کئی دہائیوں سے اصولی سیاست کرتے آئے ہیں ان کی تذلیل کرنا ہو یہ سب ایک فیشن سا بن گیا ہے۔ حال ہی میں سلیم صافی جو کہ پاکستان کے … Read entire article »

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Mosul and FATA

Mosul and FATA

by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi In 2006 Presidential candidate and then US Senator Joe Biden, now Vice President, proposed a plan that Iraq should be divided into three states i.e. Shia, Sunni and Kurd. That plan now seems to be a realty as Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) conquers city after city along a line on a map that divides Sunni majority areas from Shia majority. In my personal view there is no danger … Read entire article »

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A Rodeo of Political Chaos

A Rodeo of Political Chaos

By Fazal Abbas Tie-down Roping or Calf Roping is a timed rodeo event, particularly famous with American cowboys, which features a calf and a rider mounted on a horse. The goal of this sport is for the rider to lasso the calf, dismount from the horse, run to the calf, and control it by tying three legs together. All of these activities have to be executed in as short a time as possible. Now let’s apply this … Read entire article »

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India and Pakistan in War Peace

By Ahmad Khan The complexities of South Asia’s political and geostrategic environment drives scholars, experts and practitioners from within subcontinent and the West to share their scholarly views on the dynamics of its major component: the India-Pakistan relationship. A relook or revisit to their scholarly work in form of book, biographies and research papers gives us a broad canvas to draw a holistic picture of the ever fragile relationship since the subcontinent partition in 1947. Most of the scholarly work is about studying the dynamics of relationship that have been changing since the Cold War. Such books and research papers discussed the nature of the conflict and the security competition between India and Pakistan as per the understandings of the authors. J.N. Dixit articulated the nature, history and type of relationship … Read entire article »

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ماڈل ٹاؤن سانحہ،شیر اور بھیڑیے میں سے بھیڑیے کا انتخاب

عبید اللہ خان وزیرستان آپریشن شروع ہونے پر لگنے لگا تھا کہ ہماری فوج اور حکومت میں ہم آہنگی کا ایک اور اچھا موقع پیدا ہوگیا ہے۔ جو ملک کے لئے بہت سود مند ثابت ہوسکتا تھا ۔ قوم بھی متحد دکھائی دینے لگی تھی۔ لیکن یہ ماڈل ٹاؤن والا واقع بیچ میں آن ٹپکا۔ پہلے پہل سن کر میری طرح چند اور دوستوں کا خیال تھا، گو تھوڑے ہی تھے، کہ شریف برادران سے دوراندیشی کی توقع تو خیر نہیں کی جاسکتی مگر اس حد تک عقل سے پیدل اقدامات جو سیاسی خودکشی کے مترادف ہوں اسکی توقع بھی خیر ان لوگوں سے نہیں کی جاسکتی۔ لہٰذا یقیناً یہ کسی تیسرے ہاتھ کی سازش لگتی ہے جو غیر  محسوس طریق پر فریقین کو استعمال کرجاتا ہے اور دونوں کو معلوم … Read entire article »

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MQM’s MNA Tahira Asif Died, a clear Target Killing

MQM’s legislator Tahira Asif has been killed after being shot 4 times by “unknown” assailants in Lahore two days ago. She raised the issue of cleaning Punjab University from Al-Qaeda elements. Raza Rumi tweets!   [View the story "MQM's MNA Tahira Asif Died, a clear Target Killing" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Model Town Tragedy: Police Brutality and some Tahir ul Qadri’s History

Raza Rumi tweets on the Model Town tragedy while looking into history of Qadri-Sharif nexus.   [View the story "Model Town Tragedy: Police Brutality and some Tahir ul Qadri's History" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Tackling TTP, Lessons from History

by Fazal Abbas How should we tackle the menace of terrorism plaguing ‘The Land of Pure’? Confusion surrounds us when we try to look for an answer to it. First we have un-ending list of conspiracy theories of Taliban being Indian, American and Israeli agents. Then we have mainstream right wing parties i.e. Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN), Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) and Jamat-e-Islami (JI) who are ardent supporters of negotiating with the terrorists and going to extent of even providing offices to them. On the other hand we have mainstream left wing parties i.e. Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Awami National Party (ANP) and Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) who have historically supported operations against terrorists but exhibiting confused politics on the issue for last one year or so. Although a firm understanding of the … Read entire article »

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Musings over a cup of Tea: `The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves’ – William Shakespeare

By Bisma Tirmizi I am a Karachiite, a person born and raised in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. Come this past Sunday ten terrorists entered through the front gate of my home, created mayhem, chaos, frenzy and tried to kill the spirit of Karachi. They ripped my soul entirely, rattled my sense of security, demoralized my hope, but as Shakespeare aptly said, `The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.’ Today we must speak up as a nation, today we must put the blame in the mirror, today we must rise and take our city back. The power is always with the masses, the power is always with the middle class, the power is always with the Awaam, let the sleeping giant wake up; we the commoners, … Read entire article »

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Servants, not masters

by Saad Hafiz In the aftermath to the country’s independence, Mr Jinnah clearly articulated the role of the military: “Do not forget that the armed forces are the servants of the people. You do not make national policy; it is we, the civilians, who decide these issues and it is your duty to carry out these tasks with which you are entrusted.” Other than large-size pictures of the founding father that adorn military institutions, Mr Jinnah’s unambiguous view on civil-military relations was soon buried like the rest of his legacy, to the country’s detriment. With Mr Jinnah’s passing, the military swiftly suborned the political apparatus, becoming the driving force behind the country’s politics, ideology and destiny. It saw fit to manipulate civilian politicians, manage civilian institutions, and invest in a military economy … Read entire article »

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Cold Storage and Feudals of Sind

Cold Storage and Feudals of Sind

By Waqas Habib Rana It is a curse to be born poor in Pakistan, but it’s a greater curse if you are born poor in Sindh. You are nugatory for your Feudal lord. Who the Taliban couldn’t kill, might be killed by the PPP and bureacracy’s negligence. After the attack on Jinnah International Airport Karachi, seven young men were trapped inside the cold storage of the premises. One of the boys trapped inside, Faizan, calls his father at … Read entire article »

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Social Media outrage on Lahore Honor Killing

Malik Omaid Farzana Iqbal, 25 was killed by two dozen men including her father and brother in front of Lahore High court with passerbyes watching her being stoned to death. Her crime was that she married without the consent of her family. Last year 869 women died in so-called “honor killings”. Social media showed huge outrage on this barbaric event and many prominent tweeters showed their anger and anguish through demanding justice from the responsible institutions and condemning justification of “Honor killing” by hiding under any religious or cultural excuse. Below are some selected tweets from prominent tweeters highlighting this horrific issue: [View the story "Social Media outrage on Lahore Honor Killing" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Welcome NaMo!

by Saad Hafiz Exit polls had it right.  India, the world’s most diverse democracy with numerous ethnic, linguistic, religious, and caste communities delivered a resounding verdict for change.  The Narendra Modi (NaMo) led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and allies are set to take power drubbing the ineffective Congress led-UPA government.  The elections showcased the maturity, inherent vitality and dynamism of India’s democracy.  The electoral focus was on jobs and development. The ruling party paid for the low growth, high inflation and claims of official corruption on their watch. The electorate clearly favoured the BJP to tackle the nation’s great problems of poverty, inequality, violence and oppression. Voters in the recent elections bucked a recent trend by giving a national mandate to a single party, the BJP.  Over the past two decades, India … Read entire article »

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Ostrich’s Syndrome

by Ahsan Fraz The Pakistan Protection Ordinance was passed by the National Assembly of the country on 7th April this year with a heavy majority and now the bill is ready to be presented in the Senate for their approval. The bill, if passed by the senate, will give more powers to police and other security forces. They can kill, arrest and search anybody without warrant who may appear suspicious on any of the many grounds stated in the ordinance. There is much hue and cry over this bill in opposition and debates are going on in media about the austerity of the bill. The nub of the hitch is overlooked once more as the bill is not even close to what is indispensable. It looks like that the government is avoiding … Read entire article »

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