Top tweets Feb 10: Chaudhry Sarwar Joining PTI, Altaf Hussain’s Sorry and Kijriwal’s Victory

Malik Omaid

On Pak Tea House we are starting a new daily series of top tweets from Pakistani and non-Pakistani twitterati. […]

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But What About Blasphemy Against Human Decency?

Usmann Rana

A five month pregnant woman and her husband beaten up by a mob and burned alive in the very same kiln […]

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An open letter to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

By Wahab Tariq Butt

Dear Bilawal,
I write this letter to try to share with you the sentiments of us common people […]

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The Politics Of ‘Dharnas’

By Ali Butt

The ‘dharna’ fiasco in our capital’s heartland has exacerbated the tribulations of my hapless compatriots. Despite Khan’s and […]

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The Unpredictables: Part I – 1940s: Partition and Foundation Stones of Cricket in Pakistan (1947 – 1950)

By Fazal Abbas

The eternal drama of Pakistan cricket never ceases to fascinate the fans of Cricket game. Why would it? […]

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After the Army’s public statement, the crisis deepens

As the Political crisis in Pakistan deepens after Army’s statement, Raza Rumi gives his analysis on the situation that how […]

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Note: The author does not represent the views of PTH. Pak Tea House is a secular blog where people of […]

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