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Your comments, views and suggestions can be addressed to Raza Rumi, the founder and chief editor of Pak Tea House blog-zine. You can either leave your query here or write at this address:

Email razarumi AT gmail DOT com

Your email will get a response as soon as possible.

11 Responses to "Contact"

  1. Jalal HB Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Dear admin, I have recently returned from Germany after a three months stay there and travelled extensively in their public transport system. I have written a post in my blog about a comparison between Pakistan’s much trumpted metro projetc and the Geran public tranpsort system at;

    Please see if this could be shared in your blog for the benefit / awareness in Pakistan.

  2. Sidrah Yasir Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    do you accept guest blogs and contributions?

  3. RHR United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Yes, you can send it to me on or to Raza Rumi at

  4. Lubna Jerar Naqvi Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Salam. I want to contribute to this site. Can you tell me how to go about this? Regards

  5. M.Adnan Hashmi Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Dear Admin
    can you tell me that if i write something in urdu for your website will you post and please tell your policy.


  6. Dear Admin,
    I want to write for Pak Tea House on regular basis. Can you suggest how can I proceed?

    Thank You.
    Azhar Mushtaq

  7. Omar Alavi United Kingdom Google Chrome  P330X Build/JLS36C) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/42.0.2311.111 Safari/537.36 says:

    Mr. Rumi,
    I am a freelance writer. My articles have been published around the world as a business analyst and as a social commentator from off the shelf analytical reports at Frost & Sullivan to express tribune, aurora, Gigsoup etc. Here is a link to my most recent review:

    I would like to write for you. Please let me know.


    Omar Alavi
    Twitter handle: @olesmokey65

  8. MUHAMMAD TALHA Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    Dear sir ,
    i was shocked to know the lopsided and myopic approach of ANDALEEB RIZVI about junaid jamshed and her ignorance about the reality of sects.It seems that the article was written by some extremist hizbullah man or IRANI – FUNDED SIPAH-E- MUHAMAD activist . Please stop propagating hate through your platform. First of all non of the debandi scholar has owned alshabab , isis or alqaeda( lal masjid molana is exceptional and wifaqul madaris also disconnected its accredition). alqaeda leaders were mostly university gradutate from west.The origin of all these terrorist organisations were mainly due to some political and religious discrimination and severe human rights violation. i studied in a deobandi madersah too but none of my teachers ever owned any terrorist org mentioned by andaleeb.
    The situation in early 80s was different . we were told to pakistan will be the next target of Russia after afghanistan. Usa, europe arab and iran all were united.the situation is changed now .

    The author didnot quote any reference of any speech of molana Tariq Jameels speech who is respected all over the world by his neutral and loving contribution to guide muslims. Our late chief justice of supreme court , bhagwan daasalso respected him very much.
    The author didnot realise the role of doebandi scholars in the pakistan movement . there are thousands of books on this issue by neutral authors including dr safdar mehmood.
    it is so sad that Mr andaleeb used disgusting approach to molana tariq Jameel without any quote.
    Dear sir, mr Andaleeb`s sarcastic remarks about muslim dress is highly disgusting . i don1t understand why are you allowing people to use your platform to spread secterian hate.

    The second last para is most horrible.How unabashedly Mr Andaleenb just blamed JJ by relating with terrorist org and women sex- slave business!
    The article is full of hate and has no candid reference . Such an article has no attraction for journalist so please avoid posting such articles.
    JJ, SAEED ANWAR AND MUHAMMAD YOUSUF has no connection with MEAT ONE.

  9. Sherry Wu China Google Chrome Windows says:

    Dear Pak Tea House,

    How are you ?
    I’m a member of International Trading Department of Hunan Xiangfeng Tea Industry Co,.Ltd, which was established in1996, professional in various teas exporting to the world.
    With massive organic tea gardens and factory, we can provide you top high quality teas with relatively lower price. I was wondering whether honoured company would like any kind of Chinese Tea. Whatever Organic Traditional Green Tea, Black Tea, Yellow Tea, White Tea, Oolong tea, Dark Tea,Pu-erh Tea, Matcha and Tea Extract. Especially, we are pretty good at Green Tea producing.
    As a tea lover , and once majored in Tea Science for 4 years, I will certainly do my best to solve your problem.
    Hope this e-mail not having troubled you.
    Have a nice day!

  10. Umar Farooq Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    I’m in a Microsoft Corporation, Pakistan. i have selected your BLOG “pakteahouse” for publishing events and new technologies updates coming from Microsoft.
    So it is requested to you please get me registered in your blog so that i can start writing short stories about conferences, events and exciting news from Microsoft
    let me tell you one thing more with all due respect that i do not have much time, infect i do have only one day left, because i have to report to Microsoft and i have a deadline of 2-Oct-2015
    so take it seriously and do it on your high priorities i’m just waiting for your response.
    regards: Umar Farooq

  11. masadi Pakistan Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Umar Farooq mian, this is a Paksitani website, we give two craps about Western corporations and their agendas, please take your crap elsewhere, thank you

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