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Divergent political paths of India and Pakistan

Divergent political paths of India and Pakistan

by Saad Hafiz In terms of history, culture, language and religions, India and Pakistan have much in common. However, the political paths of the two states have so considerably deviated that it seems unimaginable that they had shared origins. Today, despite many domestic problems that are impairing its growth, India is increasingly an important global political and economic player. Pakistan, in comparison, is trapped in a current of economic, political and social problems that have no … Read entire article »

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Clashing Nationalisms

Clashing Nationalisms

PTH is grateful for this contribution from Gorki. These are Gorki’s views. PTH does not endorse or support everything presented in this article. The purpose is to allow debate and PTH would really welcome opposing views Gorki “Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.” — Albert Einstein Nationalism is a relatively modern concept, that first arose in Europe in the 17th century. The modern States of India and Pakistan were both brought about by … Read entire article »

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Kal school khul rahe haiN

Kal school khul rahe haiN

Malik Omaid Kal school khul rahe haiN Ghareb aaram se soyeN ge Kyun keh in ke paas Taleem jesi mehengi khushyaaN dene ke liye Sarmayay ki kami hai Aur restoranon gerajon aur fektriyon ko Hanooz dehshat gardi ka samna nahiN Woh aram se soyeN ge —— Kal school Khul rahe haiN Sarmayah jin ke ghroN ki bandi hai Khafeef andeshoN aur wehmoN ke sath Woh bhi aram se soyen ge Phone achuke haiN Yaqeen dihani ke DewareN qad adam aur baRen lag chuki haiN Hifazati amlah bhi baRha diya gya hai ‘Janab hum … Read entire article »

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Pakistan’s Love for Cricket

Malik Omaid Journalist and Sports reporter Faizan Lakhani tweeted these photos of different parts of Pakistan depicting the love of Pakistanis for Cricket.   [View the story "Pakistan's Love for Cricket" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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ملٹری کورٹس

ملٹری کورٹس

تحریر:محمد شعیب عادل سوشل میڈیا پر کسی نے خوب کہا ہے کہ کوئی سال پہلے سویلین حکومت ایک فوجی کو سزا دینے چلی تھی مگر سال بعد فوجی اپنی عدالتیں بنا کر سویلین کو لٹکانے چلے ہیں۔۔۔ ملٹری کورٹس کی نوبت کیوں آئی ؟اس میں نواز حکومت کی نااہلی کا بھی عمل دخل ہے جو دہشت گردوں کے خلاف کوئی ٹھوس کاروائی کرنے کی بجائے ذاتی رنجشوں پر آگئی اور ایک میڈیا گروپ کے ساتھ مل … Read entire article »

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Terrorism in Rawalpindi

Malik Omaid This short peom of Raza Rumi uncovers the hypocrisy of the leadership and the Muslim world which is helping the terrorists to continue their ‘Holy mission’ in Pakistan and all over the world. The Usual routine. Terrorism in Rawalpindi: Outrage Condemnations Sectarian point-scoring Foreign Hand Arrests Bails Freedom Until next target… #Pakistan — Raza Rumi (@Razarumi) January 10, 2015 The apologetic behavior with out countering the narrative which helps to fuel extremism. “This is not Islam” “Muslims can’t do this” “Well OK they are misled” “Hang them – now” “Relatives of victims forgave them” The End. — Raza Rumi (@Razarumi) January 10, 2015 The Irony. You incited Provoked me I had no option But to kill I can’t draw,can’t write I can’t rally My killing is not the issue Your provocation is! — Raza Rumi (@Razarumi) January 10, … Read entire article »

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Absolute Freedom of Speech

PTH is grateful to Ayush Khanna for this article. Should there be some limit to freedom of speech or some speech may be avoided due to its inflammatory nature? This is an important topic worth debating. These are Ayush’s views. PTH does not essentially endorse all the views presented in this article. Ayush Khanna ABSOLUTE FREEDOM OF SPEECH Charlie Hebdo has always believed in pushing the envelope. Their cartoons have been provocative to use a mild word and they have formed an integral part of the typically French and particularly Parisian irreverence for religion.  While we may not agree with the content of each of their cartoons, their courage is undeniable. Their intent is to ensure that there are no holy cows and that thugs and goons will not dictate the limits of … Read entire article »

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Media lacked clarity against Terrorists in Pakistan

Media lacked clarity against Terrorists in Pakistan

The clear reaction by French Media against the terrorists who attacked the french satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo made Raza Rumi point towards the lack of clarity in Pakistani Urdu Media against terrorists in the country.   [View the story "Media lacked clarity against Terrorists in Pakistan" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Not in my name! #JeSuisCharlie

Malik Omaid Raza Rumi tweeted after the brutal attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo as a ‘revenge’ to provocative cartoons on Islam. 12 People were killed in this attack.   [View the story "Not in my name! #JeSuisCharlie" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Raza Rumi says state is soft against anti India Jihadists, talks about Lakhvi and post-Peshawar Attack Scenario on Al Jazeera

Malik Omaid Raza Rumi talked with Al Jazeera on prime suspect of Mumbai attack, Zaki ul Rahman Lakhvi being bailed out by Pakistani court. Here is the transcript of the discussion and the video. Raza Rumi says state is soft against anti India… by razarumi1 Al Jazeera: Prime Minister of Pakistan says we will no longer have the policy of Good Taliban and the bad Taliban we are going to go after all of them, since the summer they have done operation Zarb-e-Azb in Waziristan, you know a huge campaign to go against the extremists however just now this week they said they are going o give the master mind of the 2008 Mumbai bombings, the terrorists attacks Zaki ul Rahman Lakhvi, they have just arrested him again, so what kind of signal … Read entire article »

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ملا قطبی کی قطبیاں

تحریر: عبیداللہ خان ہمارے ایک دوست، جو نہائیت ہی پڑھاکو قسم کے واقع ہوئے ہیں معاشرے سے اکثر نالاں ہی رہتے ہیں۔ ہم اس جگہ انکا نام ملاقطبی فرض کرلیتے ہیں۔ انکا بنیادی مسئلہ یہ ہے کہ وہ ہمارے معاشرے میں رہتے ہوئے بھی نہیں رہتے۔ یعنی اول تو لوگوں میں اٹھنا بیٹھنا نہیں ہے جس سے انکو میل جول اور معاشرتی معاملات کا پتہ چلے اور زیادہ تر گھر میں ہی پائے جاتے ہیں۔ دوم یہ کہ خاصے روائیتی قسم کے اور بعض معاملات میں پرانی سوچ کے حامل ہیں۔ چونکہ بچپن سے مزاج اس قسم کا پایا ہےاس لئے اکثر ایسی حرکتیں کرجاتے ہیں جو انکی دانست میں تو درست ہوتی ہیں مگر انکے نتائج نہائیت خطرناک نکل آتے ہیں۔ نتیجہ یہ ہوا ہے کہ دشمن تو دشمن دوست … Read entire article »

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Child Slavery and Sexual Abuse in Pakistan

Raza Rumi tweeted about the tragic incident of young child molested and hanged in Lahore by a Mosque Imam. He also pointed towards the sad state of child slavery common in Pakistani households. [View the story "Child Slavery and Sexual Abuse in Pakistan" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Stop using religion for Politics

Raza Rumi’s reaction on the attack on people remembering Salman Taseer at Liberty roundabout, Lahore.   [View the story "Stop using religion for Politics" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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A Tribute to Taseer

By Ilmana Fasih Today… I mourn not the killing of a man So colourful and extravagant. I mourn not the slaying of a Governor So arrogant and controversial. But.. I mourn the silencing of a voice So straight and blunt. I mourn the strangulating of a brain So brilliant and intellectual. I mourn the murder of a knight So valiant and confronting. I mourn the passing of a champion So obstinate and audacious. I mourn the death of a citizen So bold and patriotic. More than that… I mourn the birth of a cult So vulgar and catchy. I mourn the birth of a logic So illogical and frustrating. I mourn the birth of an ideology So intolerant and dangerous. I mourn the birth of a philosophy So loathsome and self destructive. But most of all… I mourn the arrival of a’ faith’ So bigoted and hateful. I mourn the demise of ISLAM So peaceful and tolerant. And last of all… I … Read entire article »

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Who Actually Shot Taseer?

Who Actually Shot Taseer?

Raza Habib Raja I wrote this article one year ago. I am reproducing a modified and updated version as the debate has become even more relevant. It has been four years since Governor Salman Taseer was slain. As some commemorate his bravery, this is also a time for reflecting on why it happened. And more importantly why there were actually people throwing rose petals on the murderer, Mumtaz Qadri and why there was little to no public … Read entire article »

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