Submission Guidelines


Pak Tea House seeks meaningful and substantial works in fiction, non-fiction and illustrations. All published content becomes the sole property of Pak Tea House. Submit one piece of work at a time; multiple submissions will not be considered. In case your work is published elsewhere, make sure you notify PTH immediately and withdraw your submission. All text submissions are to be sent as MS Word documents, with full name and a one-line bio at the end of the text. Writers are encouraged to suggest an image (along with the source) that they feel best represents the text.

Feel free to provide a brief—very brief!—overview of your education, work experience and previous publications in the body of the email. PTH reserves the right to choose the article image, make minor edits to the text, and change the headline completely.


PTH welcomes articles, essays, reports, monographs and reviews. Pitch if you feel you have an original idea or insight; a unique insider view of your profession, institution or workplace; a phenomenon or activity that must be brought to light; a taboo that must be challenged; something you feel strongly about and can adequately articulate; something no one else is talking about; something that informs and enlightens the reader. In the subject line, type “Pitch”, followed by Category in which your article falls, followed by article headline. Example: Pitch: Music: Tribute to Qawal Amjad Sabri

Minimum length for non-fiction texts is 500 words.


PTH welcomes poetry, short story, gossip, humor and satire. We look forward to works of fiction that are relatable, rooted in the soil and constructed around social issues. When sending, follow the aforementioned subject-line format: Pitch: Category: Title


PTH accepts illustrations, cartoons, sketches, digital artwork and photography that are exclusive to the blog. All illustrations must contain the words “Exclusive for PTH” in the body of the work in order to be considered.

Kindly direct all your submissions to