Dear Hamza Ali Abbasi, Don’t You Know?

By Umer Ali

Dear Mr Abbasi,
Every now and then, you post your views regarding the latest political scenario on your Facebook […]

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Common enemy of Pakistan and Pakistanis

By Shehla Ahmad

In the wake of the recent and tragic attack at a school in Peshawar which resulted in over […]

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Photo of the Day: Another Ahmadi Killed in Sindh

Malik Omaid
Another day. Another Ahmadi killed RT @SaleemudDinAA: Sad news-Mirpur Khas where Mubashir Ahmad Khosa 2 gunmen on a […]

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Is this Jinnah’s Pakistan?

By Fazal Abbas

As the Independence Day, August 14, comes nearer national flags can be seen — hoisted on the government […]

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