In the Muslim World there exists an ideology and it needs to be blamed

By Umer Ali

Beirut was rocked with bombing on Thursday, a day before Paris attack. There was no reaction from most […]

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Sunni militants, their friends versus Sunni Sufis

By Andaleeb Rizvi

This time around, the Pakistani state was left with no other choice but to launch an operation against […]

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List of Banned Outfits in Pakistan

List of Banned Organizations in Pakistan

 Former Name
Area ofInfluence


 Balochistan Bunyad Parast Army


 Aug 4, 12

 Tehreek Nafaz‐e‐ Aman


 Aug 4, 12

Tahafuz Hadudullah


Aug 4, […]

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Rebuttal to Dr. Taqi’s “Balochistan’s Ho Chi Minh Moment”

By Yasser Latif Hamdani
It seems that there is a section within Pakistan’s intelligentsia that equates liberalism with unquestioning loyalty to […]

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Afghanistan: Where’s the exit strategy?

Pakistan will be even more volatile despite the pullout due to Al Qaeda’s penetration in Pakistani society and the splintering and multiplication of militant groups including the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan. India is not likely to look beyond its short-termist, grandiose claims of influence; and the Iran-US relations are not likely to improve. Literal and metaphorical landmines infest the region

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The ardent messiah seekers

Erosion of public institutions under authoritarian regimes is an undeniable lesson of our history. At a time when al Qaeda and its cohorts are eyeing Pakistan’s state power, what could be more suicidal than the current power-game cooking up in Islamabad?

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Pakistan is in pieces

[There is plenty here to stimulate a robust debate; Not that surprising, considering who the author is. PTH does not necessarily agree […]

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