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Another attempt to derail the Democratic Process?

Malik Omaid Raza Rumi tweeted about the Lahore protests and Imran Khan’s strategy which reminds one of the 1977 PNA movement and other establishment backed efforts to derail the democratic process.   [View the story "What's new in Naya Pakistan?" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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An open letter to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

An open letter to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

By Wahab Tariq Butt Dear Bilawal, I write this letter to try to share with you the sentiments of us common people after your speech on 18th October. First of all, I congratulate you for the mamonth gathering of people last Saturday, that gave the message loud and clear:Pakistan Peoples Party is not down and out. It is worth praise how you spoke against extremist mindset, establishment’s propagandas and their stooges trying to bring change through lotas. … Read entire article »

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فیض احمد فیض کی شاعری کی کتابوں کی اشاعت کے مختلف دلچسپ مرحلے

فیض احمد فیض کی شاعری کی کتابوں کی اشاعت کے مختلف دلچسپ مرحلے

ضیاکھوکھر 1۔ میری معلومات کے مطابق فیض احمد فیض کی شاعری کا اولین مجموعہ’’ نقشِ فریادی‘‘ مکتبہ اُردو لاہورنے1941ء میں شائع کیا تھا۔ اس کے بعد دسمبر 1952ء میں جناب رؤف ملک نے ’’دستِ صبا‘‘ پیپلزپبلشنگ ہاؤس لاہور کے زیرِ اہتمام شائع کی تھی ان دنوں فیض صاحب حیدرآباد جیل میں تھے۔ پاکستان میں کسی کتاب کی رونمائی کی اولین تقریب ’’دستِ صبا‘‘ کے پبلشر رؤف ملک (پیپلز پبلشنگ ہاؤس) نے ’’دست صبا‘‘ کے حوالے سے … Read entire article »

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کوئی حد نئیں صبراں دی

کوئی حد نئیں صبراں دی

ضیاء کھوکھر دکھوں کی صلیب پر مصلوب رہنے کے بعد قبر میں اتر جانے والی بیگم نصرت بھٹو یادیں اور تاثرات (نومبر۱۹۶۸ء تا اکتوبر ۲۰۱۱ء) پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کے قیام کے کچھ عرصہ بعد 13نومبر 1968ء کو چیئرمین ذوالفقار علی بھٹو کو لاہور سے گرفتار کرلیا گیا۔ یہ وہ دور تھا جب ایوب خان کی آمریت کا سورج پوری آب وتاب سے چمک رہا تھا۔ جمہوریت کی بحالی کی تمام تحریکیں دم توڑ چکی تھیں۔ پرانی روایتی … Read entire article »

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Our misplaced faith in shortcuts

Our misplaced faith in shortcuts

By Jamal Malik I was about 14 when the ‘Marde Momin, Marde Haq’, General Zia ul Haq toppled Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s government and imposed Martial Law in the country. It was 4th April 1979, when I came out of the examination hall of Abbottabad Public School, after taking my Matric Islamiat exam that my friends and I heard that Z. A. Bhutto had been hanged. Most of my friends were Bhutto sympathizers and it was an … Read entire article »

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The Pragmatic Liberal

The Pragmatic Liberal

Raza Habib Raja This article tries to evaluate the politician Benazir Bhutto and the way she affected her party and the Pakistani political landscape. Since the article tries to adopt a CRITICAL approach therefore it points her weaknesses besides appreciating her strengths. Cult of personality which has become somewhat of a rarity in the West is an integral part of the political culture here. Such personality cults form around Political leaders, particularly famous ones, in our part … Read entire article »

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“Blaming politicians alone for tarnishing democracy is actually less than half the story”- Benazir Bhutto’s interview to Herald (2000)

“Tomorrow they may decide to kill me because I know too much. But I want this on record so that one day, 10 years from now, 20 years from now, somebody goes back and says: What was happening in Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan?” Nearly twelve years ago monthly Herald published this interview of Benazir Bhutto (taken by Ali Dayan Hasan). This is perhaps the most revealing interview that BB gave to a local publication. In the context of … Read entire article »

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The story of PPP – 1967-2011

Riaz Ali Toori, an active member of the Pakistan People’s Party, remembers its evolution, challenges and successes We are celebrating the 45th Foundation Day of Pakistan Peoples Party through the auspices of which, proper democracy and constitution got introduced first time in Pakistan. From 1947 to 1973 we had failed to formulate an effective constitution but PPP managed it within a couple of years after taking power. We knew Democracy by its name but were unable to see its application for two and a half decades. The charismatic leader Z A Bhutto Shaheed ushered in democracy and gave us a constitution that is even now “Centre of Unity and Sovereignty” and equally sacred to all political parties and provinces. Even today PPP is strengthening democracy through policy of reconciliation under the farsighted … Read entire article »

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Benazir Bhutto and Her Politics: A Critical Evaluation

By Raza Habib Raja I remember that once Nadeem Farooq Paracha wrote that in Pakistan Bhuttos are hated in their lives by the affluent middle class and media (which is mostly the expressive medium of the same class) and then sanctified once they have met a tragic end. In lives they are branded as corrupt and only after death, and that too tragic death, has it been possible for the mainstream media to actually reflect back on them with some appreciation. Of course for the supporters any criticism on her personality, particularly after her death, is equivalent to blasphemy. Cult of personality which has become somewhat of a rarity in the West is an integral part of the political culture here. Such personality cults form around Political leaders, particularly famous ones, in … Read entire article »

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Benazir Bhutto: an iconic figure

By Tauqeer Abbas The 3rd death anniversary of a blazing fire of truth, a beauteous blossom of love, a soothing balm of peace, highly experienced lecturer, one of the best decision makers, esteemed, much-loved, daughter of the East Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto will be observed with the renewed commitment and pledge to strengthen the democratic institution in line with the vision of one of the greatest leader of this subcontinent. The daughter of Pakistan is no more with us but is a guiding star for the generations to come. It was her unprecedented determination sacrifice for nation. Her commitment towards people was spotless that she did not let her own misfortunes position in her way. Mohtarma Shaheed will always be remembered in world politics due to her political acumen and leadership qualities. History … Read entire article »

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Hating Zardari

Hit and run By Shakir Husain                       The News, May 17, 2010 Whenever people ask me about the funniest Asif Zardari joke I’ve ever heard, my response is always, “That he is the most successful president in the 63 year history of Pakistan.” I can picture readers cringing, noses wrinkling, and people asking to be passed the sick bag. What makes this nauseating sensation worse for most is that if you can get past the silly grin, the last name, the face – whatever your pet Asif Zardari peeve is, you will realise it’s true. Before you abandon this piece here to go and fire off a nasty email to me and the Editor, think about this rationally by removing the last name from the presidency, and just objectively look at what the man … Read entire article »

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The Alleged Stunning Indiscretion of a News Anchor

One of our friends recently wrote: “Two highly recommended books for those who wish to understand Pakistan: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and The Castle by Frank Kafka”. This is not a cynical view of Pakistan. Pakistan is a country that is a conundrum wrapped within a puzzle inside an enigma. As the previous proxy state militia broke into different factions and is now fighting the state, the lines between friends and foes are blurred. ISI that used to formant proxy militias to further its causes in Kashmir and Afghanistan is now itself being attacked by its very own Frankenstein. The previous masters of the Taliban are now either their prisoners or being killed by them. A case of Khalid Khwaja and Colonel Imam is a sad reflection of the evil of the … Read entire article »

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Our Internal Demons

By Adnan Syed It has been 30 years since Pakistan took the fateful steps of sponsoring the Jihad on a state level. The fight against the Russian aggression in Afghanistan was probably justified. It was a blatant attack on a sovereign nation by a teetering super power. However when Pakistan went on to label the fight as a state sponsored Jihad, flock of die hard Islamists started congregating in Pakistan to fight the godless communists. This was precisely the turning point in Pakistani history when all the internal confusion of Pakistan’s relationship with Islam translated into a thoughtless action by the state that still haunts us to this day. We can blame General Zia-ul-Haq or Jamaat-e-Islami, or our dreaded indescribable “establishment” for pointing out the path of state sponsored armed Jihad. General … Read entire article »

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Traitors and Reactionaries

Dedicated to Hameed Gul and Nadeem Farooq Paracha   By Raza Habib Raja The political spectrum in our country is polarized between two extremes: patriotic conservatives and the liberals. Both these extremes are often in complete conflict and accuse the other of naivety and even fanaticism. While conspiracy theories of the rightwing are well known, I have seen that liberals are not at all far behind and churn out their own conspiracy theories in which they try to absolve the PPP government of everything under the sun. Following are the “pearls” of wisdom uttered by both sides.     The Patriotic Brigade   1.      We are patriots and love our motherland like hell. We are macho and believe in jingoism. Our favorite terms are: Islam; nationalism; traitors; baigharat liberals; strategic location; CIA; Mosad; RAW; corruption; and independent judiciary.    … Read entire article »

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Giving credit where it is due

Published in the Daily Times Giving Credit Where it’s Due (Daily Times 04/26) By Agha Haidar Raza Pakistan recently had two major delegations visiting the US. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi led the first contingent under the auspices of a new ‘Strategic Dialogue’ with the US. In the second trip, Prime Minister Gilani led his team to President Obama’s first Nuclear Summit. Attended by over 47 heads of state, the summit was the largest gathering of world leaders to descend upon the US soil since the 1940s. Recognised as one of the world’s safe-keepers of a nuclear stockpile, Pakistan gained a nod of approval from the world’s seven nuclear bomb carriers. I am unaware if many journalists or citizens in Pakistan read foreign newspapers, magazines or even blogs, but over the course of the … Read entire article »

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