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The Unpredictables Part IV – 1970s: Revival of Pakistan cricket (1971 – 1980), Episode 1

The Unpredictables Part IV – 1970s: Revival of Pakistan cricket (1971 – 1980), Episode 1

Fazal Abbas   Pakistan as a country has been through a number of highs and lows since traumatic partition in 1947 and its cricket has followed the similar pattern, showing how this sport is embedded in social, political and cultural facets of the country. Initially dispersed, unrecognised, underfunded and weak, Pakistan’s cricket team grew to become a major force in world cricket. If cricket is known for its glorious uncertainties, our team is even more notorious for … Read entire article »

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Our misplaced faith in shortcuts

Our misplaced faith in shortcuts

By Jamal Malik I was about 14 when the ‘Marde Momin, Marde Haq’, General Zia ul Haq toppled Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s government and imposed Martial Law in the country. It was 4th April 1979, when I came out of the examination hall of Abbottabad Public School, after taking my Matric Islamiat exam that my friends and I heard that Z. A. Bhutto had been hanged. Most of my friends were Bhutto sympathizers and it was an … Read entire article »

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Good Luck India

Raza Habib Raja I have written before also that for me India holds a special place in my heart and I feel connected to it emotionally. Besides that as a student of politics also, India for me is an enigma with respect to its ability to sustain a balanced combination of democracy, secularism and stability over almost seven decades. It has to be understood that even in relatively homogeneous countries, these factors are difficult to combine and balance. And yet, India despite being so diverse and complex, has so far done well. It has not been a smooth ride but political will has always been there. I sincerely hope, that in the zeal of voting incumbents out of power, the Indian populace does not lose track of what exactly differentiates India from Pakistan. I … Read entire article »

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Bangladesh’s Independence Day

Bangladesh’s Independence Day

For an ordinary student of History, it is puzzling to know that Bangladesh does not celebrate its Independence day on the day that it seceded from Pakistan i.e. 16th December and instead on 25th March. This was the day when Operation Searchlight was started by Pakistan Army against its own citizens and Army’s proxies Al-Shams and Al-Badr played their own ugly part in it. Bengalis chose to commemorate the martyrs of Operation Searchlight and chose March 25th as the Independence … Read entire article »

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Pakistan’s Black September

Syed Ahmad: More than 40,000 civilians and 5,000 soldiers dead at the hands of religious fanatics leaves every Pakistani guessing – where did we go wrong? Can we point out any single day in our 65 year history which symbolizes our collective decision to surrender to the Mullah?  Thirty eight years ago, on 7th of September 1974, the Parliament of Pakistan brazenly stepped into a territory which is the exclusive domain of God. Pakistan’s law-makers adopted a constitutional amendment, which excommunicated the Ahmadiyya community as “not Muslims” for the purposes of law. This was the second amendment to the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan for which Z. A. Bhutto proudly took credit. The truth is that the parliamentary proceedings were a farce. The debate between Ahmadi representatives and the Ulema has been kept hidden from the public eye for the last thirty eight years. If … Read entire article »

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Bhutto dey naaray wajjan gey!

Bhutto dey naaray wajjan gey!

by Maleeha Manzoor A belief that the entire world and all of its religions/communities accept; is after every descent and oppression, there appears a glimmer of ascension and ecstasy just like after every murky night, a new gleam of hope rises in the countenance of sun and the obscurity of the life absconds packing all the pains and thoughts along with it. After its inception, my country ‘Pakistan’ was governed without its own constitution and it … Read entire article »

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A Letter From Garhi Khuda Bux

By D. Asghar Dear Asif, A week or so back, when your PK 01 touched the Mauripur Air Base, many hearts sank. The detractors, opponents, adversaries, and some so called friends, were shell shocked. The Pundits and Analysts on TV screens, who had written you off, were cursing their words. Each time they made the prediction, that you are finished, you have emerged and proved them absolutely wrong. Yes, they felt the same about me. But this has never been new to you. They paint you as this villain, who has no conscience or morals. You are loathed, chastised and humiliated with all kinds of abuse and slurs. Amazingly, all of this would be enough for any other person, to call it quits. But they fail to understand, you are made up of … Read entire article »

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Why Rathore Pakistani Will Not Vote For Imran Khan?

By Faiz Al-Najdi: I have a friend here in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia by the name of Muhammad Riaz Rathore who prefers to be called as his alias of Rathore Pakistani only. He is a simple but knowledgeable person – non-conformist and much opinionated on most issues. And, most importantly he doesn’t have any political affiliation or leaning of any kind. This makes our discussions and discourses on neutral ground – so to say. And, as such, the opinion expressed by Rathore Pakistani can be taken as those of the “silent majority” in Pakistan. We often indulge in discussions on current affairs – local, national and international – and I must admit here our discussions, at times get heated up, but honestly when it gets over I find myself much educated. These days Imran Khan … Read entire article »

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The story of PPP – 1967-2011

Riaz Ali Toori, an active member of the Pakistan People’s Party, remembers its evolution, challenges and successes We are celebrating the 45th Foundation Day of Pakistan Peoples Party through the auspices of which, proper democracy and constitution got introduced first time in Pakistan. From 1947 to 1973 we had failed to formulate an effective constitution but PPP managed it within a couple of years after taking power. We knew Democracy by its name but were unable to see its application for two and a half decades. The charismatic leader Z A Bhutto Shaheed ushered in democracy and gave us a constitution that is even now “Centre of Unity and Sovereignty” and equally sacred to all political parties and provinces. Even today PPP is strengthening democracy through policy of reconciliation under the farsighted … Read entire article »

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Farewell, the doyenne of the House of Bhutto

By Ghazala Akbar: Love them, loathe them, praise them, abuse them — our opinions are impassioned and divided when it comes to the Bhuttos. But wherever we are located on the political spectrum – however polarised our views — and – whatever our feelings regarding the present government – in this we generally agree: that in the annals of our cataclysmic political history, in the epic battle for Democracy against Dictatorship – the House of Bhutto has paid a huge and hefty price in blood, sweat and tears.  Some cynics might scoff: theirs was no heroic struggle, just a quest for power, a vain attempt to forge a dynasty. As you sow, so you reap. Whatever. The jury is still out on that score, let history judge. But right now, we … Read entire article »

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Sherbaz Khan Mazari on Zulfikar Ali Bhutto: Excerpts from “The Journey to Disillusionment”

Excerpts from Sherbaz Khan Mazari’s book … Page 330 – Bhutto’s fixation with Hitler was manifested in a similarity of coincidences. The concentration camp at ‘Dalai’ and the FSF ‘storm troopers’ were clearly products of Bhutto’s Hitler fixated mind. Aping Hitler, Bhutto chose to use a policy of systemic terror to brutalize his opponents. Page 331 – By 1974 four political activists were victims of political assassination. The fifth was a botched attempt at killing a man Bhutto had grown to hate: Dr Nazir Ahmed, Jamaat-i-Islami MNA – shot dead at his clinic at Dera Ghazi Khan on 8 June 1972; Khawaja Muhammad Rafiq, leader of Itehad Party – shot dead by a sniper during an anti-government demonstration in Lahore on 20 December 1972; Abdus Samad Achakzai, leader of NAP … Read entire article »

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The Ghost of Bhutto

By Fay Willey with Loren Jenkins from the April 16, 1979, issue. Thirty-two years ago, Gen. Zia ul Haq hanged then prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Here’s this week’s flashback: From the April 4‚ 2011‚ issue The hangman’s fee was Rs. 25, about $2.50. On the scaffold, a magistrate read out the black-bordered execution order while prison officials bound the condemned man’s feet, placed a black hood over his head and put a manila rope around his neck. … Read entire article »

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Z A Bhutto- A Rose was put to sleep.

By Riaz Ali Toori Grubby boots, imbecile minds, Broken promises, lidless eyes, Women beating their breasts, Chains have no ends. Death in the gallows, A Rose is put to sleep. Bhutto was a rose, crushed by a dictator, yet its fragrance has enraptured villages, cities, towns, streets and hearts of the people of Pakistan. Even death mourns the last of legends like Bhutto. As many as thirty one years have passed but the scent of that rose is still lingering in the air defying all attempts to suppress it. The charisma of Bhutto’s personality can still be felt throughout length and breadth of Pakistan. Time is meaningless, dust is helpless and opponents are powerless to erase Bhutto’s memories. His voice still echoes in the minds, his ideology still guides leaders and his philosophy still gives hope to live. … Read entire article »

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Long Live Bhutto, For Ever And Ever

By D. Asghar Even those who did hate him with a passion, cannot discard his genius. A man with remarkably unparalleled intelligence and unmatched spontaneity, the one and only Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. His passion in front of the crowd was one of a kind. Who ever met with him once, called him unforgettable. From the mystic land of Sindh, came this gem, who made his share of blunders, but gave Pakistan and Pakistanis a new vision. Who uplifted the souls of many, and left with a vacuum, which remains unfilled, even after 32 long years. The bold and often brash Bhutto, who was revered by many and envied by a whole lot for his guts. No matter where your political leaning may have been, you could just not ignore him. Undoubtedly, a … Read entire article »

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Remembering Bibi

I am reposting my old piece: sadly, much has not changed - Raza Rumi It was only yesterday that we were mourning for the loss of an icon of our times. The much loved, and passionately hated Benazir Bhutto whose tragic murder in broad daylight was the greatest metaphor of what Pakistan has turned into: a jungle of history, ethnicity and extremism. Little wonder that Bhutto’s worst enemies cried and lamented the … Read entire article »

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