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The Christians who mourned for the lynched Muslims

The Christians who mourned for the lynched Muslims

By Mohammad Ali Ilahi This week, a group of students from LUMS lead by the Democratic Students Alliance and as part of the Hum-Aahang initiative (Human Shield for Our Christian Community) went to a Sunday mass to form a human chain outside the Nawlakha Presbyterian Church near the Lahore Railway Station. This was in reaction to the twin suicide blasts that had taken place a week ago in Youhanabad targeting the largest and perhaps one of … Read entire article »

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قرارداد استحکام پاکستان 23 مارچ 2015

قرارداد استحکام پاکستان  23 مارچ 2015

تحریر: احمد اعوان آج سے پون صدی قبل ، 23 مارچ 1940 کو ایک قرارداد پیش کی گئ جس کی وجہ سے پاکستان کا قیام ممکن ہوا، جسے قرارداد پاکستان کہا جاتا ہے, اور اسی کے حوالے اس دن کو ہر سال یوم پاکستان کے طور پر منایاجاتاہے۔ اس وقت کی قرارداد پاکستان سے پاکستان بنا لیکن آج پاکستان جن حالات سے گزر رہاہے اس پر ہر شخص یہ کہہ رہاہے کہ یہ بن تو گیا اب … Read entire article »

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Pakistan Steel or Steal Pakistan?

Pakistan Steel or Steal Pakistan?

By Humna Mehwish Pakistan Steel Mill (PSM) serves as the backbone of industrialization in Pakistan and yet it has been underrated and exploited by both public and private entities. This humongous institution has been in the news often due to its corruption scandals and lack of resources, in such a scenario preventing right to information law from implementation and use is not just alarming but also thought-provoking as to why information is being kept behind locks? Recently, … Read entire article »

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Searching for Hercules

Searching for Hercules

By Saad Hafiz Discontent and annoyance with democracy is picking up pace in Pakistan. The promise of an unprecedented era of lengthy civilian rule appears to be in jeopardy. A sort of toxic impatience with the democratic process, which has always existed in the political discourse, is being rekindled. There is public frustration and resentment against the elected central government. The government is seen as distant, unresponsive and subservient to powerful interests. The litany of complaints … Read entire article »

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Democracy’ Are we?

By Wahab Butt A parliamentary democracy such as Pakistan which runs on common law principles has to abide by 3 core principles to function properly: the separation of powers, the sovereignty and supremacy of parliament and the rule of law. The separation of powers between legislature and executive in Pakistan is an eyewash, thanks to the parliament that has confined its role to rubber stamping the decisions made by executive and which has proved itself unable to force the executive to follow its resolutions. This sluggish role of parliament has also undermined its authority entitled to it under the constitution of Pakistan. Lets take the example of the ban on youtube. The ban on youtube was enforced by executive after the order from the court. But when in May this year, the parliament of … Read entire article »

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Another attempt to derail the Democratic Process?

Malik Omaid Raza Rumi tweeted about the Lahore protests and Imran Khan’s strategy which reminds one of the 1977 PNA movement and other establishment backed efforts to derail the democratic process.   [View the story "What's new in Naya Pakistan?" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Photo of the Day: PTI shows Power in Karachi

Photo of the Day: PTI shows Power in Karachi

Malik Omaid Yesterday, Imran Khan showed his power in Karachi. Thus, denying the allegations that his anti-Government movement has support only in Punjab. There were also rumors of MQM’s support or “Green Signal” for the “Jalsa” in Karachi. Photo via BBC Urdu … Read entire article »

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Sit-ins in Pakistan mean ‘Old Wine in New Bottle

Sit-ins in Pakistan mean ‘Old Wine in New Bottle

By Aoduley Aryan The on going sit-ins in Islamabad Pakistan staged by Imran Khan of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf and another by a cleric Tahiurl Qadri. Their followers have caused a  severe political crises threats to democracy and are pushing the country on the verge of destruction. The country’s masses are already faced with terrorism, sectarianism and religious extremism. Above all, the worst threat to the country is downing democracy and its vulnerable parliament that are toppled … Read entire article »

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Three MCQs for Imran Khan

Three MCQs for Imran Khan

By Baber Mirza   I have three questions for Imran Khan, or for any lawyer or supporter who can guess Imran Khan’s answers to these questions. Having seen his marches and heard his speeches, I don’t for a second doubt his honesty and bravery but I wouldn’t bet a dime on his logic. Therefore, these questions are in the form of MCQs. NOTE: Please remember while answering that the choices in each MCQ contain more than one CORRECT … Read entire article »

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Our misplaced faith in shortcuts

Our misplaced faith in shortcuts

By Jamal Malik I was about 14 when the ‘Marde Momin, Marde Haq’, General Zia ul Haq toppled Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s government and imposed Martial Law in the country. It was 4th April 1979, when I came out of the examination hall of Abbottabad Public School, after taking my Matric Islamiat exam that my friends and I heard that Z. A. Bhutto had been hanged. Most of my friends were Bhutto sympathizers and it was an … Read entire article »

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A conversation with a constitutional Kaafir

Balal Haider Ahmadis are constitutional Kaafirs in Pakistan. The best part is Pakistan is the only country in the world which proudly presents us with such a Politico-Religious categorization of its people. Below is a conversation from a daily life of a constitutional Kaafir (CK) and Radicalized Constitutional Muslim (RCM)… CK: “Asalam o Alikum my dear friend” RCM: ” Yala Harama, you go to jail, how dare you speak the words which sends peace to me, you!!, let me call the police station.” CK: “I am so sorry my friend I am just used to spreading peace and teachings of love. I am sorry to have offended you, Let me do some Astagfar.” RCM: ” Toba Toba, you are using an Arabic word, how dare you act like a muslim” CK: ” I am sorry, I … Read entire article »

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Taliban Are Right, We Are Wrong!

by Obaidullah Khan How painful is this fact for those who have not yet abandoned reason that our independent and sovereign state is negotiating with the terrorists. We are down to such a low that we are begging for mercy from those who are vicious barbarians and brazenly attack innocent citizens and the state institutions while our state seems to be helpless against them. Such barbarians must be dealt with an iron fist, is an established principle of politics in any country that claims to be independent and sovereign. Apart from disgracing the martyrs of our nation, whose blood is still of no value to our rulers, are we not disgracing our constitution by surrendering before those who are contemptuously mocking the writ of the state and its constitution and are … Read entire article »

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Monsoons, Mangoes and Mullahs

By Ghazala Akbar   Monsoon rains, mangoes and angry Mullahs — a visitor to Bangladesh in July / August, finds all three in profusion.  The first two are seasonal. Mullahs of the political kind are perennials. Currently those belonging to the Jamaat-e-Islami are under an ever darkening monsoon cloud, their future role and involvement in Bangladesh politics hanging by a thread. This should be of considerable interest to Pakistan. Yet it barely causes a ripple or comment. The reason is obvious. The trial and tribulations of the party are linked to the events of 1971, a year that Pakistan would dearly like to forget. Bangladesh has neither forgot or forgiven yet. After forty-two years it is engaged in seeking belated justice, bringing to book those it considers ‘local collaborators’ many of whom, allegedly, committed treason … Read entire article »

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Political Reforms in FATA

By Amir Abbas Turi Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), considered to be among the most dangerous places on earth today, was a peaceful territory prior to 9/11 – despite its governance problems. After the 18th constitutional amendment, powers of state executive were transferred from the President of Pakistan to the parliament. However, despite such measures the President, instead of the Parliament still holds an authoritative position for decision making in Tribal areas. Article 247 of the Constitution of Pakistan renders MPs from FATA incapable of legislating for their respective constituencies. Pakistan has been besieged by hostile militants. Keeping in view the current scenario, political reforms in FATA are the need of the hour. In order to implement writ of the state in the region, a constitutional amendment is a required. Currently, clause … Read entire article »

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Text of SC order in NRO case

From the Newspaper: IN THE SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN (Appellate Jurisdiction) PRESENT: Mr. Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa Mr. Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan Mr. Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry Mr. Justice Gulzar Ahmed Mr. Justice Muhammad Ather Saeed Criminal Miscellaneous Application No. 486 of 2010 in Criminal Appeal No. 22 of 2002 AND Adnan A. Khawaja … Appellant versus The State … Respondent Suo Moto Case No. 4 of 2010 and Civil Miscellaneous Application No. 1080 of 2010 AND Civil Miscellaneous Applications No. 1238 and 1239 of 2010 (Suo Moto action regarding appointment of convicted person namely Ahmed Riaz Sheikh (NRO Beneficiary), as Additional Director General, Federal Investigation Agency Civil Miscellaneous Application No. 1253 of 2010 in Suo Moto Case No. 4 of 2010 (Report submitted in Court by AttorneyGeneral regarding Facts … Read entire article »

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