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Thumbs Down Part I

Thumbs Down Part I

I was in the United States for one month on an exchange program for youth leaders from Pakistan. Apart from innumerable things that I liked while I was there, some aspects of American life did not appeal to me as much as the rest of them. Following are some of those snippets of Daily American Life that I noticed and was not too pleased about. Extravagance United States, unlike Pakistan, has abundance of many things, including food … Read entire article »

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Islamabad Diary: Tech-savvy Taliban?

By Shahzad Raza: Hilarious! And knots in the stomach are guaranteed. A fly on the wall has told me that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman recently received a rather amusing threat. Someone calling himself “Punjabi Taliban” asked him to load the credit of Rs 1,000 each on five given cell phones failing to which “he would face dire consequences.” I mean, seriously. Punjabi Taliban? The cell phone credit of Rs 1,000? Why didn’t they demand a million, if not billion? No wonder if the Taliban are keeping low profile these days, should we call it tech-savvy tactical back-foot maneuvering? But wait!  Isn’t a tremendous business potential for the operators? What about launching a “Taliban Package” with free off-peak-hour calls to the USA, UK and other top-on-the-hit-list destinations? The potential customers may guarantee the security … Read entire article »

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Despite Recession the Auto Industry is Still Thriving

PTH report Below is an interesting article from Dawn about the increase in the sale of cars during the past six months. The article quotes that during the past six months Pakistanis spent around Rs. 60 billion on the purchase of motor vehicles. The interesting thing is that in the past Pakistan’s car buying spree used to be backed by high availability of consumer credit at low interest rates. However, after a hike in interest rates and rising NPLs (Non Performing Loans), the consumer credit bubble has been burst and now banks have become very selective in giving auto loans. The current surge of buying has chiefly been cash based. While it is a good indicator showing that the auto industry has largely been insulated from the economic downturn but at … Read entire article »

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Recession Made Easy (Lahori Style)

By Anonymous Pajja is the proprietor of a Siri-Paya and Nehari Shop in Lahore. Sales are low and, in order to increase them, he comes up with a plan to allow his customers to eat now and pay later. He keeps track of the meals consumed on a ledger.   … Read entire article »

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Zardari given credit for post-election conduct

Khalid Hasan comments on the report by Washington Times citing a US election observer who was surprised by PPP co-chairman’s ‘almost total lack of bitterness’WASHINGTON: Asif Ali Zardari, according to an article published in the Washington Times on Monday, deserves much of the credit for not letting Pakistan descend into corruption and mismanagement following elections.   Thomas Houlahan, a Pakistan election observer with the Centre for Media and Democracy, writes that when he met Zardari shortly after the election and he was struck by a number of things, the most obvious and surprising of which was his “almost total lack of bitterness” considering that he had spent 11 years in prison on charges that ultimately were dropped. “A desire to seek retribution against the people who put or kept him there would … Read entire article »

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