Imran Khan: Tall Claims False Hope

By Faisal Zeeshan
Imran Khan (IK) once an inspiration for millions of youth across Pakistan, got 7.5 million votes in General […]

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The Killing of Malik Ishaq: Does this Change Anything in Pakistan?

By Mohammad Jibran Nasir

Wednesday morning I woke up to the news of Malik Ishaq, the dangerous head of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) […]

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Unpalatable or Disastrous

By Misbah Azam, Ph.D.

In his interview in 1867, with St. Petersburgische ZeitungIt, the German aristocrat and statesman, Prime Minister of Prussia […]

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Photo of the Day: Supreme Court of “Shalwar Kamiz”

Resident revolutionaries outside the Supreme Court building with Pakistan under their “Shalwar Kamiz” hung for drying.


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Negotiations – the ultimate solution!

By Amir Abbas Turi

I wish I could quote Elbaradei; “The time is right for a political solution and the way […]

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