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It is about fixing the economy

The recurring message is that Pakistan’s economy is on a very fragile footing and the country needs to get its financial house in order. Barring a few growth blips and positive news, Pakistan’s economic story has been mostly about unsustainable government finances, stagnating growth, steadily deteriorating standard of living and high inflation, widening fiscal and trade deficits, and the free fall of the rupee. The seriously flawed economic policies pursued for decades have ensured state control of the vital organs of the economy, the inflationary printing of money, and the absence of real economic growth and productivity. We can factor in the endemic corruption and domestic terrorism, which scares away business and investment and the heavy dependence on loans and financing, which undermines national sovereignty. In the face of declining … Read entire article »

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The Giant in the East – III

By Adnan Syed This four part series examines the rise of India as an economic giant, the threats that India faces in this remarkable rise, and implications for Pakistan. Originally planned as a three part series, I decided to split the series into four parts due to sheer volume of information that I came across while writing this series. (AZW) Bottom line: It Mostly Comes Down to the Economy Arguably, in recent memory, the United States came dangerously close to losing its mantle as a modern economic and military power on September 15, 2008. That was the day when famed Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. As the financial markets opened the next day, the economic engine of the United States quickly started stalling. Banks balance sheets were severely compromised as their assets were falling … Read entire article »

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Addressing the challenges – a short term agenda

Raza Rumi Strange things are happening. Two months after a natural disaster hit millions of people and created essential prerequisites for an economic meltdown, the focus of Pakistan’s ruling elite — elected and unelected — remains on power politics. As if the utter lack of preparedness to cope with a disaster was not enough, the response to the disaster and its monitoring by a holier than thou media is baffling. The primal cause of the post floods mismanagement, if were to believe the analysts on prime time TV and … Read entire article »

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Pakistan's economy: Hard times

by Raza Rumi Two years after the civilian government took office, there are few signs of economic recovery and this does not augur well for the fate of democratic governance in Pakistan. We are somehow doomed to bear the brunt of authoritarian regimes in social and economic terms. By the time a civilian government puts its house in order, the long and short marchers are ready to take over. The story this time has been no exception. Following the trends of the 1960s and the 1980s during the Musharrafian decade, unsustainable growth rates were touted as the raison d’etre for the apparent efficiency of a military regime. It is true that the Musharraf era inducted Pakistan into the globalized economic system, boosted domestic demand for consumer products and attracted huge doses … Read entire article »

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