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Why It Happened?

Why It Happened?

Raza Habib Raja Right now Pakistan is once again in the news related to its controversial anti-blasphemy law. Shaan Taseer, the son of late Salman Taseer is in hot water after posting a video message in which he condemned Pakistan’s blasphemy laws and tried to show solidarity to its oppressed Christian minority. After seeing the message the religious community is calling for his arrest. Some have gone even further and have started to incite violence against him. … Read entire article »

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Pakistan The Land Of Forgotten Heroes

Pakistan The Land Of Forgotten Heroes

By: Murtaza Khokhar   Once, Calvin Coolidge said that “a nation that forgets its heroes will itself soon be forgotten”, Pakistan is such one nation that has forgotten its heroes on religious grounds. The forgotten heroes of Pakistan are some of the Ahmadis like Dr. Abdus Salam, Sir Zafarullah Khan and many more   who are castoff by the motherland on religious bases. The constitution of Pakistan has declared them non-Muslims so some of the hard liners in … Read entire article »

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Major Jahanzeb Shaheed: Nation’s Real Hero!

Major Jahanzeb Shaheed: Nation’s Real Hero!

Syed Foaad Hussain Any martyred soldier leaves behind an aggrieved family and number of relatives. However, what apparently seems a sorrowful demise indeed carries along a substantial message for us. Responsible nations do not forget their heroes. However, for Pakistani people, perhaps, there is a need to define who the heroes are and who are not. Would you call them heroes who shoot polio workers, blow up mosques and shrines, and attack religious processions? Or, those brave soldiers … Read entire article »

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Speak up (Melancholy )

Speak up (Melancholy )

by Caeser Ali Khan Islamic culture holds Melancholy (Hazen) in high esteem but I consider it not an honor but illness. We Muslims are suffering from a communal pain. It is often said “If you were a good and true Muslim, you would not care so much about your worldly losses.” What a pity. I am not speaking of your personal grief but of the pain and suffering we absorb with pride as a community. I am … Read entire article »

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Happy Birthday Altaf Bhai

By Jaisha:   Like any other day, I was goofing on the internet, responding to an email at any moment and then switching to another tab to drop a comment on Facebook at the next one, meanwhile a song played on YouTube in the background [Yes, you read right, YouTube was still around back then]. A few minutes before I noticed the digits of my laptop’s clock change to mark midnight, I heard a couple of fire crackers go off in the vicinity. Assuming it to be one of those times, when the arrival of groom is celebrated at a wedding taking place in a nearby ground, I focused my attention back towards the laptop. However, it didn’t last very long given the upraor caused by a never-ending series of fireworks  and … Read entire article »

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The Ilm-ud- Din Narrative and Murder of Salman Taseer

by Raza Habib Raja Around 4 30 today, I received a call from my friend while sitting in the office informing me about the murder of Salman Taseer by one of his security guards. Besides informing me about the tragic episode he also warned me not to condemn the murder and more importantly not to criticize blasphemy law openly as fanaticism has really seeped into the society. He reminded me that when such a powerful figure such as Salman Taseer was not able to survive how ordinary people like us could remain safe. The words of my friend are an exact reflection of how much we have descended into madness and also on the virtual absence of state’s writ when it came to religious inspired violence. I have heard a number of … Read entire article »

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The Cancer of the Conquered

By Mozaffar When a people begin to believe they have been defeated they have entered a bottomless pit. They continue and continue and continue to live in defeat. It is a cycle that can cripple a people not for a year, not for a century, but for a millennium. Thus we look at so many communities across the globe. These communities celebrate a distant, idyllic past, a past fueled with great heroes and accomplishments. They celebrate a past without which — they claim — today would not be today. And, these claims of the greatness of the past are to somehow bring these people on the same level as the conquerors of today. Not to be. That celebration of the past is fuel. It is fuel for … Read entire article »

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