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Overcoming Pakistan’s Nuclear Dangers

Overcoming Pakistan’s Nuclear Dangers

By Ahmad Khan ‘Overcoming Pakistan’s Nuclear Dangers’ is an endeavor from one the prominent scholar from the west to undertake a study on the inherited nuclear dangers emanating from one of the de facto nuclear state—Pakistan. Mark Fitzpatrick is currently the director of nonproliferation at International Institute of Strategic Studies London, has pinned down another research articulating the perceptions and realities regarding Pakistan nuclear weapons. Primarily the book is the investigation of the problem that Pakistan is increasing … Read entire article »

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Pride of “Nuclear State”-Murdering Humanity

Pride of “Nuclear State”-Murdering Humanity

By Syed Foaad Hassan Just when most of us celebrate “Youm e Takbeer” every year, the day when we experimented a device which can tear your flesh , destroy every single tree, bird in-fact every living thing in milliseconds, just when India and Pakistan talk about war, capturing each other’s land and “Ghazwa e Hind” I want to recall “Humanity”. Four years ago more than 100 Ahmadis died brutally during Jumma prayers in Lahore, the Capital of … Read entire article »

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What passes for history these days- Tufail Ahmad of Indian Express.

  By Yasser Latif Hamdani Tufail Ahmad – a columnist for the Indian Express- has rehashed  two of the most dishonest men in Pakistan’s history –  Agha Shorish Kashmiri and Dr. A Q Khan to prove that Maulana Azad had a crystal ball with which he could see in the future.  When challenged Tufail Ahmad arrogantly referred to me as a kid born in 1980.  Apparently that passes for a counter-argument these days. He says I don’t have source. My source is the fact that this document does not exist anywhere except Agha Shorish Kashmiri’s 1972 book on Azad.  My source is the fact that Azad does not mention these specific predictions (the ones mentioned) in his “India Wins Freedom”. Anyway here are the excerpts from an blog post I wrote 5 years … Read entire article »

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India and Pakistan in War Peace

By Ahmad Khan The complexities of South Asia’s political and geostrategic environment drives scholars, experts and practitioners from within subcontinent and the West to share their scholarly views on the dynamics of its major component: the India-Pakistan relationship. A relook or revisit to their scholarly work in form of book, biographies and research papers gives us a broad canvas to draw a holistic picture of the ever fragile relationship since the subcontinent partition in 1947. Most of the scholarly work is about studying the dynamics of relationship that have been changing since the Cold War. Such books and research papers discussed the nature of the conflict and the security competition between India and Pakistan as per the understandings of the authors. J.N. Dixit articulated the nature, history and type of relationship … Read entire article »

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India And the Choice before its Right Wing Parivar

PTH is grateful to the author, Gorki Sahib, who is our seasoned commentator for this contribution which has been made on request.  Gorki The recent electoral victory of the right wing BJP under its dynamic but controversial leader Narendra Modi generated quite a bit of interest but also a little misgiving in the wider world about the person of the Indian PM and his ideological moorings; the RSS. To its detractors the RSS is India’s version of a typical fascist organization while to its supporters it remains an organization of selfless nationalists and idealists committed to restoring ancient India’s lost glory. The actual RSS (and its family) is neither, though it carries little shades of both. In order to understand the RSS, a bit of background is necessary. Founded in 1925, the RSS was … Read entire article »

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Red Wine, Jholas and their Lies

PTH does not essentially agree with the points made by the author Abhinav Pandya A few days back, during my laid back French lunches, I met a professor who, supposedly is an expert on Indian politics. The honorable professor was facing some bureaucratic delays in getting Indian visa to attend a conference.  I told the professor that, since now we have a new prime minister and a stable government so they will fix these problems, to which the learned professor replied that oh no, the new prime minster will ‘fix’ all the Muslims. He further gave a grand conclusion that the days of Indian secularism are now over, with the victory of BJP. In this article, I want to address the concerns of all those who have made pessimistic conclusions about Indian … Read entire article »

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Twitter Diplomacy

PTH Admin Indian PM Narendra Modi made clever use of social media to describe his interaction with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He avoided politics and focused on emotional ties that resonate with the masses in India and Pakistan. Mothers are revered, almost worshiped in the popular culture of the region. Modi scored a few points by telling the world how open-minded he is about Pakistan and also avoided making a tough statement just as he became India’s PM. We wish Modi and Sharif the best to take this region out of the constant war-mongering. Peace the only way forward.   [View the story "Twitter Diplomacy!" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Welcome NaMo!

by Saad Hafiz Exit polls had it right.  India, the world’s most diverse democracy with numerous ethnic, linguistic, religious, and caste communities delivered a resounding verdict for change.  The Narendra Modi (NaMo) led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and allies are set to take power drubbing the ineffective Congress led-UPA government.  The elections showcased the maturity, inherent vitality and dynamism of India’s democracy.  The electoral focus was on jobs and development. The ruling party paid for the low growth, high inflation and claims of official corruption on their watch. The electorate clearly favoured the BJP to tackle the nation’s great problems of poverty, inequality, violence and oppression. Voters in the recent elections bucked a recent trend by giving a national mandate to a single party, the BJP.  Over the past two decades, India … Read entire article »

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Abki Baar, Modi Sarkar

By Waqas Rafique Though it wasn’t a Pakistan-India cricket match, but the Indian election this year evoked a lot of interest in Pakistan. Radio, television, print media and, of course, the ever-important social media was following steadfast, carrying headlines and analyses. No surprises on the now prime minister-designate Narendra Modi’s thoughts on Pakistan that he has been voicing recently, but for the unprecedented attention here at home, credit goes to the statements laden with anti-Pakistan sentiments that Mr. Modi had been making during the remarkable and impressive election process in India. Mr. Modi’s sleepless nights have paid off and he will, according to experts, not have to face the pressure of coalition politics while being in government but that challenges to govern India are greater than ever before. One of these challenges is to … Read entire article »

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Some thoughts on Modi’s invite to SAARC leaders at his swearing in Ceremony

By AC The more I think about this “invite SAARC leaders” move, the more layered, complex, and shrewd I realize it is. It’s kind of a small event, not a huge deal. But it’s a sign of Modi’s ability to think fresh and keep people on their toes. To jot some quick reactions about the various things that it signals all at once: Wins Modi brownie points because the gesture is being lauded by peaceniks and even some hawks across the region as unexpected and conciliatory Pakistan is the big fish here, not Maldives. But using the SAARC framework lets the new PM get off on a small relationship-building step with Sharif without signaling to his base that Pakistan specifically is being rewarded — instead, let’s make it about good neighborly relations! The more of … Read entire article »

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Why He Won?

Why He Won?

PTH does not endorse Mr. Modi and also does not necessarily agree with the author’s views. Abhinav Pandya When it comes to India, everything seems like a fantasy sequence of magical realism. The magical realism begins from its mythological Gods with multiple heads and continues to capture the domains of history, culture and politics. This is the country where one small prince got enlightened in Gaya and changed the course on History in entire Asia. This is … Read entire article »

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Who moved my “liberal” cheese ?

By Yasser Latif Hamdani The beauty of freedom of speech is that  every opinion, even the most idiotic and nonsensical opinion, is allowed to be aired. It is therefore left to the marketplace of ideas to determine what is or isn’t a viable idea.  My blog here should be read in this spirit, as should the shrill responses it will elicit. I have spent the better part of the last 17 months fighting the landmark Youtube case in the Lahore High Court. In the process I have encountered threats from religious right, abuses attacks and physical threats. Yesterday I won a small victory when the High Court acknowledged that the YouTube Ban was unsustainable and that the government was hiding behind a Supreme Court order. Why did I fight this so vehemently? I was not … Read entire article »

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The night club songs of Nahid Akhtar, the Asha Bhosle of Pakistan

The night club songs of Nahid Akhtar, the Asha Bhosle of Pakistan

By Nate Rabe Introducing the woman who gave the world ‘Hello Madam Disco’ and ‘Some Say I Am Sweety’. Nahid Akhtar came onto the music scene in Pakistan in the mid-1970s, first on the small screen but finding her true space on the much grander sets of the Lahore film industry. After the 1971 war, which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh and a horrible period of national crisis in Pakistan, the best Bengali artists left Pakistan … Read entire article »

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Indian Election campaign posters in Urdu

Indian Election campaign posters in Urdu

By Admin C M Naim, an eminent academic, writer and translator has been tracking the election campaign. Here are a few posters in Urdu language. The ironical part is that the communal party BJP that considers Muslims as ‘suspect’ citizens uses Urdu language. For electoral gains, ideology has to be sidelined. … Read entire article »

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Good Luck India

Raza Habib Raja I have written before also that for me India holds a special place in my heart and I feel connected to it emotionally. Besides that as a student of politics also, India for me is an enigma with respect to its ability to sustain a balanced combination of democracy, secularism and stability over almost seven decades. It has to be understood that even in relatively homogeneous countries, these factors are difficult to combine and balance. And yet, India despite being so diverse and complex, has so far done well. It has not been a smooth ride but political will has always been there. I sincerely hope, that in the zeal of voting incumbents out of power, the Indian populace does not lose track of what exactly differentiates India from Pakistan. I … Read entire article »

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