The Politics Of ‘Dharnas’

By Ali Butt

The ‘dharna’ fiasco in our capital’s heartland has exacerbated the tribulations of my hapless compatriots. Despite Khan’s and […]

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Sit-ins in Pakistan mean ‘Old Wine in New Bottle

By Aoduley Aryan

The on going sit-ins in Islamabad Pakistan staged by Imran Khan of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf and another by […]

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Photo of the Day: Crackdown in Islamabad

Malik Omaid
From Friday night Police arrested hundreds of protesters camped in the capital for more than a month, the arresting […]

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After the Army’s public statement, the crisis deepens

As the Political crisis in Pakistan deepens after Army’s statement, Raza Rumi gives his analysis on the situation that how […]

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Anarchy, chaos and Pakistan’s fragile democracy

Raza Rumi reports, comments and analyses the situation after the Red zone Shelling and baton charge by Police on the […]

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Note: The author does not represent the views of PTH. Pak Tea House is a secular blog where people of […]

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Photo of the Day: “Aik Zardari Abhi tak Bhari”

Photo of former President Asif Ali Zardari was every where yesterday as he had lunch with Prime Minister as his […]

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Feeling Betrayed by Imran Khan

By Zafar Siddique

In 2012, when Imran Khan’s political popularity was at its peak, I got a chance to meet him […]

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Photo of the Day: Marchers Rest outside State Institutions

Combined Marchers sleep outside Parliament on Wednesday Morning.

Photo Credits: The Nation

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Inqilab March Unites with Azadi March

On these crucial moments of political chaos, Raza Rumi analyze the situation after the call of merging Tahir ul Qadri’s […]

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