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The Dark Sludge of Religious Sectarianism

The Dark Sludge of Religious Sectarianism

By Saad Hafiz The recent murder of Dr Mohammad Shakil Auj, the dean of Islamic Studies at the University of Karachi, is yet another atrocity in Pakistan’s seemingly unending sectarian conflict. Apparently, Dr Auj, known for his liberal religious views, was targeted for speaking out against sectarian killings. Since the 1980s, the country has been wracked by violence, mostly perpetrated by Sunni extremist groups against the Shia minority. It is important to mention that the Shias … Read entire article »

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The Unpredictables – Part II: 1950s

The Unpredictables – Part II: 1950s

By Fazal Abbas Pakistan as a country has been through a number of highs and lows since traumatic partition in 1947 and its cricket has followed the similar pattern in direct proportion, showing how this sport is embedded in social, political and cultural facets of the country. Initially dispersed, unrecognised, underfunded and weak, Pakistan’s cricket team grew to become a major force in world cricket. Pakistan cricket team is regarded as the most unpredictable and mercurial … Read entire article »

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Photo of the Day: PTI shows Power in Karachi

Photo of the Day: PTI shows Power in Karachi

Malik Omaid Yesterday, Imran Khan showed his power in Karachi. Thus, denying the allegations that his anti-Government movement has support only in Punjab. There were also rumors of MQM’s support or “Green Signal” for the “Jalsa” in Karachi. Photo via BBC Urdu … Read entire article »

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The Unpredictables: Part I – 1940s: Partition and Foundation Stones of Cricket in Pakistan (1947 – 1950)

The Unpredictables: Part I – 1940s: Partition and Foundation Stones of Cricket in Pakistan (1947 – 1950)

By Fazal Abbas The eternal drama of Pakistan cricket never ceases to fascinate the fans of Cricket game. Why would it? There are only few teams in world cricket, rather world sports, as unpredictable and mercurial as Pakistan. They will be a laughing stock one day with their amateur performance and next day exhibit flamboyant performance with ability to beat best in the world. If not for Pakistani cricket team, cricket would have been the most … Read entire article »

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Photo Story: Yes we lost Direction

Some times by looking back makes us feel had the direction been set well, we could have been different. Today it looks like we lost all we gained in five thousand years and these vintage tourism posters are talking about some alien civilization.   [View the story "Yes We Lost Direction!" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Iftar Deals In Pakistan 2014

Greetings to all Muslims on Holly Ramazan. Ramazan is a special month for Muslims of and they respect this month, keep fasts, offer prayers and recite Quran-E-Pak (Islamic Holy Book). People love to do very early morning breakfast (before Fajar Prayer) called Sehar and don’t eat or drink whole day and allow to eat or drink just (before Maghrib Prayer) called Iftar. Many people love to go outside for Sehar and Iftar and enjoy the best tastes from restaurants in Pakistan. Sehar: Sehar is very early breakfast time in Ramazan people eat healthy dishes to maintain their whole day because keeping Fast they can’t eat or drink anything so they love healthy meals. People of every age love Ramazan and they have energy in them to complete the law of Islam. We see … Read entire article »

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Musings over a cup of Tea: `The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves’ – William Shakespeare

By Bisma Tirmizi I am a Karachiite, a person born and raised in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. Come this past Sunday ten terrorists entered through the front gate of my home, created mayhem, chaos, frenzy and tried to kill the spirit of Karachi. They ripped my soul entirely, rattled my sense of security, demoralized my hope, but as Shakespeare aptly said, `The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.’ Today we must speak up as a nation, today we must put the blame in the mirror, today we must rise and take our city back. The power is always with the masses, the power is always with the middle class, the power is always with the Awaam, let the sleeping giant wake up; we the commoners, … Read entire article »

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Jewish candles in the window

Fishel Benkhald To be honest, these thoughts are not from an expert, but are heartfelt wishful thinking. Besides the reality of extremism and debate on lack of law and order, let’s share which candles Pakistan might put in the window for the lost Pakistani Jewish community. At this hour of night while we all await for that sun to shine again on all of us which Pakistan’s non-Muslim and Muslim founding fathers and mothers thought of. Jews have lived among different Islamic cultures and got accustomed to it, at times total assimilation of different cultures and religions may not be completely possible but multicultural societies while keeping their distinctive individual identities intact exist and are doing well. This was the atmosphere in which Jewish community were living in the pre-partition Pakistan. There are few … Read entire article »

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When will the insanity stop?

Ahmer Muzammil I wasn’t close to him. Hardly shared couple of sentences in last 2 decades, but his mother and mine shared a womb. I did; however, met him every weekend till I was 16 at my nani’ house but there were 20 other cousins so I cant say he was my best friend. So my perspective is not tainted with lopsided partisanship, which might be the case with his wife, children, brothers and sisters and nephews and nieces, people that he adored and they adored him back. He was not the smartest, most good-looking or most successful in our family; but there was something about him, which is usually not screaming at you, seeking attention in a self-glorifying manner but you know its there. Its sophisticated and its polite and … Read entire article »

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Sanki King

Sanki King

Abdullah Ahmed Khan professionally known as Sanki or Sanki King, is a Pakistani graffiti artist, Pakistan’s first Sneaker Artist member of an old school American graffiti crew, BMK – Beyond Mankind Krew, a Bboy & member of a b-boying crew Unknown Crew (UC), founded in 2010 in Karachi and a Parkor expert.. Sanki is the pioneer of graffiti culture in Pakistan, pioneer of sticker art, and he is also the first and the only super hip hopper in Pakistan. Here are a few brilliant works by Sanki King!                       … Read entire article »

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Speak up (Melancholy )

Speak up (Melancholy )

by Caeser Ali Khan Islamic culture holds Melancholy (Hazen) in high esteem but I consider it not an honor but illness. We Muslims are suffering from a communal pain. It is often said “If you were a good and true Muslim, you would not care so much about your worldly losses.” What a pity. I am not speaking of your personal grief but of the pain and suffering we absorb with pride as a community. I am … Read entire article »

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Aman Foundation – An Iron-clad Pillar of Support for Karachiites

Aman Foundation – An Iron-clad Pillar of Support for Karachiites

by  Ammar Haider Last week I attended Pakistan Urban Forum that was organized to focus on issues and Solutions in urban cities likes Karachi. One of the highlights was a keynote from CEO of Aman Foundation, Ahsan Jamil. He talked about what are Aman Foundation’s objectives and their role in providing basic necessities in this complex urban megacity. Personally I am a big fan of Aman Foundation and how professionally they are working in Human development sector. They … Read entire article »

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Why MQM Wants Army in Karachi

By Waqas Habib   Democracy is going to bring some long due respite for Karachiites, as soon we will see a major targeted operation in the city. An operation that will not be carried out by the Army but by the Police and Rangers   After May 11, 2013, few things have changed – call it the loyalty of the people of Sind or a strategic initiative by them. They elected a PPP government into power with a clear majority – a no compromise strategy. Hence they are free to make their decisions on an executive level in Sind. They do not need MQM or ANP’s support to sustain their government in the province.   PMLN too is not carrying baggage in the Federal government. They want peace in Karachi so they can fulfill their biggest … Read entire article »

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RIP Ardeshir Cowasjee

Raza Rumi (My comments cited in this story at Al Jazeera) Ardeshir Cowasjee, a Parsi businessman, philanthropist, and a pillar of cosmopolitan Karachi, turned to public activism through his writings. First, as a contributor of letters, and later, as a columnist. The candor in Cowasjee’s columns was unprecedented, and very soon, he started to become an irritant for the governments of the day, various mafia in his native Karachi, and the forces of bigotry. In this process, … Read entire article »

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The case for micro-financing

The case for micro-financing

By Laila Rehman Laila Rehman is Social Media Manager for SilkSkin, overseeing monetary optimization on their earned, paid and owned digital platforms. She is based in Karachi. A report released last month by the World Bank unearthed evidence that less than 25% of Pakistani women use micro-finance loans. The report takes a closer look at two challenges facing the micro-finance sector in Pakistan. The first is the potentially widespread practice of women borrowers acting as conduits for loans passed on to other beneficiaries. The … Read entire article »

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