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Photo of the Day: Mosque Collapses in Lahore

Photo of the Day: Mosque Collapses in Lahore

Malik Omaid 22 People dead and many injured as a mosque in Daroghawala area of Lahore collapses. Reason, poor maintenance and engineering. Building second story and a 200 feet high Minaret on a 40 years old already weak structure. One questions as how do they got the approval to build such huge Minarets on weak structure. Do they even applied for approval? One thing we can see from these photos is the humanitarian efforts by the people … Read entire article »

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Anarchy, chaos and Pakistan’s fragile democracy

Raza Rumi reports, comments and analyses the situation after the Red zone Shelling and baton charge by Police on the PTI/PAT protestors.   [View the story "Islamabad thrown to Chaos" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Photo of the Day: Supreme Court of “Shalwar Kamiz”

Photo of the Day: Supreme Court of “Shalwar Kamiz”

Resident revolutionaries outside the Supreme Court building with Pakistan under their “Shalwar Kamiz” hung for drying.     … Read entire article »

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Sunni militants, their friends versus Sunni Sufis

Sunni militants, their friends versus Sunni Sufis

By Andaleeb Rizvi This time around, the Pakistani state was left with no other choice but to launch an operation against terrorists after the Karachi airport attack on June 8, 2014, but the state conveniently forgot the urban allies of the extremists living comfortably with or without beards. With militant Sunnis like the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) wreaking havoc in the Fertile Crescent, and al-Qaeda anywhere it pleases, Pakistani Sunni groups are at … Read entire article »

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Jinnah and the Shahidganj dispute: “Give me more Gokhales”

Jinnah and the Shahidganj dispute: “Give me more Gokhales”

Independence Day special By Yasser Latif Hamdani Jinnah’s role as the main leader of the Pakistan Movement 1940 onwards has overshadowed his other numerous contributions to India in the independence struggle and as a mediator between communities.  Jinnah, who even the mid 1930s, was denounced as “more Congress than Congress” on numerous occasions intervened in inter-communal disputes and resolved them, which tragically have been forgotten because of the partisan approach to the India’s partition.  Indians have since … Read entire article »

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Iftar Deals In Pakistan 2014

Greetings to all Muslims on Holly Ramazan. Ramazan is a special month for Muslims of and they respect this month, keep fasts, offer prayers and recite Quran-E-Pak (Islamic Holy Book). People love to do very early morning breakfast (before Fajar Prayer) called Sehar and don’t eat or drink whole day and allow to eat or drink just (before Maghrib Prayer) called Iftar. Many people love to go outside for Sehar and Iftar and enjoy the best tastes from restaurants in Pakistan. Sehar: Sehar is very early breakfast time in Ramazan people eat healthy dishes to maintain their whole day because keeping Fast they can’t eat or drink anything so they love healthy meals. People of every age love Ramazan and they have energy in them to complete the law of Islam. We see … Read entire article »

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How to donate for IDPs of North Waziristan

How to donate for IDPs of North Waziristan

By Husham Ahmed Pakistan Army: Karachi & Hyderabad: Collection points at COD Karachi, DHA Golf club, Malir Cantt gate. At Hyderabad and Pano Aqil, donation collection points have been established at respective cantonment gates. Contact numbers for further details are 03212532699, 03006420542, and 03213789526. Lahore: Collection points at Fortress Stadium Lahore, Masjid Chowk E-Block DHA Phase I, Beacon House School Z Block DHA Phase 3, Wateen Chowk DHA Phase5. More details can be obtained from following contacts 042-66993281, 042-37017375, … Read entire article »

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MQM’s MNA Tahira Asif Died, a clear Target Killing

MQM’s legislator Tahira Asif has been killed after being shot 4 times by “unknown” assailants in Lahore two days ago. She raised the issue of cleaning Punjab University from Al-Qaeda elements. Raza Rumi tweets!   [View the story "MQM's MNA Tahira Asif Died, a clear Target Killing" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Model Town Tragedy: Police Brutality and some Tahir ul Qadri’s History

Raza Rumi tweets on the Model Town tragedy while looking into history of Qadri-Sharif nexus.   [View the story "Model Town Tragedy: Police Brutality and some Tahir ul Qadri's History" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Should I be blamed for the murder of the girl outside Lahore high court?

Wahab Tariq Butt They are blaming me for murder of the young pregnant girl outside Lahore High Court. They say I am an accomplice. How dare I stand there and watch those men murder that poor girl? Why didn’t I stop them? They say I should be punished. I don’t have an iota of shame and am a disgrace to men, I am being told. I would normally ignore such people and carry on with my life. But the poor girl who was murdered by her own father and brother asks me the same questions when she haunts my dreams. I can feel for that poor soul. Killed by her own kith and kin for an action not classified as a crime under the laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the girl’s … Read entire article »

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Corporate Slavery “An Advertiser’s Voice”

By Syed Foaad Hassan Advertising is an art persuasion, in modern world it is one of the major industries especially in corporate world, art and creative sector. Unfortunately advertising Industry is the most neglected one in Pakistan as compared to other industries and least creative and artistic we can say even if we compare to our neighbouring country India whose ads are pretty famous here. If we talk about working condition of employees in this industry public has a perception that they are pretty glamorous, enjoy their life, always partying but situation is opposite there. Generally we talk about working conditions of labours, Government employees, sportsmen or media workers in-fact everyone but no one highlights issues of employees working in an advertising agency or services industry. Yes most of them are educated, they … Read entire article »

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Who was Raza Rumi?

It was only late in the night when I came to know that Raza Rumi was attacked—By whom and why? I do not know. I just know that because of the consequence of that unprovoked attacked, Raza was compelled to leave Pakistan and settle in some neutral land where his safety and security is, at least, not at risk. Well, so much has been written about the unfortunate circumstances and plight of the security of journalists in Pakistan and so much has been said already too. I may save myself from taking a dip in this vast sea. Here I want to expound on who was Raza Rumi. A Teacher? A Sufi Master? A Friend? I have no words to express my grief over these unfortunate and saddening times. Long gone … Read entire article »

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GEO TV admits that it ignored other journalists

Malik Omaid GEO TV admitted in their program “Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath” 23rd April 2014 that they ignored attack on other journalists including Raza Rumi and continued attacks on Express TV. GEO TV admits that it ignored other journalists by razarumi1 Just to remind many analyst showed their anger on twitter about this shameful trend of avoiding and the attack on rival media group. “@NadeemfParacha: Not a single word on most channels on the cowardly attack on @Razarumi.” SHAME on these channels! — Najam Sethi (@najamsethi) March 28, 2014   … Read entire article »

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Detailed Report on Raza Rumi Case by Punjab Police

Detailed Report on Raza Rumi Case by Punjab Police

ملک عمید گزشتہ ماہ معروف تجزیہ نگار اور اینکر پرسن ایکسپریس ٹی وی رضا رومی کو گھر جاتے ہوئے لشکر جھنگوی کے ایک گروہ نے قاتلانہ حملے کا نشانہ بنایا .پنجاب پولیس کے مطابق جس گروہ نے رضا رومی کو طالبان کی مخالفت کرنے پر ٹارگٹ کیا ہے اس کی تفصیلات قارئین کے لئے پیش کی جا رہی ہیں. Last month renowned journalist and anchor person Express TV Raza Rumi was attacked while heading towards home after … Read entire article »

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Almost a martyr

Almost a martyr

Shahzad Raza An assassination attempt on Raza Rumi raises questions about safety of journalists Raza Rumi is among few of those foolhardy who challenge the extremists in fourth most dangerous country for the journalists. It was only a miracle that he evaded bullets in a brazen assassination attempt. Otherwise, God forbid, there would have been an addition to a specific list of martyrs. Statistics of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) show more than 70 journalists were assassinated … Read entire article »

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