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The profusion of terrorist outfits in Europe and Middle East; Bewilderment for the world

The profusion of terrorist outfits in Europe and Middle East; Bewilderment for the world

By Muqeet Tahir Malik Dear Readers! Do any of you know about the extremist organizations operating in the Balkan states? Have you ever focused on the spread of terrorism especially in Europe? How fast is this trend in Middle East? What are the causes, and how to impede growth of extremism? Do you know the historical importance of the Balkan states?Do you know the ECJM faction? These are pertinent questions that we need to analyse, and … Read entire article »

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The Temples of Sindh-Culture of Coexistence under Threat

Malik Omaid There were times when Hindus and Muslims lived peacefully in the Land of Sufi saints, Sindh. But today we see Hindus in Sindh being target of forced conversions, abduction and mob rule destroying their temples and houses. Bigotry in the society has also made these images of symbols of peaceful coexistence a story of the past. Raza Rumi tweets the images of Hindu Temples and how they were visited by both Hindus and Muslims. [View the story "The Temples of Sindh-Culture of Coexistance under Threat" on Storify]Malik … Read entire article »

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Sunni militants, their friends versus Sunni Sufis

Sunni militants, their friends versus Sunni Sufis

By Andaleeb Rizvi This time around, the Pakistani state was left with no other choice but to launch an operation against terrorists after the Karachi airport attack on June 8, 2014, but the state conveniently forgot the urban allies of the extremists living comfortably with or without beards. With militant Sunnis like the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) wreaking havoc in the Fertile Crescent, and al-Qaeda anywhere it pleases, Pakistani Sunni groups are at … Read entire article »

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Jinnah and the Shahidganj dispute: “Give me more Gokhales”

Jinnah and the Shahidganj dispute: “Give me more Gokhales”

Independence Day special By Yasser Latif Hamdani Jinnah’s role as the main leader of the Pakistan Movement 1940 onwards has overshadowed his other numerous contributions to India in the independence struggle and as a mediator between communities.  Jinnah, who even the mid 1930s, was denounced as “more Congress than Congress” on numerous occasions intervened in inter-communal disputes and resolved them, which tragically have been forgotten because of the partisan approach to the India’s partition.  Indians have since … Read entire article »

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Ahmadiyya Community digging graves day before Eid

Ahmadiyya Community digging graves day before Eid

by Syed Foaad Hassan Eight Months old along with an eight year old girl and 55 years old women laid to rest just a day before Eid in Rabwah. Sunday night a mob attacked Ahmadi houses in Gujranwala, Four people were burnt alive, there was an unborn child also who died in womb due to suffocation. On media people in mob were seen dancing and enchanting slogans against community after burning down their homes. Series of … Read entire article »

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Photo of the day: Can you Spot the Difference?

Photo of the day: Can you Spot the Difference?

By Saira Nizami Comparison of 3 major incidences, we leave it on the reader to see how they react to each.         Saira Nizami is a Human rights activist and can be reached @sainiz … Read entire article »

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Gaza Under Attack

Gaza Under Attack

by Vijay Prashad More than ten days of Israel’s war on Gaza have passed. It has been catastrophic for this small piece of land – and for the Palestinians who live a bare life on that land. On Wednesday, Israeli forces shot at and killed four young boys who were playing hide and seek right in front of the hotel — Al-Deira — that houses the international press (and where many on this list have stayed at … Read entire article »

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Muslim Identity Crises : From Golden Ages to Militancy

by Fazal Abbas “Read! (Iqra)” said Archangel Gabriel. “I am unable to read.” replied Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Gabriel caught hold of Prophet (pbuh) and embraced him heavily and then said again, “Read!” Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) replied again, “I am unable to read.” Gabriel embraced the Prophet (pbuh) again and said to recite the following verses: “Read! in the name of your Lord who created – created man from a clot. Read: for your Lord is Most Bountiful, who teaches by the pen, teaches man that which he knew not.” — Quran, Sura 96 (Al-Alaq), verse 1-5 In the history of the religions of the world, the Holy Quran holds a distinctive attribute for being the only holy book whose first word of its first revelation decreed the pursuit of knowledge. So why is it that the religion … Read entire article »

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Indian Election campaign posters in Urdu

Indian Election campaign posters in Urdu

By Admin C M Naim, an eminent academic, writer and translator has been tracking the election campaign. Here are a few posters in Urdu language. The ironical part is that the communal party BJP that considers Muslims as ‘suspect’ citizens uses Urdu language. For electoral gains, ideology has to be sidelined. … Read entire article »

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Muslims need to re-evaluate their interpretations and Ulema

By Amaar Ahmad: Chaos and violence in the name of Islam across the Muslim world should make us pause and evaluate the root cause of the problems. Is is not true that some Muslims (i) believe in violent Jihad against non-Muslims, (ii) believe in applying Takfir against fellow Muslims who disagree in interpretation of religion, and (iii) believe that punishment for apostasy or blasphemy is death? We must admit that these very beliefs are the root cause of so many conflicts. We must not deny that these so-called “Islamic” beliefs are used to fuel violence and terrorism today. We must accept that numerous religious scholars throughout history have believed in such violent concepts. Many apologists say that “Jihad” can only be conducted by state and not individuals. That blasphemy … Read entire article »

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A conversation with a constitutional Kaafir

Balal Haider Ahmadis are constitutional Kaafirs in Pakistan. The best part is Pakistan is the only country in the world which proudly presents us with such a Politico-Religious categorization of its people. Below is a conversation from a daily life of a constitutional Kaafir (CK) and Radicalized Constitutional Muslim (RCM)… CK: “Asalam o Alikum my dear friend” RCM: ” Yala Harama, you go to jail, how dare you speak the words which sends peace to me, you!!, let me call the police station.” CK: “I am so sorry my friend I am just used to spreading peace and teachings of love. I am sorry to have offended you, Let me do some Astagfar.” RCM: ” Toba Toba, you are using an Arabic word, how dare you act like a muslim” CK: ” I am sorry, I … Read entire article »

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Jamat-e Islami, A Common Inheritance of Pakistan and Bangladesh

By Obaidullah Khan Bangladesh and Pakistan have some common features with respect to their foundation. Both were made for the Muslims of the Subcontinent (not for Islam). A sense of deprivation and desperation played the key role behind their coming into being. And then a common inheritance, Jamat e Islami, with an identical part to play in the formation of these two sovereign and independent states, was another similarity. Unfortunately, for both states that role was antagonistic and in support of the parent unified countries, united India in case of Pakistan and united Pakistan in case of Bangladesh. So in a sense Jamat e Islami in both the cases supported the preexisting scenario and opposed the independence movement of these states. Surely as patriot Pakistanis we are aggrieved in the case … Read entire article »

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Individual liberty or societal damnation – a simple choice

By Javed Hassan Muslims are rightly proud of great thinkers who emerged from the Islamic milieu of the so called Islamic Golden Age. Avicenna, Omar Khayyám , Averroes, Razi, and many more not only carried forward the Greek tradition of rational enquiry but also innovated and brought about new discoveries. We should rejoice the greatness that was once there, and the potential that we might still have to achieve such heights again.  However, before that happens we need to ask ourselves the question that Dawkins posed to all of us, ‘why are there only ten Muslim Nobel laureates compared to thirty from Trinity College Cambridge/”. It’s worth noting that there are some two hundred plus Jewish recipients of the prize. Why has there been virtually no major scientific contribution from Muslims since … Read entire article »

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Understanding Quaid-e-Azam’s Speeches in Light of Misaq-e-Madina

By Riaz Haq An ongoing debate about the vision of Pakistan’s founder flares up every year around Christmas time which coincides with Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s birthday. It is centered on one key question: Did the Quaid want an Islamic state or a secular one? Islamic or Secular Pakistan?   Here are a couple of excerpts from Quaid-e-Azam’s speeches given at different times which are often cited in this “Islamic vs Secular Pakistan” debate: “You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State” “Who am I to give you a constitution? The prophet of Islam … Read entire article »

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The Elevator to Power

Saad Hafiz Dramatic reporting and exposés on western news channels suggest that Islamic radicalism is flourishing in the member states of the European Union and in North America. News items tend to focus on a small segment of Islamic activists who espouse extremist and radical ideologies and who have resorted to violence and terrorism against both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. This does not support the sweeping, superficial theory offered by some who represent the Islamo-phobic school of thought, namely that Islam as a whole — and not only its radical factions — is intrinsically militant, fanatical, evil, violent, anti-western and anti-Semitic. Studies have singled out political Salafism, the fastest-growing global radical Islamic movement, which preaches a strictly conservative form of Islam, as attracting second and third generation immigrants in the West. This … Read entire article »

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