Imran Khan: Tall Claims False Hope

By Faisal Zeeshan
Imran Khan (IK) once an inspiration for millions of youth across Pakistan, got 7.5 million votes in General […]

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ہمیں غیرت کی اصطلاح ترک کرنی پڑے گی

تحریر: عماد ظفر

“غیرت” کے نام پر خواتین کا قتل سنگین جرم ہے۔ وزیر اعظم پاکستان نے یہ جملہ شرمین عبید […]

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Pakistan’s ‘Shake and Slap’ policy

We are posting this article to generate a debate. This is a guest post from an Indian perspective. Many in […]

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Nilofer’s Corner: Judicial commission’s findings do not imply that 2013 elections were ‘fair’

By Nilofer Qazi

Imran Khan accused the electoral managers of ‘rigging’ the election of 2013. It has been over two years […]

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