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Top Tweets March 26: Yemen War comes to Pakistani Social Media

Top Tweets March 26: Yemen War comes to Pakistani Social Media

Malik Omaid On the eve of 24th March Saudi Arabia started an operation against the Housthi rebels in Yemen. There were already speculations of the presence of Paksitani forces in Saudi Arabia which later were claimed to be there for joint military exercise. But after an Arab channel claimed that Pakistan will join the operation being conducted in Yemen twitter went abuzz and Pakistanis were concerned on possible Pakistani entry in the operation. Foreign office gave … Read entire article »

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The other side of the operation

The other side of the operation

By Waqas Rafique With Operation Zarb-e-Azb a few days old now, news broadcasts that I get to present these days are dominated with updates on the offensive launched against terrorists and violent extremists that had found safe haven in North Waziristan. In the past, we have been told all such operations have been important and made gains. Be it Operation Rah-e-Rast in South Wazirstan or Rah-i-Nijat, which was the battle for Swat. But we have also seen … Read entire article »

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Pakistan Starts Military Operation in North Waziristan

Raza Rumi tweets his analysis on the much awaited military operation in North Waziristan against the TTP and other Militant out fits by the Pakistan Army. Operation is named “Zarb-e-Azb”. [View the story “Pakistan Starts Military Operation in North Waziristan” on Storify] … Read entire article »

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The Wizards of Langley: Inside CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology

Ahmad Khan Jeffery T. Richelson is an American author, who has extensively produced literature on the process of intelligence gathering, historical technological up-gradation of intelligence agencies and its impacts on national security in America. He came up with The Wizards of Langley: Inside CIA’s directorate of Science and Technology in which he highlighted a brief history of CIA directorate of Science and Technology (DS &T) under the administration of different individual and CIA’s different aerial and space reconnaissance programs. He gives brief historical accounts of technological genies that resided inside CIA (DS &T). Richelson calls them the wizards of the Langley—the place where CIA headquarters is located— because of their technological and scientific achievements, which enabled CIA to architect an empire of international intelligence gathering. The primary objective of DS &T was to excavate … Read entire article »

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Why MQM Wants Army in Karachi

By Waqas Habib   Democracy is going to bring some long due respite for Karachiites, as soon we will see a major targeted operation in the city. An operation that will not be carried out by the Army but by the Police and Rangers   After May 11, 2013, few things have changed – call it the loyalty of the people of Sind or a strategic initiative by them. They elected a PPP government into power with a clear majority – a no compromise strategy. Hence they are free to make their decisions on an executive level in Sind. They do not need MQM or ANP’s support to sustain their government in the province.   PMLN too is not carrying baggage in the Federal government. They want peace in Karachi so they can fulfill their biggest … Read entire article »

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Osama Bin Laden is dead: what next for Pakistan?

The dramatic events of May 2, enacted in Pakistan’s small, sleepy town of Abbottabad have surely shaken the world. The global icon of al Qaeda — Osama bin Laden — has been ‘eliminated’ through a well-executed, covert operation. This was a major victory for charismatic US president Barack Obama especially given his dwindling popularity, and will help him survive in office, perhaps, for another term. It isunlikely that this development will lead to the end of global terrorism. While his death may have symbolic value, Osama was not in any case in charge of al Qaeda operations and hence the impact may not be much. The most significant aspect of this game-changing event, perhaps, is the cutting of all ties between al Qaeda and sections of our security establishment. While Pakistan’s assistance … Read entire article »

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An exclusive post by Aamenah Yusafzai for PTH The recent attacks on two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore demonstrate the urgent need to strengthen the rights of Pakistani minorities. Pakistan is not a country inhabited by Muslims only, or even Sunni Muslims. This is represented by the green and white of the Pakistani flag, a fact often taken for granted. The three quarter green represents the majority Muslim population, while the one quarter white represents non-Muslim minorities. The preamble to the Constitution provides that provisions be made for “minorities freely to profess and practice their religion and develop their cultures.” Furthermore, it provides for guarantees to “fundamental rights, including equality of status, of opportunity and before law, social, economic and political justice, and freedom of thought, expression, belief, faith, worship and association, subject … Read entire article »

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Taking on the Taliban, by Steve Coll

Cross Post from The New Yorker The Taliban’s jihad, like rock and roll, has passed from youthful vigour into a maturity marked by the appearance of nostalgic memoirs. Back in the day, Abdul Salam Zaeef belonged to the search committee that recruited Mullah Omar as the movement’s commander; after the rebels took power in Kabul, he served as ambassador to Pakistan. “My Life with the Taliban,” published this winter, announces Zaeef’s début in militant letters. The volume contains many sources of fascination, but none are more timely than the author’s account of his high-level relations with Pakistani intelligence. While in office, Zaeef found that he “couldn’t entirely avoid” the influence of Pakistan’s powerful intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence. Its officers volunteered money and political support. Late in 2001, as the United States prepared … Read entire article »

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Pakistan: Countering Militancy in FATA

INTERNATIONAL CRISIS GROUP – NEW REPORT Pakistan: Countering Militancy in FATA Islamabad/Brussels, 21 October 2009: The military operation in South Waziristan is unlikely to succeed in curbing the spread of religious militancy in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), unless the Pakistan government implements political reforms in that part of the country. … Read entire article »

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Finally Waziristan…

Bilal Qureshi Finally, the operation in Wazristan is under way, thank God. Pakistan is doing a good job of clearing every place that was a safe heaven for the nuts in and around Pakistan. Now, policy makers in Pakistan should not focus on achieving short term military objective. This war is not going to be easy and a lot of people believe that this is a generational issue as for as defeating the Taliban threat. Obviously the military is going to easily defeat those who are going to take up arms against the army in Wazirstan, or at the very least, it is hoped that the army is going to defeat them. However, after the military moves out, how will the civilian population going to react to the future Talibans interested in … Read entire article »

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Pakistan Attacks Show Tightening of Militant Links

By JANE PERLEZ ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A wave of attacks against top security installations over the last several days demonstrated that the Taliban, Al Qaeda and militant groups once nurtured by the government are tightening an alliance aimed at bringing down the Pakistani state, government officials and analysts said. … Read entire article »

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Cantonment in Swat ?

by Ibrahim Khalil At the risk of sounding unpatriotic, let me quote a joke that was making the round couple of years ago. After a meeting between Manmohan Singh and Pervez Musharraf, an announcement is made that Kashmir issue has been resolved. At the press conference, Manmohan Singh says that “Pakistan has agreed to give up its claim of holding a plebiscite in Kashmir. General Musharraf will inform you of the rest of the details”. General Musharraf comes on the microphone and says, “We have fought three wars with India over Kashmir. … Read entire article »

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Into the Swat Refugee Camp

source: Down and Out in Shah Mansoor By KATHY KELLY and DAN PEARSON In Pakistan’s Swabi district, a bumpy road leads to Shah Mansoor, a small village surrounded by farmland. Just outside the village, uniform size tents are set up in hundreds of rows. The sun bores down on the Shah Mansoor camp which has become a temporary home to thousands of displaced Pakistanis from the Swat area. … Read entire article »

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Pakistan: Chaos Unto Order?

Haris Gazdar (Economic and Political Weekly) The Pakistani military finally appears to have embraced the war against jihadi militancy as its own. If so, an important shift in perception and policy has taken place. Past experience, however, demands caution before coming to any hasty conclusions. Things are chaotic enough in any case, for there to be sufficient material evidence to support optimists  and sceptics alike. It is possible, nevertheless, to post milestones that will need to be crossed if  we are to decisively move in the right direction. … Read entire article »

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Peshawar blast

Raza Rumi Pak Tea House mourns the death of a dedicated aid workers in the Pearl Continental. As I am a part of the development ‘set’, such incidents are deeply disturbing. After all development workers work in difficult circumstances for a commitment to their professions which in theory at least is based on idealism. We are saddened to see that UN staff have offered their lives along with scores of innocent Pakistani civilians. Why are the extremists killing inoccent civilians – in a war surely you choose your targets or is it just a reflection of the mayhem they want to create and make it into another terror-zone. … Read entire article »

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