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Pakistan, Where Hate Crimes are a Norm

Pakistan, Where Hate Crimes are a Norm

Raza Rumi tells us as why the latest Gujrawala massacre of Ahmadi homes where 4 people, including an unborn baby died due to suffocation will never get any justice how much ever voices are raised and petitions are filed – They always go unheard. [View the story "Pakistan, Where Hate Crimes are a Norm" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Taboos on the brink: What you don’t know about Balochistan

Taboos on the brink: What you don’t know about Balochistan

By: Farooq Abdullah For Most of us, the group of words like violence against women, harassment at institutions or work places, rape, honor killing and gender disparity are not that staggering because we listen about these so often in mainstream media–both domestic and international–that it offers none but very little appall by now. Besides, it is way too “ordinary” a news in this part of the world to get noticed. India, for instance, where reports of raping … Read entire article »

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Pride of “Nuclear State”-Murdering Humanity

Pride of “Nuclear State”-Murdering Humanity

By Syed Foaad Hassan Just when most of us celebrate “Youm e Takbeer” every year, the day when we experimented a device which can tear your flesh , destroy every single tree, bird in-fact every living thing in milliseconds, just when India and Pakistan talk about war, capturing each other’s land and “Ghazwa e Hind” I want to recall “Humanity”. Four years ago more than 100 Ahmadis died brutally during Jumma prayers in Lahore, the Capital of … Read entire article »

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Social and Economic Changes with Mobile Phone Use in Pakistan

Social and Economic Changes with Mobile Phone Use in Pakistan

By Dr. Tahir Rauf Mobile phone subscribers are 131 million in Pakistan out of 170 million. Pakistan is ninth in top ten mobile phone users with annual growth of 13.3%. The mobile penetration rate amongst urban class people is almost 100%.  The recent award of 3G and 4G licenses to cellular service provider likely to be more deployment of the mobile technology. Mobile services in Pakistan started in the late nineties during Musharraf’s regime. The government policies … Read entire article »

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1857: War of Independence or Sepoy Mutiny?

The following is a recent exchange between Yasser Latif Hamdani and Tarek Fatah on the issue of whether 1857 was a war of independence or a sepoy mutiny. As free people living in the 21st century we need to be honest about history. 150 years later the controversy continues as the exchange highlights. Mr Fatah branded YLH as a Hindu hater for saying that it was Sepoy mutiny and YLH defended his position. Please read and make your own decision.   [View the story "War of Independence or Sepoy Mutiny?" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Musings over a cup of Tea: `The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves’ – William Shakespeare

By Bisma Tirmizi I am a Karachiite, a person born and raised in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. Come this past Sunday ten terrorists entered through the front gate of my home, created mayhem, chaos, frenzy and tried to kill the spirit of Karachi. They ripped my soul entirely, rattled my sense of security, demoralized my hope, but as Shakespeare aptly said, `The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.’ Today we must speak up as a nation, today we must put the blame in the mirror, today we must rise and take our city back. The power is always with the masses, the power is always with the middle class, the power is always with the Awaam, let the sleeping giant wake up; we the commoners, … Read entire article »

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A Prayer for the Dying: Environmental Injustice in Pakistan

A Prayer for the Dying: Environmental Injustice in Pakistan

by Imran Khalid   News stories about environmental catastrophes in Pakistan are fleeting in that they make the news and then are resigned to the dustbins of afterthought. Such is the case, it seems, with the death of ten people including a child near a Sugar Mill in Dera Ismail Khan. It was reported that a girl child fell unconscious due to the toxic fumes emanating from a drain and fell into it.  Her mother and immediate … Read entire article »

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Don’t worry Braadir!

by Quratul Ain Haider Zaider I don’t care if Latif Johar is on hunger strike till death! Yeah I know he’s not eating anything from the last 35 days. It’s his choice after all. To hell with those people who are demanding their rights by indulging in novel techniques of protests in Balochistan. You know most of them are involved in anti state activities, and what is happening with them is what they deserve. Our agencies know better about the issue and we should not create any hurdle in their work due to our own naivety. Balochis are basically trying to gain the sympathy by these subterfuge acts. I laugh at the people who try to compare the situation of Balochistan with East Pakistan. They don’t know anything actually. Long Live … Read entire article »

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Musings over a cup of tea-Part II

Bisma Tirmizi A lighter issue I ponder today, but maybe not that light; just written with a tad bit of humour and some passé amusement. I was sixteen years old when my uncle suggested I get engaged to his son. Fifteenth century England or the city of Sukkur in the state of Sindh, Pakistan, latter I reckon. I was oblivious to the existence of my cousin but once told, I seemed to be a smitten kitten, why, I truly wonder now? My education was at a prestigious school, I spoke some French and fluent English, mingled in the upper middle class society of Lahore and Sarghoda and most importantly and essentially I was a mid teen. Tariq, the prospective seventeen year old was a teenager living in Sukkur, he seemed to have … Read entire article »

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What Raza Rumi means to us

By Yasser Latif Hamdani and Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari  We are reproducing for the PakTeaHouse readers two articles that appeared days after the assassination attempt on Raza Rumi who is like an elder brother to us. One was written by Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari and the other by Yasser Latif Hamdani.  It is to record for posterity what Raza Rumi means to Pakistan in general and to both Aisha and myself personally.  He is our hero.  … Read entire article »

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A Dysfunctional State

by Saad Hafiz Pakistan’s societal, economic and political travails place it in a category of deeply dysfunctional and nearly ungovernable states. Generally speaking, dysfunctional states exhibit high degrees of institutional inconsistency, social malaise, ideological confusion, political malfunction and national paranoia. As a consequence, such states are unable to leverage their people’s histories and traditions to construct effective formal institutions with wide legitimacy; nor can they draw on the social capital embedded in cohesive groups to facilitate economic, political, and social intercourse; neither are they able to employ the established governing capacities of their citizens to run the affairs of state. Moreover, national development is much dependent upon the quality of a nation’s human capital. Dysfunctional states do not invest in human capital—such as better schools and hospitals. They tend to discourage people … Read entire article »

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Raza Rumi: Voice by Heart

Amir Abbas Turi These are the ruthless terrorists who are heartless and do not spare even the humanity lovers and peace-preachers such as Raza Rumi. Callous inhumane terrorists are taking lives of innocent people in this Land of Pure – Pakistan – and Mustafa, Rumi’s martyred driver, is the latest addition to this episode. On the eve of Friday, merciless culprits showered bullets on this non-violent team in the streets of ‘Takht-e-Lahore’. These murderers, who committed a slaughter in the name of Islam, forgot or ignored the teachings of this religion – which emphasises that killing a single human being is akin to killing the whole humanity, and that a single person or institution is not qualified to prosecute, judge and persecute even the most atrocious criminal. Whether an alleged sinner can … Read entire article »

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Raza Rumi: I’m Proud of You!

Kasim Osmani It is nothing but a stroke of luck when you happen to meet and start working with your most favorite personality. The very idea that you are going to work with country’s prominent political analyst excites the imagination. It fills you with high spirits and you feel like the luckiest person on planet. I felt so, when I met and started working with Raza Rumi. A day after I shared my profile, I found myself sitting across Raza Rumi, having kehwa and discussing how I could contribute to his bulging workload. Staring at him with almost static eyeballs, I expressed my earnest gratitude and determination for the given responsibilities. Raza Rumi entirely changed my views about a boss and people working in “private sector”. Now, I had a smiling boss who … Read entire article »

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Black Hands

Black Hands

By Haider Rifaat Today “Black Magic” is considered to be a common trend in many areas of Pakistan and it seems quite evident that the practitioners of this dark art, target specific people for their own benefits. The practice of black magic or as some call it, “kaala jadu”, often takes place during the night, especially at the cemeteries. It is not only practiced in Muslim countries but is ubiquitous in the western world as well. However, … Read entire article »

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A conversation with a constitutional Kaafir

Balal Haider Ahmadis are constitutional Kaafirs in Pakistan. The best part is Pakistan is the only country in the world which proudly presents us with such a Politico-Religious categorization of its people. Below is a conversation from a daily life of a constitutional Kaafir (CK) and Radicalized Constitutional Muslim (RCM)… CK: “Asalam o Alikum my dear friend” RCM: ” Yala Harama, you go to jail, how dare you speak the words which sends peace to me, you!!, let me call the police station.” CK: “I am so sorry my friend I am just used to spreading peace and teachings of love. I am sorry to have offended you, Let me do some Astagfar.” RCM: ” Toba Toba, you are using an Arabic word, how dare you act like a muslim” CK: ” I am sorry, I … Read entire article »

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