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Pakistan’s youth: The ideological challenge

Pakistani Leaders have abused religion and Anti-America slogans to achieve political gains for decades. This has created a society where committing barbarities in the name of Religion or using Anti-America sentiment is Kosher. For decades our youth have been in filled with Ideas that Taliban are fighting a “Holy War” against the Imperialist and Anti Islam forces thus their barbarities are overlooked. [View the story "Pakistan’s youth: The ideological challenge" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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India and Pakistan in War Peace

By Ahmad Khan The complexities of South Asia’s political and geostrategic environment drives scholars, experts and practitioners from within subcontinent and the West to share their scholarly views on the dynamics of its major component: the India-Pakistan relationship. A relook or revisit to their scholarly work in form of book, biographies and research papers gives us a broad canvas to draw a holistic picture of the ever fragile relationship since the subcontinent partition in 1947. Most of the scholarly work is about studying the dynamics of relationship that have been changing since the Cold War. Such books and research papers discussed the nature of the conflict and the security competition between India and Pakistan as per the understandings of the authors. J.N. Dixit articulated the nature, history and type of relationship … Read entire article »

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Jang Group and its Media History

Raza Rumi expresses his views on Geo TV and Jang group; on its media tactics.   [View the story "Jang Group and its Media History" on Storify] … Read entire article »

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AAP & Not PTI:The power of democracy!

Ahmer Muzammil I am not fascinated or infatuated with India, like some of our Indian readers and mostly for the wrong reasons I might add. I do however acknowledge that it is the land of my forefathers and at a macro level, I am impressed with their dedication to and insistence on democracy. I am under no illusion that indian society is without ills or that democracy has solved all of their issues But compared to Pakistan, they look like rock stars. Compared to Pakistan however, young men and women -some who were wronged and mostly those who are uneducated, impressionable and indoctrinated – aren’t blowing themselves up in cinemas, bazars and places of worship, killing their fellow innocent citizens in cold blood, and to me that alone is a winner every … Read entire article »

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Jamat-e Islami, A Common Inheritance of Pakistan and Bangladesh

By Obaidullah Khan Bangladesh and Pakistan have some common features with respect to their foundation. Both were made for the Muslims of the Subcontinent (not for Islam). A sense of deprivation and desperation played the key role behind their coming into being. And then a common inheritance, Jamat e Islami, with an identical part to play in the formation of these two sovereign and independent states, was another similarity. Unfortunately, for both states that role was antagonistic and in support of the parent unified countries, united India in case of Pakistan and united Pakistan in case of Bangladesh. So in a sense Jamat e Islami in both the cases supported the preexisting scenario and opposed the independence movement of these states. Surely as patriot Pakistanis we are aggrieved in the case … Read entire article »

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Vying for Allah’s Vote

Vying for Allah’s Vote

Author: Haroon K. Ullah What is driving political extremism in Pakistan? In early 2011, the prominent Pakistani politician SalmaanTaseerwas assassinated by a member of his own security team for insulting Islam by expressing views in support of the rights of women and religious minorities. Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister, was killed by gunfire and explosive devices as she left a campaign event in December 2007; strong evidence links members of extremist organizations to her slaying. These … Read entire article »

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Hate Destroys

By Saad Hafiz The sectarian schism, which leads to unending violence, is probably the most deadly of Pakistan’s list of self-inflicted problems. The historic manipulation of religion by the state for political purposes has sowed the seeds of hateful intra-religious sectarian division. Sectarian violence is not only pervasive, it also accentuates divisions within Pakistan and underlines the ineptness of the government and security services in stemming this phenomenon. During the last 35 years, thousands of people, mostly from minority sects, have been killed and thousands more maimed in attacks by zealots from rival sects in Pakistan. For hardline Sunni sectarian groups, Ahmedis, Shias and even fellow Sunnis are fair game. Their lethal attacks on Shia ulema (clerics) and professionals have generated a violent Shia backlash. The French political philosopher, Montesquieu said, … Read entire article »

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Islam and the West

By Saad Hafiz The Islamic world and the west appear to be caught up in an intensifying phase of political and cultural conflict. Each side views the other with mistrust and suspicion and both have a shopping-list of grievances. Over-zealous punditry on television, in the op-ed pages, on campuses and in strategic studies think tanks reinforce the fear that Islam and the west are on a collision course. Great stress is laid on the political and cultural divide, futility of communication and engagement and cries of hegemony and imperialism. In this cacophony, those who seek dialogue and reconciliation between the faiths struggle to be heard. Muslim self-confidence, which was at its peak some centuries ago, has disappeared. Religious literalism has gained centrality over reason in the Islamic worldview. Long buried is the … Read entire article »

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Brave or Foolhardy?

Brave or Foolhardy?

by: Hafsa Khawaja There are usually, if not always, a certain set of characteristics and qualities that a people expect their leader to have. Amongst the numerous of honesty, integrity and dignity that Pakistanis seek in a leader, is also bravery. With the elections approaching fast, the idea of bravery seems to have been accorded quite a role with populism at play.   A certain notion has been developed in political rhetoric plus social media … Read entire article »

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Politics and piety

By Saad Hafiz: The primary eligibility criterion for electoral candidates in most parliamentary democracies is evidence of citizenship and a clean criminal record. In Pakistan, aspiring candidates appear to need a certificate of religious piety as well. The interpretation of constitutional articles determining eligibility seems more suited to candidates in a religious order, where conformity with prevailing religious ideology and practice is a necessary requirement. But politics is a secular affair, aiming to achieve distinctively worldly ends through distinctively political means. It follows that the actions of governmental representatives themselves should rely on logic and science. This necessitates that the proper standard for selecting a country’s political leadership should be effectiveness, not piousness. Evaluating a candidate’s political and leadership credentials is more important than proving that they are ‘good’ Muslims. As … Read entire article »

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Tahir-ul-Qadri and Doomsday Conspiracy

Tahir-ul-Qadri and Doomsday Conspiracy

By Abrar Kureshy “A telecom professional, Abrar holds an MBA degree in marketing. He tweets as @Abrar_kureshy and occasionally blogs at “     Ok this comes in a little late as I was confused on 21st December about what to do. Curse Mayan calendar for wrongly scaring the whole world for nothing, watch the movie 2012 again and laugh or consider it alright as self-claimed “Sheikh-ul-Islam” Prof. Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri was “launched” in Pakistan on that day and in Nazir Naji’s words, after … Read entire article »

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Mustaqbil ka siyasi leader

Mustaqbil ka siyasi leader

          … Read entire article »

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The ‘F’ word*

The ‘F’ word*

You tell a male that this day forth he must not go out to work, he must marry to support himself, he must take permission from his wife or parents before he goes out, that he doesn’t need education… he would find such restrictions ridiculous. When a female has the same sentiments, she is thought to be ridiculous. The sentiments of the sexes can be the same, because as humans we are similar and equal. This … Read entire article »

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Cricket and Politics

Prof Farakh A Khan (10.11.11) Cricket these days has become centre stage in Pakistan. At one side three of our star cricketer are behind bars in UK and on the other side our ex-super star cricketer Imran Khan is taking politics by storm in Pakistan. We need to analyse these two phenomenon hitting the press and media. Let take the rather depressing state first. The three were caught red handed fortunately in UK and not in Pakistan. Some people called this a conspiracy where India and UK (not including Israel since it does not play cricket) ganged up to reduce cricketing poweress of Pakistan in the next World Cup. Another version is of legal betting mafia striking at underground betting mafia and in the crossfire the three Pakistanis were shot down. We … Read entire article »

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Aaloo-eating zionists – Pakistan’s youth reacts to daily doses of ghairat and lies

By Saadia Gardezi The latest music video to go viral in the Pakistani blogosphere, Aaloo Andey by Beyghairat Brigade, says most of what those on the centre and left are thinking. The Pakistani virtualverse has been twittering about the satire since it came out. However there has also been some verbal violence against the views expressed in the song, characteristic of the Pakistan we live in… what for one man thinks is xenophobic nationalism, for another is just … Read entire article »

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