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Reading: Some Reflections (and the Books I read in 2016)

Reading: Some Reflections (and the Books I read in 2016)

Aslam Kakar I grew up in a small village on the periphery of Pakistan. In childhood and till my undergraduate studies in Lahore, I did not read at all. Perhaps, I did not have the opportunity or perhaps I just did not care. Or may be I did not care because of the environment. There was no library where I lived. I never saw a book store till the age of 18 when I went to … Read entire article »

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Growing up in times of BB

by: Naurah Khurshid I opened my eyes in a household where pictures of Benazir Bhutto and her father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto decorated the walls. Popular political slogans rolled off my tongue like nursery rhymes. On the occasion that a guest would look at Benazir’s picture and take that as a cue to express their displeasure with the Bhuttos, the entire room would erupt in intense political debate for the next couple of hours. For me, the most entertaining time of the day was when my father and uncles had political discussions. Where “Bhutto Sahab” was always discussed with a certain degree of reverence and sadness, BB (as Benazir was always referred to) was the present. Regardless of how much she was criticized for her naive politics and “political blunders” there was always a hint of hope whenever her … Read entire article »

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Myths – Our Common Asset

By Kiran Rizvi The art of story-telling is perhaps as old as the human language itself. It almost seems that humans developed language so that stories can be told! Some myths were created around historical events and landmarks while others to explain natural phenomena or a transcendental world-view. There are some parables that celebrate loyalty, honor and there are others which denounce greed and mendacity. Some myths are woven simply for entertainment and to reflect the emotions and aspirations of the human spirit. However, all myths have one thing in common: They conform to the geographical and cultural context of their audience. Therefore, when the body parts of Osiris are dispersed, they land around Nile; those of Sati, get distributed in the subcontinent. Similarly, after the Great Deluge, the vessel of Utnapishtim … Read entire article »

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Life’s Too Short Short Story Prize 2010/11

by Aysha Raja The Life’s Too Short Literary Review could never have been possible were it not for the Life’s Too Short Short Story Prize (2009). This was the first ever short story prize held in the region, of which my partner Faiza S. Khan and I had very humble expectations, we didn’t even envisage a publication ensuing from the prize. Today, not only have we published the best of the stories in Pakistan and India to critical acclaim, but we also discovered one of the most anticipated authors of 2011, Jamil Ahmad. We now find ourselves coming full circle as we invite submissions for The Life’s Too Short Short Story Prize 2010/11, the deadline for which is 31st March 2011. From the formidable response to the first volume of the review … Read entire article »

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‘The myna of peacock garden'

‘The myna of peacock garden'

A new collection of translated short stories reminds us how Urdu literature needs to connect with a global audience, says Raza Rumi As I hold the recently published “The Oxford Book of short stories” in my hands, I cannot help bemoan the fact that Urdu literature has been almost invisible from the arena of global literature. Admittedly, translation is difficult; the tediousness of translation daunts many a brave heart. Having said that, there have been a … Read entire article »

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The Burden of Grief – a short story

A short story contributed for the Pak Tea House by Salman Masood                                             (I) We planned to go watch a movie that evening. Perhaps we should not have considering that it was the first time we were meeting. But Hasan sounded interesting enough during the few times we had talked on the phone. He intrigued me. A common friend had introduced us. I was not looking for a fling or a casual acquaintance. Talking with him suggested he had the same ideas. I had broken up with my fiancé almost six months back. Perhaps it was still too early to look for a life partner. When I met Fahad three years ago, I resigned to the thought that my search for matrimonial bliss, no matter how clichéd it sounds, had ended. Our families … Read entire article »

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Buddha stories on display at Peshawar Museum

PESHAWAR: There are 74 Buddha stories carved in stone, which are on display in Peshawar Museum, describing all happenings in his life. Prof Fidaullah Sehri, former director of the Museum and ex-chairman of the Archaeology and Fine Arts Department, Peshawar University, told US Ambassador Anne W Patterson during her visit to the museum. NWFP Minister of Culture Syed Aaqil Shah and Director Archaeology and Museums Malik Saleh Muhammad KhanYusufzai, Hazara University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Ihsan Ali Khan and Prof Sehri received Patterson, who was accompanied by her husband. … Read entire article »

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