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Pakistani Women: Nobel, Oscar, Emmy and what not?

Pakistani Women: Nobel, Oscar, Emmy and what not?

Malik Omaid In the last 20 months, Pakistani women have brought home an Oscar, an Emmy, the Nobel Peace Prize & the Asian Gold in cricket -Khadija Amjad — Mariam Chughtai (@MariamChughtai) October 13, 2014 Malala Yousufzai was given the Nobel Peace Prize for 2014 on her championing the cause of Children’s right for education, especially for girls. This is the young girl who was brave enough to ask for her right of education despite the ban from … Read entire article »

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Malala: I am Pakisan

By Jehan Naseem “Live #Malala Live. Can someone pls tell me how I explain to my 11yr old daughter why anyone would try to kill 14yr old”? That was one of the first tweets that caught my eye on October 9th, 2012 by Dr. Adil Najam the Vice Chancellor of LUMS. That was exactly the anxiety and dread I was suffering from. Since my nieces, ages ranging from 9 to 12 years old, have a habit of picking up the newspaper, attempting to read it and ask random questions. Unfortunately, if there is a picture of a 14 year girl with a severe gunshot wound on the front page, it is bound to catch another child’s attention and invoke curiosity. The very next day, my 10 year-old niece did just that. The … Read entire article »

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Karachi: Fairgrounds, demos, devils and more

By Ali Arqam: Zulfiqar Mirza’s theatrics, Altaf Hussain’s histrionics, rabble-rouser Qureshi’s anti climax (of Nuclear Arsenal under threat episode), Munawwar Hasan’s  ‘No one loves me’ rants, Fazlur Rehman’s alarm bells of Islam in danger, the new theatrical production is a rally by JuD for “Difa-e-Pakistan”. Welcome to Karachi fairgrounds. First swearing Mirza damned MQM for posing threat to Pakistan’s integrity, then Altaf Hussain waved the map of so called balkanization of Pakistan. Thereafter, Imran came with a life line for Pakistan (he will only share the details when he will come to power) then Munawwar Hasan called on the bearded and hijabis to save Pakistan. Most recently Fazlur Rehman brandished a red flag and now Hafiz Saeed of JuD,  Ahmad Ludhianvi of ASWJ and others have jumped on the bandwagon to defend state of … Read entire article »

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Art Auction in London for schools in Swat & South Punjab

Art Auction in London for schools in Swat & South Punjab

      Art lovers everywhere – please support Pakistan Rising and its Charity Auction of Pakistani art.   Pakistan Rising‘s Charity Art Auction at Bonhams, London shall be taking place on Monday 3 October 2011 from 6-8pm. They have 10 beautiful pieces up for auction, all of which have been donated by our leading artists: Rashid Rana, Faiza Butt, Shezad Dawood, Iqbal Hussain, Salman Toor, Nurjan, Shafaq Ahmed, Komail Aijazzudin, Nahid Raza and Waseem Ahmed. In addition they have … Read entire article »

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The Alleged Stunning Indiscretion of a News Anchor

One of our friends recently wrote: “Two highly recommended books for those who wish to understand Pakistan: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and The Castle by Frank Kafka”. This is not a cynical view of Pakistan. Pakistan is a country that is a conundrum wrapped within a puzzle inside an enigma. As the previous proxy state militia broke into different factions and is now fighting the state, the lines between friends and foes are blurred. ISI that used to formant proxy militias to further its causes in Kashmir and Afghanistan is now itself being attacked by its very own Frankenstein. The previous masters of the Taliban are now either their prisoners or being killed by them. A case of Khalid Khwaja and Colonel Imam is a sad reflection of the evil of the … Read entire article »

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Pakistan is in pieces

[There is plenty here to stimulate a robust debate; Not that surprising, considering who the author is. PTH does not necessarily agree with the views expressed in this article.] Belfast Telegraph, Tuesday, 6 April 2010             By Robert Fisk I tried, in Pakistan, to define the sorrow which so constantly afflicts this country. The massive loss of life, the poverty, the corruption, the internal and external threats to its survival, the existentialism of Islam and the power of the army; perhaps Pakistan’s story can only be told in a novel. It requires, I suspect, a Tolstoy or a Dostoyevsky. Pakistan ambushes you. The midday heat is also beginning to ambush all who live in Peshawar, the capital of the North West Frontier Province. Canyons of fumes grey out the vast ramparts of the Bala Hisar fort. “Headquarters Frontier … Read entire article »

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Taliban sympathisers and the Swat flogging video

Posted by Raza Rumi Zubair Torwali has reported from the field and debunked the perverse myths on the flogging video. This is followed by the brave and daring Samar Minallah’s account of the flogging saga and what more proof do Taliban sympathisers want. PTH is carrying these two pieces in solidarity with these two individuals who believe in a progressive and peaceful Pakistan and condemn militancy at great personal risk. Swat has witnessed many harsh and cruel days. For about two years, it presented a view of Afghanistan during the heyday of the Afghan Taliban. The man who ignited the situation against the state of Pakistan — Sufi Mohammad — was spared (seemingly by design) for about three years. The MMA was then the ruling government in the province. In 2008, … Read entire article »

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Pakistan's Silent Surge

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi talked with The Newsweek about operation against the Taliban, drone strikes and their effectiveness, as well as the new round of strategic dialogue with the United States. The interview is a pleasant read, and Mr. Qureshi comes across as diplomatic yet candidly clear in his message. His assertion that Pakistan only started winning the war when Pakistani took ownership of the war is quite possibly the single most important determinant why the tables finally turned in this conflict. He uses the term the Silent Surge to describe Pakistan’s Army drive to root out the militants from FATA area. We can all agree that Pakistan’s silent surge is working; though it took thousands of civilian and military lives before Pakistan finally started getting an upper hand … Read entire article »

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Pakistan’s War of Choice

NYT, March 24, 2010   By MICHAEL E. O’HANLON   Peshawar, Pakistan: WHAT are Americans to make of all the good news coming out of Pakistan in recent weeks?   First, the Afghan Taliban’s military chief, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, was arrested in a raid in February. Around the same time, several of the Taliban’s “shadow governors” who operate out of Pakistan were captured by Pakistani forces. Last week, the C.I.A. director, Leon Panetta, announced that thanks in large part to increased cooperation from Pakistan, drone strikes along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border are “seriously disrupting Al Qaeda,” and one killed the terrorist suspected of planning an attack on an American base in December that caused the deaths of seven Americans. Meanwhile, Pakistan has mounted major operations against its own extremists in places ranging from the Swat Valley … Read entire article »

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The Year of the Drone, by Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann

We are reproducing an important paper on the drone attacks in Pakistan. This report analyzes the numbers behind the drone attack casualties. This paper further discusses the drone policy implications for the US, Pakistan as well as for the Taliban. I encourage you to visit the New America website for full report with various graphs, further statistics and footnotes that give important details behind the information given in this paper (AZW)   Counterterrorism Strategy Initiative Policy Paper The Year of the Drone An Analysis of U.S. Drone Strikes in Pakistan, 2004-2010 Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann February 24, 2010 For full report please go to Our study shows that the 114 reported drone strikes in northwest Pakistan from 2004 to the present have killed between 830 and 1,210 individuals, of whom around 550 to 850 were described as … Read entire article »

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Pakistan: democratic governance is the only way forward

Pakistan: democratic governance is the only way forward

by Raza Rumi Given the average shelf life of any civilian government, it is almost miraculous that the incumbent government has survived and there are signs that its removal is not immediate. The longevity of civilian order has less to do with the inherent strengths of its style of governance or delivery of public goods that it had promised in its manifesto. The survival of this government is an outcome of the lack of options … Read entire article »

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The Pakistan Military Proves its Mettle

Source: Institute of South Asian Studies, an autonomous research institute at the National University of Singapore By Ishtiaq Ahmed[1] It is argued in this brief that the recent London conference on the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan was a major success for the Pakistani military in convincing the international community that its cooperation is vital to resolving the crisis in Afghanistan. It was achieved in light of the fact that the Pakistani military effectively combated Taliban terrorism on its own soil. The Pakistani military has also come out against the Taliban domination of Afghanistan in case of an early United States (US) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) troop pullout, because it would threaten Pakistani security and national interests. … Read entire article »

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Would-be suicide bomber flees militants

This item of news is from The News  of 06 Jan 2010 – PTH BATKHELA: A would-be suicide bomber managed to escape from the captivity of militants and reached home in Khattakay area of Malakand Agency on Tuesday. “I don’t want to kill innocent people in bomb blast,’’ said the 14-year-old Shah Hussain, son of Alam Khan, while talking to reporters at the Malakand Levies post. … Read entire article »

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End of the military-jihadi nexus

By Dr Manzur Ejaz                     Daily Times 06 Jan 2010  The military has no choice but to eliminate all types of non-state armed groups in Pakistan to save the state and its own privileges. The military may want to pick and choose among these groups, but circumstances will force it to take them out one by one. Asia Peace, a discussion forum, opened the New Year with making predictions about the possible scenarios in Pakistan. Ultimately, the debate centred on the prospects for the military-jihadi nexus. An overwhelming majority believes that the military will keep its jihadi option intact by differentiating between good and bad Taliban and other extremist groups. A very tiny minority, including myself, optimistically believes that the military has no choice but to take out all kinds of jihadis. The … Read entire article »

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Obama's Afghan Policy and Pakistan

By Bilal Qureshi So far, in 2009 alone, 9000 Pakistanis have died in Pakistan because of terrorism – that is bombings, suicide attacks and other acts of extreme violence against Pakistan, and Pakistani society by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Yes, 9000 (nine thousand) Pakistanis have died because of terrorism in 2009 alone. This terrorism according to Pakistan is the direct result of failed American strategy in Afghanistan. … Read entire article »

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