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Turk-American Relations & the Kurdistan Divide

Turk-American Relations & the Kurdistan Divide

By Tanveer Arain A new debate has sparked when the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan had said earlier on Friday that, the United States supplied weapons that had been used against civilians by a Syrian Kurdish Militia Group – the same group that Ankara blamed for the deadly suicide bombing this week. Turkey has blamed the Syrian Kurdish Militia Group (YPG) for the suicide car bomb attack on Wednesday that killed 28 people, most of which … Read entire article »

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TTP Confronts Balochistan

TTP Confronts Balochistan

By Najeeb Kakar The arrival of the New Year 2016 has brought a gigantic and an unprecedented waves of violence and terror. Indeed, the terrorist assaults were allegedly reported as the religious terrorism and instigated by the Tehrik – i – Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Balochistan. Thus, around 42 people comprising of police and FC personnel have been palpably killed in numerous terrorist attacks in Quetta city and its outskirts. However, this act of terrorism has … Read entire article »

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Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together

Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together

By Misbah Azam, Ph.D. “For an hour I was transported to a place where every new minute inspired me to fall in love with Pakistan again.” Above are the words of one brilliant Pakistani entrepreneur of Silicon Valley, Dr. Safwan Shah, which he wrote to convey his tributes to a dynamic young Pakistani lawyer, politician and social activist, Mohammed Jibran Nasir, after attending his talk in a USA Talk Series 2015 seminar in the Silicon Valley, San … Read entire article »

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Peshawar Massacre: A Gaffe

Peshawar Massacre: A Gaffe

Misbah U. Azam, Ph.D.   Iraqi-born expert on Middle East politics and affairs, and the syndicated columnist of Jerusalem Post, Dr. Alon Ben-Meir – in February 2007 — wrote about the miscalculations terrorists commonly make when they plan some significant and spectacular terror attacks. He took a case of 9/11 attack on New York and Washington DC and pointed out some indiscretions which the terrorists committed while planning their gruesome act. He wrote, “The fallout from the … Read entire article »

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Corporatization of Militancy

Corporatization of Militancy

By Andaleeb Rizvi It was the year 2011; pro-Shia TV channels and wire services were abuzz with claims about US and Saudi Arabia funding and arming anti-Shia groups all over the Middle East. During the same period, there were several Shia uprisings in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and of course Iraq and Syria.The Pakistani government too continued to face the onslaught of anti-Shia groups like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jondullah, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat, and Lashkar-e-Islam. Videos of men … Read entire article »

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Pakistan: Hiding state failure by invoking the ‘foreign hand’ theory

Malik Omaid Raza Rumi explores the obsession of invoking ‘foreign hand’ to hide state failure after every terror attack which turns out to be a work of terrorists every time.   [View the story “Pakistan’s ‘foreign hand’ Conundrum” on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Who was Raza Rumi?

It was only late in the night when I came to know that Raza Rumi was attacked—By whom and why? I do not know. I just know that because of the consequence of that unprovoked attacked, Raza was compelled to leave Pakistan and settle in some neutral land where his safety and security is, at least, not at risk. Well, so much has been written about the unfortunate circumstances and plight of the security of journalists in Pakistan and so much has been said already too. I may save myself from taking a dip in this vast sea. Here I want to expound on who was Raza Rumi. A Teacher? A Sufi Master? A Friend? I have no words to express my grief over these unfortunate and saddening times. Long gone … Read entire article »

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Winning the ideological war

Winning the ideological war

Balal Haider “This is a war of ideologies, and idea can’t be defeated by force and bombs. The truth will be the winner” Omar Khorasani, the spokesman of the TTP Mohmand Agency tweeted early today on his official twitter account. This statement in isolation is correct but when put into context spells the disaster for TTP and all allied terrorists. TTP are known to have spreading their ideology throughout the region trough sword. They force people to … Read entire article »

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Explaining evil acts

By Saad Hafiz: While al Qaeda and the young men shooting up the school both seek to create terror in others, only the evil acts of the first are labelled as actual terrorism Trying to explain the evil acts that kill innocents daily round the globe like the one that killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, USA, is on a par with explaining how the universe was formed. There may be no greater expression of evil than the murder of children in their classrooms. Mary O’Toole, who worked for 15 years in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit where she studied psychopaths and helped capture killers, described Adam Lanza’s well-planned shooting rampage as “callousness in the extreme” and “off the charts”. The men who resort to … Read entire article »

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Confronting the evil within

By Saad Hafiz: A decade after Pakistan became a frontline country in the global war on terror, domestic terrorist organizations, particularly the Tehrik-i-Taliban (Pakistan) look as strong as ever.  There has been speculation that the murderous attack on Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year-old girls’ rights activist, by a Taliban hit squad which has led to an unusual outcry in Pakistan and abroad, may be the tipping point that will galvanize popular opinion to support vigorous action against terror groups. This would require that the country accept something that it has been unable to thus far, which is that all forms of terrorism are evil with no shades of grey. There has been longstanding reluctance within the government and society to stand up to Islamic groups that preach hatred and practice violence, which probably … Read entire article »

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The believers share my infidel air, it is only I who suffocate.

By Usman Ahmad: I first wrote this piece in 2010 after the terror attacks on two Ahmadi masjids in Lahore. Today the words seem to read as true as they did in those fateful days, perhaps even more so. The murder of two Ahmadis in Nawabshah over the last fortnight have shown that there are many lessons still to be learnt. Alas, we seem no closer to heeding the lessons of the past. So this is meant as an expression of solidarity and love for the fallen. The article has been slightly amended from the original piece. I too am an Ahmadi. I am the brother of Muhammad Akram and Maqsood Ahmad. I am an Ahmadi brought up in the west. I have faced many struggles reconciling the ambiguities that arise from being … Read entire article »

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A psycho-social perspective on terror

By Raza Rumi The launch of Dr Unaiza Niaz’s excellent book in September was most symbolic, as the world commemorated the ghastly incident of 9/11 and the subsequent ten years of ‘war’. The global media pundits had remarked that the world will not be the same place after 9/11. In our neighbourhood we have seen a gruesome war and occupation in Afghanistan; and its spillover into Pakistan making it a playground for terrorists of all shades … Read entire article »

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There’s a Pakistan beyond the ISI and terror; wish it was stronger

By Anshul Chaturvedi General VP Malik’s book, “Kargil – From Surprise To Victory” is not quite what I expected to see on the shelf at the bookstore in the Sheraton lobby in Karachi; but then, after Katrina staring at me from hoardings extolling the virtues of Lux body wash and Veet hair remover, and an improbably rosy-cheeked Kareena pitching in for Head and Shoulder from her billboards, after seeing skimpily dressed babes walking the ramp on a … Read entire article »

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Fascists strike again in Pakistan: Minorities Minister killed

Raza Rumi Sometimes it feels we are living in  stone age where no dissent and no call for a tolerant society is possible. Murder, violence, mayhem are the order of the day. Today, we mourn the death of Shahbaz Bhatti who had been repeatedly threatened, but not intimidated. It is time for Pakistan’s political parties to take stock of this situation and get their own ideological house in order before they are wiped out as well. Pakistani … Read entire article »

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Good luck, General Kayani

Raza Rumi In a hurried non-speech, the prime minister has confirmed that the incumbent army chief will stay on for three years. Unprecedented as the decision might be, it is perhaps the best option under the current circumstances. Pakistan is battling against domestic and external terrorism. Given how the army works, it is clear that the military establishment wants a continuation of national security policy. Lack of policy continuity has been the hallmark of Pakistan’s governance.  At least with General Kayani’s extension, the military operations in the northwest and approach to the Afghanistan imbroglio will also remain unchanged. This is good for Pakistan for three reasons. … Read entire article »

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