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Imran Khan’s USA Conundrum

Gohar Qureshi Having read Mr. Imran Khan’s recent statement about TTP, that they do not seek to enforce Shariah in Pakistan rather liberate it from the US war. I might be the only one who supports PTI manifesto for what it is and NOT because Imran Khan leads the party. Being a law abiding Pakistani American it is offensive to come across anti American narrative that Mr. Khan leads his followers with. Has he ever attempted to educate his followers on what led the US war on terror. The youth of today who must have been very young when 9/11 happened have no awareness whatsoever on how tolerant US was and still is. That we could travel domestically in the US without body scans which we were always subjected to flying … Read entire article »

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Does A Veil Define A Muslim Woman’s Character?

Haider Rifaat Fear is the first word that comes to my mind when I hear the phrase “Degradation of Women.” Islam, on every level has given women paramount rights more than any living being on earth. On account of the terrorist activities, millions of lives have been affected in both, rural and urban areas of Pakistan. Children’s mindsets, on the other hand are being brainwashed in some religious institutions, even today. Furthermore, several extremist groups have been using children as military weapons. In many rural areas of Pakistan, women are forcibly thwarted from holding pens in their hands. Similarly, there have been cases of sexual enslavement, castigation and physical ill treatment of women who struggled to receive better education from schools and colleges. One of the reasons as to why such … Read entire article »

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Winning the ideological war

Winning the ideological war

Balal Haider “This is a war of ideologies, and idea can’t be defeated by force and bombs. The truth will be the winner” Omar Khorasani, the spokesman of the TTP Mohmand Agency tweeted early today on his official twitter account. This statement in isolation is correct but when put into context spells the disaster for TTP and all allied terrorists. TTP are known to have spreading their ideology throughout the region trough sword. They force people to … Read entire article »

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Our Terrorism Policy: Treating Cancer with Palliatives.

Balal Haider Finally our government has got a road map to solve all problems and that is to talk to the people who are killing so many Pakistanis and if the talks fail the army has planned to take a full scale war to Waziristan. Brilliant. That means either way the problem will be solved forever? The fact remains both options leave minimal chance of victory. Either you fight them or you talk to them nothing is being done to cure the cancer of terrorism. To tackle any problem the root causes have to be addressed. How are terrorists produced? How can blow oneself up in pieces? How can be such a dangerous ideology be engraved into such young children. Waziristan or Karachi, pulling up a barrell and passing a 9 mm … Read entire article »

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A Talibanised society

By Saad Hafiz It is hard to argue against the notion that Pakistan is a fertile ground for extremist Islam, its causes and conflicts. Pakistan’s status as an ideological state has resulted in the proliferation of Islamic political groups of all kinds. The country’s constitution states that it is an Islamic state, religion is a way of life and that indoctrination, and no other competing ideology, is allowed. Moreover, national policies pursued since Pakistan’s creation have set the country’s trajectory away from the tolerant, syncretic and peaceful strands of Islam, and towards a harsh, literalist and limited version of Islamic values. Extremism is also driven by a pernicious mix of cultural and religious factors — the labyrinthine working through shame-honour/power-challenge codes, Islamic fatalism and the notion of violent jihad. It is … Read entire article »

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Taliban Are Right, We Are Wrong!

by Obaidullah Khan How painful is this fact for those who have not yet abandoned reason that our independent and sovereign state is negotiating with the terrorists. We are down to such a low that we are begging for mercy from those who are vicious barbarians and brazenly attack innocent citizens and the state institutions while our state seems to be helpless against them. Such barbarians must be dealt with an iron fist, is an established principle of politics in any country that claims to be independent and sovereign. Apart from disgracing the martyrs of our nation, whose blood is still of no value to our rulers, are we not disgracing our constitution by surrendering before those who are contemptuously mocking the writ of the state and its constitution and are … Read entire article »

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On negotiations with Pakistan’s Taliban

by Malik Rashid As Pakistan’s government begins to talk with the Taliban, many Pakistanis wonder if the two negotiating parties are real adversaries. Can the so-called negotiations terminate the little freedoms Pakistanis have gotten acquainted with in the past few years? Since enmity across the borders hasn’t been operational lately, military’s new doctrine identified homegrown militancy as the biggest threat to ‘national security’. Like the old doctrine proposed a perpetual war of survival against neighboring states, the internal war must be indefinite to maintain military’s domination of the state. Hence the fear could be well founded that negotiations with Taliban could limit freedoms and democracy in the name of Islam instead of establishing peace in the country. But it is not 1977, and lately the Tunisian constitution has offered a rare hope on terms of reconciliation between … Read entire article »

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Begin by Wailing

By Ahmer Muzammil The perpetrators should at least apologize to this unfortunate nation! TTP for killing our 60,000 human beings! Security Establishment for creating the Frankenstein so they can prosper financially, Rishtay karanay wali Khala who got unkil ejaz ul haq’ dada and dadi hooked up Musharaf for slaughtering the constitution (and for ahmed raza qusoori) Taher Shah for eye to eye Nawaz Sharif for absconding and looting. Shaheed bibi for Asif! Asif Ali Zardari for Asim Hussein! Iftikhar Chaudhry for Arsalan dada PTI for Shireen Mazari’ hairdo MQM for bhai’ singing. Jamat-e-islami for being themselves Religious fundoos like fazloo and hafiz saeed for egging us on for jihad while they are not able to do istinja (translation kurkay sawab-a-darayn hasil karein) properly (due to girth)! But I digress. Joking aside, the least this nation deserves is a sincere apology. Call it truth and reconciliation … Read entire article »

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Peace in Our Time

Peace in Our Time

Saad Hafiz Between phase of strident nationalism and armed conflict, India-Pakistan relations have mostly remained in deep freeze from which there still appears to be no hope of recovery. Historically, bilateral ties have been dominated by shrill jingoism, xenophobia and a quest for absolute justice at the expense of national interest and political realism. National leaders, instead of pursuing peace, have generally found it easier to propagate hawkish positions, unwilling to risk charges of appeasement, defeatism and … Read entire article »

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Remembering Salman Taseer (Shaheed)

Remembering Salman Taseer (Shaheed)

By Amir Abbas Turi Salman Taseer, the late Governor Punjab, became the first non-American who has been honoured with the Martin Luther King Junior Peace Award for his efforts in promoting human rights and peace. This prestigious Award is given to Taseer at a time when the Pakistani nation is deeply divided in its opinion about the question of martyrdom. While the United States has honoured him for his courage, unfortunately, Taseer remains one of the … Read entire article »

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The Mullahs are coming!

By Sher Sultan The Mullas are coming! They are coming in all hues and shades. All styles of facial hair are on display. With close cropped beard, to a totally unkempt one, with heavy moustache accompanying a beard, to a solo beard with clean shaven upper lip – these are not just random fashion statements. Every specific facial hair style represents a specific school of thought, commonly known as a FIRQA. The truth of the school is articulated not just through facial hair style, but through the apparel as well. The close cropped bearded one believes in all secular dresses, and partakes of all secular professions, becoming an engineer, a doctor, or a professor. One of them was teaching me at the Executive MBA classes at I.B.A., and never let go … Read entire article »

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A Few Question on the Drone Strikes

A Few Question on the Drone Strikes

By Asifa Ali Undoubtedly, drone attacks that impinge on our sovereignty are condemnable and damaging as they generate sympathy for the militants and breed more. It is also a fact that USA is continuing drone attacks as they serve two purposes; eliminate militant leaders not serving their interests and Pakistan faces the backlash. All this is known and discussed unabated on media. What, we fail to, however, discuss is answers to the following:- TTP has claimed responsibility for … Read entire article »

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Modern Two Nation Theory

By Syed Foaad Hassan Under the light of Quaid’s words, “Minorities to whichever community they may belong; will be safeguarded. Their religion or faith or belief will be secure. There will be no interference of any kind with their freedom of worship. They will have their protection with regard to their religion, faith, their life, their culture. They will be, in all respects, the citizens of Pakistan without any distinction of caste or creed” and the current picture of Pakistan in my opinion, we should demand a separation of State where everyone can live freely according to his belief, can go to Mosques, Churches, Temples etc. Where people who try to speak for rights of a minority should not be killed like Governor Taseer was killed; where Mumtaz Qadri, Hafiz Saeed, … Read entire article »

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The Drone Signature

By Saad Hafiz Drones have been a popular topic of late, mostly in discussions about whether the US government should be authorized to track down and kill suspected terrorists anywhere around the globe using the pilot-less predators. Amidst the passionate debate, the much vilified drones have become the signature weapon in the post-9/11 anti-terrorist warfare, particularly in the al-Qaeda and Taliban safe havens straddling the Afghan-Pakistan border. US drones have proven to be quite effective and a much-needed instrument of attack in the war against the terrorists. Drone strikes have taken out key leaders, disrupted meetings and curtailed movement, often forcing terrorists to scurry for cover. Drone enthusiasm is driven by the minimization of the risk to ground forces and non-combatants. Opponents counter that drones are an ignoble and cowardly form … Read entire article »

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What Pakistan thinks about the taliban

What Pakistan thinks about the taliban

By Momo Khan I belong to an era in Pakistan where we fight against terrorism every single day. The stories to world of getting killed, blown up or abducted are realities to us.  The thing which world fears has its home in Pakistan— the Taliban. So, what is it Taliban… to me, Taliban is a fear, a fear which is haunting our abilities to erase them, to take back the charge from them and to stop them … Read entire article »

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