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The Christians who mourned for the lynched Muslims

The Christians who mourned for the lynched Muslims

By Mohammad Ali Ilahi This week, a group of students from LUMS lead by the Democratic Students Alliance and as part of the Hum-Aahang initiative (Human Shield for Our Christian Community) went to a Sunday mass to form a human chain outside the Nawlakha Presbyterian Church near the Lahore Railway Station. This was in reaction to the twin suicide blasts that had taken place a week ago in Youhanabad targeting the largest and perhaps one of … Read entire article »

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Re-incarnating Dara Shikoh, a Great Moghul

Re-incarnating Dara Shikoh, a Great Moghul

By Ghazala Akbar Paradise is where no Mullah resides May no one pay heed to his Fatwas In a street where a Mullah resides No wise man is ever found Shams Tabrizi? Mirza Ghalib? Guess again. This irreverent verse is attributed to Dara Shikoh, a forgotten prince of Indian history, a great Mughal who never ruled. Dara who? Precisely. Our fascination with the Mughals is ubiquitous. We name our children, streets and even the odd restaurant after them; we display their portraits, … Read entire article »

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Minorities at Cross Roads: Comments on Judicial Pronouncements by Fali Sam Nariman

The elections in April-May, 2014 this year have put a strong majoritarian Government in power at the Centre. I welcome it Whilst I welcome a single-party majority government, I also fear it. Fear it because of past experience with a majoritarian government in the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies: when the then all-Congress Government had unjustifiably imposed the Internal Emergency of June 1975. And rode rough shod over the liberties of citizens. I cannot forget it nor can I condone it. My wife and I have lived through it and we know how a very large number of people suffered. Traditionally Hinduism has been the most tolerant of all Indian faiths. But – recurrent instances of religious tension fanned by fanaticism and hate-speech has shown that the Hindu tradition of tolerance is showing signs of … Read entire article »

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Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s speech on 14 August 1947

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s speech on 14 August 1947

Pak Tea House is sharing another speech from the founder of Pakistan, M A Jinnah. These speech’s are being shared to better understand the vision of M. A. Jinnah right after the very foundation of Pakistan as on which principles the state of Pakistan will operate.             Transcript: Inauguration of the Pakistan Constituent Assembly on 14th August, 1947 Your Excellency, I thank His Majesty the King on behalf of the Pakistan Constituent Assembly and myself for his gracious … Read entire article »

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Peace and tolerance

Peace and tolerance

by Saad Hafiz In yet another manifestation of the hate that appears to be deeply ingrained in Pakistan, four members of the Ahmedi community in Gujranwala were murdered last week by a mob protesting an allegedly blasphemous post on Facebook by an Ahmedi youth. A mob incited by the pulpit, feeding on suspicion and rumour, killed the defenceless for simply being different. These acts ensure that minorities live with murderous intolerance that tarnishes society at large. It … Read entire article »

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Mohammad Shahzad The attack on Raza Rumi raises important questions about free speech and tolerance in Pakistan Columnist, anchor and author Raza Rumi escaped a terrifying assassination attempt last month in Lahore. His car was sprayed with bullets by six assailants. His driver was killed and his guard was seriously injured. Raza remained unscathed miraculously. His killers thought that they had achieved their objective but Raza was showed presence of mind by ducking at the sound of … Read entire article »

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Talks or War?

Talks or War?

by Mirza Jawad Ahmad After a decade of proxy war now for last couple of years there has been a hype of talks with Taliban in Pakistani politics and military forces. Who are these Taliban? Traditionally speaking it’s a banned extremist outfit, bunch of parasites addicted to suck human blood. Symbolically they can be labelled as living vampires also. Whoever they are the argument shouldn’t be about the physical identity only, rather the mentality that’s the sole … Read entire article »

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Fascists strike again in Pakistan: Minorities Minister killed

Raza Rumi Sometimes it feels we are living in  stone age where no dissent and no call for a tolerant society is possible. Murder, violence, mayhem are the order of the day. Today, we mourn the death of Shahbaz Bhatti who had been repeatedly threatened, but not intimidated. It is time for Pakistan’s political parties to take stock of this situation and get their own ideological house in order before they are wiped out as well. Pakistani … Read entire article »

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“Problems of a Multi-Cultural society and the way out”

By Riaz Ali Toori A particular community of people living in a country or region, and having shared customs, laws, and organizations is called a society. The social fabrics of a society make it inter-dependent. There could be peculiar differences among the people living in a society that lead to conflicts that sometime lead to great dilemma like war on terror. The gush of unrest we are witnessing today is just because of clash of thoughts and lack of tolerance among the individuals. The other human catastrophes including poverty, unemployment and inflation also play a vital role in fortifying the conflicts. The influx of divergence could be disastrous enough to lead this world towards complete collapse. We need orchestrated efforts to bring down the rising temperature to a freezing point in order … Read entire article »

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Jokes Too Far

By Wajid Ali Syed You can’t deny the importance of humor in life. One of the first steps to ensuring a nation’s death is to regulate and ban its humor. Humor implies tolerance. Without it a people wither on the vine. Humor is not necessarily portable. People the world over can relate to Three Stooges-like pratfalls and jokes about meddlesome mothers-in-law or nagging wives or hapless husbands. Many American jokes could probably be enjoyed in Pakistan, like this one: What’s the difference between Jesus and a picture of Jesus? You only need one nail to hang up a picture of Jesus. … Read entire article »

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Obama's speech to the Muslims of the World

Good afternoon. I am honored to be in the timeless city of Cairo and to be hosted by two remarkable institutions. For over a thousand years, al-Azhar has, had stood as a beacon of Islamic learning. And for over a century, Cairo University has been a source of Egypt’s advancement. Together, you represent the harmony between tradition and progress. I’m grateful for your hospitality and the hospitality of the people of Egypt. And I’m also proud to carry with me the good will of the American people and a greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country: Assalamu Alaikum. … Read entire article »

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Pakistan's mystics in sights of Taliban

By CHRIS BRUMMITT –  PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — Worshippers still flock to the grave of Rahman Baba, a Muslim mystic revered by millions in Pakistan and Afghanistan. But they now pray at a mound of rubble and twisted steel — all that remains of his tomb since militants bombed it. The blast in March was the most high-profile in a recent spate of attacks against Pakistan’s homespun, tolerant brand of Islam by hard-liners trying to replace it with the more austere version espoused by the Taliban, al-Qaida and other Sunni extremist groups. “This hurts deep in my heart,” said Ihasan ul-Haq, as he looked through a rainstorm onto the ruins of the once ornate, whitewashed tomb on the outskirts of Peshawar, a main northwestern town coming under the influence of the extremists. “And … Read entire article »

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Extremely Extremist and other stories

From The News By Shandana Minhas During his visit to Beijing President Asif Zardari said terrorism ‘needs to be tackled on an urgent basis’ and  that he would ‘utilize every forum to brief the world about prevailing situation.’ Here’s an idea. Why doesn’t he do the same for Pakistan? For all the millions still doing the ala ostrich routine? He could be on all the channels simultaneously. His PR people could make him a slick presentation with charts and everything (no giving him a laser light though, that might be asking for trouble). Points he might like to cover include: … Read entire article »

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Urdu and I

IN FIRST PERSON Noted filmmaker MAHESH BHATT makes an impassioned plea to save Urdu from extinction here Photo: K. Bhagya Prakash Man is memory, and memory is sound. The first sound that resonates in my heart is the Urdu word “Shireen”, meaning sweet; the name of my mother, who was by birth a Shia Muslim and remained one till the end of her days. Shadowing that sweet memory is a bitter one. My mother couldn’t marry my Hindu … Read entire article »

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