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A new realism

A new realism

by Saad Hafiz President Obama’s recent visit to India, while ignoring Pakistan, is being seen as a “diplomatic failure of Islamabad”. Failure or not, the visit does warrant a review of the effectiveness of Pakistan’s foreign policy given the changing nature of a state and the realities of the international scene. Generally speaking, a country’s foreign policy is the face that it presents to the rest of the world and should, therefore, be based on a … Read entire article »

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A clarion call

A clarion call

By Shanzeh Iqbal How far lifting the moratorium on death penalty would be effective in curtailing terrorism is a matter of debate now. The executions seen as an antidote to terrorism are discussed by some analysts as a feeble method. They argue that the real terrorist has a genuine faith and is not afraid of death; rather he or she is willing to embrace it. So the death penalty may not act as a strong deterrent. … Read entire article »

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Peace, Volunteerism ,and Youth: Perspectives Pakistan

By Muqeet Tahir Malik Have you ever thought of youth as the building blocks of peace? Why are there plethora of aspirations attached to youth? How does the psychology of youth affect the society? Do you know the significance of volunteering? How to assess productivity of Youth in relation to volunteerism? Do you know the pivotal consanguinity that exists between Peace, and Volunteerism? How can we eradicate terrorism from Pakistan through productive generation? These are imperative pertinent questions that will be covered upon in my essay. Firstly, the idea of social cohesion through volunteering is evident as people always volunteer in groups which means that they are selfless and work together for a common concern. For instance, the program Dream Education for All, headed by Jasir Shahbaz of Lahore university of management sciences … Read entire article »

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Nevada Multi-Ethnic Coalition Candidates’ Forum

Nevada Multi-Ethnic Coalition Candidates’ Forum

October 18, 2014, a candidates’ forum was arranged, at Origin India, by Nevada Multi-ethnic Coalition. More than 250 community members attended to engage with progressive prospective leaders of Nevada. Coalition had members of different  ethnic communities living in Las Vegas. Enthusiasm shown by different communities for engaging with these leaders was really heartening. Forum was organized under the leadership of Mr. Akbar Moten and Dr. Zaffar Iqbal. Mr. Moten worked tirelessly to engage different ethnic communities … Read entire article »

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Gaza Under Attack

Gaza Under Attack

by Vijay Prashad More than ten days of Israel’s war on Gaza have passed. It has been catastrophic for this small piece of land – and for the Palestinians who live a bare life on that land. On Wednesday, Israeli forces shot at and killed four young boys who were playing hide and seek right in front of the hotel — Al-Deira — that houses the international press (and where many on this list have stayed at … Read entire article »

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The other side of the operation

The other side of the operation

By Waqas Rafique With Operation Zarb-e-Azb a few days old now, news broadcasts that I get to present these days are dominated with updates on the offensive launched against terrorists and violent extremists that had found safe haven in North Waziristan. In the past, we have been told all such operations have been important and made gains. Be it Operation Rah-e-Rast in South Wazirstan or Rah-i-Nijat, which was the battle for Swat. But we have also seen … Read entire article »

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Reporting in Pakistan- Protecting Journalists in One of the World’s Most Dangerous Countries

Raza Rumi spoke at the New America Foundation with Kati Marton, Peter Bergen and Joel Simon on the dangers of reporting freely in Pakistan. It was a robust discussion and Raza tried his best to add some nuance to the discussion. As he says “Horrible to be the ‘news’ yourself!”. Reporting in Pakistan- Protecting Journalists… by razarumi1 See More … Read entire article »

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Imran Khan’s USA Conundrum

Gohar Qureshi Having read Mr. Imran Khan’s recent statement about TTP, that they do not seek to enforce Shariah in Pakistan rather liberate it from the US war. I might be the only one who supports PTI manifesto for what it is and NOT because Imran Khan leads the party. Being a law abiding Pakistani American it is offensive to come across anti American narrative that Mr. Khan leads his followers with. Has he ever attempted to educate his followers on what led the US war on terror. The youth of today who must have been very young when 9/11 happened have no awareness whatsoever on how tolerant US was and still is. That we could travel domestically in the US without body scans which we were always subjected to flying … Read entire article »

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The Islamization of Pakistan

The Islamization of Pakistan

by Syed Foaad Hassan Quaid-e-Azam in his March 1940 presidential address said “It is extremely difficult to appreciate why our Hindu friends fail to understand the real nature of Islam and Hinduism. They are not religious in the strict sense of the word, but are, in fact, different and distinct social orders; and it is only a dream that the Hindus and Muslims can ever evolve a common nationality. This misconception of one Indian Nation has … Read entire article »

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The Wizards of Langley: Inside CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology

Ahmad Khan Jeffery T. Richelson is an American author, who has extensively produced literature on the process of intelligence gathering, historical technological up-gradation of intelligence agencies and its impacts on national security in America. He came up with The Wizards of Langley: Inside CIA’s directorate of Science and Technology in which he highlighted a brief history of CIA directorate of Science and Technology (DS &T) under the administration of different individual and CIA’s different aerial and space reconnaissance programs. He gives brief historical accounts of technological genies that resided inside CIA (DS &T). Richelson calls them the wizards of the Langley—the place where CIA headquarters is located— because of their technological and scientific achievements, which enabled CIA to architect an empire of international intelligence gathering. The primary objective of DS &T was to excavate … Read entire article »

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I am Proud to be a Warmonger

Raza Habib Raja Merely two days ago, Hakimullah Mehsud, the head of Tehreek-i-Taliban was killed by a drone. The slain chief was the individual who had repeatedly claimed responsibility for a number of suicide attacks. Moreover, his organization recently also killed a Major General and then proudly posted the video of the assignation on the web. TTP and its various offshoots are also responsible for suicide bombings in shrines whereby the target have been the “infidel” Barelvis. Number of times, their outlawed sister organizations such as Lashkar-e-Janghavi, have killed Shiites and proudly claimed responsibility. And yet when Mr. Mehsud was killed, our media and leading politicians erupted in protests and have constantly labeled it as a deep conspiracy to derail the “peace” process. In social media also, I can see a flurry of … Read entire article »

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The Defenders

By Tamoor Zafar We are so used to listening to and believing in these politicians, they show their faces and defend their political parties and their fused leaders on TV, no matter how serious the issue is they will come up with some kind of defence but no shame and we still listen to them, let’s call these representatives the Defenders. These Defenders love to use precedents from the West. I always feel that If I could be there I could present a better defence, as I cannot be at two places at once therefore I came up with this idea to write some Western precedents which can provide defence to the Defenders on different issues. Nowadays a very common question the Defenders are facing is the question of the violation of sovereignty … Read entire article »

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Future of Pakistan’s Western Frontier

By Prof Farakh A Khan (This is continuation of my last article.. It was felt that this subject requires greater depth since people in Pakistan have distorted view of our Fata issue. The origin and evolution of Jihadi Wahhabi movement has to be put in proper perspective) Conflict in society is the oldest human response inherited from our evolutionary animal past. As human society graduated from sticks and stones as weapons of aggression to high explosives and air war the level of carnage increased dramatically. We are now entering phase of robotic war lased with nuclear technology where power of destruction has escalated to a new level. The level of misery caused by modern wars is not acceptable anymore. War in Afghanistan either by foreign forces intervention or internal conflict for the … Read entire article »

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Understanding Pakistani Mistrust of the United States

By Raza Habib Raja This was orginally published at Huffington Post Over the years, U.S. bashing has become a national pastime in Pakistan. This trend is dominant almost everywhere, ranging from drawing room discussions to media talk shows, and in recent months has assumed alarming proportions due to host of events such as Afia Siddique verdict, Raymond Davis’s capture and subsequent release, incessant drone attacks and above all, the recent killing of Osama bin Laden. Although it would be an exaggeration to say that everyone in Pakistan mistrusts and hates the U.S., a substantial majority does. Several surveys have revealed that majority of Pakistanis consider USA as an enemy rather than a friend. In fact Al-Jazeera-Gallup Pakistan Survey 2009 revealed that 59% identified the U.S. as the greatest threat to Pakistan. Even India, … Read entire article »

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Five Myths About Pakistan

  We are cross posting this short but insightful post by Anatol Lieven where he discusses the five popular myths about Pakistan. In our view, these myths as much of a must-read for non-Pakistanis as they are for the Pakistani nation. (Editors, PTH) … Read entire article »

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