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End this discrimination

By Ali Saif Recent incidents of racism in USA and rest of the world have not happened by chance or accidental in nature actually such incidents were expected. President of US, Barack Obama is right when he says that massacre at historic African-American church in Charleston in South Carolina is racism and that racism still haunts the United States. He has also warned that people of US have to be vigilant since it still lingers and when it is poisoning the minds of young people, it betrays our ideals and tears our democracy apart. No doubt that they have made great progress in terms of strict legislation on racism but still it haunts United States. Actually dynamics of the population have changed, since last century world has entered into the age of urbanization and cosmopolitanism … Read entire article »

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سیمور ہرش کے انکشافات

سیمور ہرش کے انکشافات

تحریر: محمد شعیب عادل نیویارکر میگزین کے رپورٹر سیمور ہرش نے لندن ریویو آف بکس LRB پر اپنے ایک حالیہ مضمون میں اسامہ بن لادن کو پکڑنے کے لیے امریکی آپریشن کے حوالے سے ایک مضمون لکھا ہے جس پر پوری دنیا میں بحث ہو رہی ہے۔ امریکی کالم نگاروں کے مطابق ہرش کی کہانی کمزور ہے اور اس کہانی کا ذریعہ ایک ریٹائرڈ پاکستانی فوجی افسر ہے جس کی ٹپ پر امریکہ نے اسامہ بن لادن … Read entire article »

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Twitter Corner: Karachi, Karachi and Karachi!!

Twitter Corner: Karachi, Karachi and Karachi!!

Malik Omaid MQM from its foundation has been facing the allegations of using violence for political gains. In 90’s a grand Karachi operation was conducted and many MQM workers were killed extra judicially. There were allegations of MQM working for India and a parallel media trial of the party in hope to finish it or divide it. Haqiqi was formed for this purpose but to no avail. Same MQM was in the lap of establishment during the … Read entire article »

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Political turmoil in The Land Of The Pure

Political turmoil in The Land Of The Pure

By Amir Abbas Turi In the wake of current “Sturm und Drang”, if there is one question constantly being asked about Pakistan is, it is “what would happen next?” No wonder the Islamic Republic decorate magazine covers and hits the headline as the most dangerous place on earth after yesterday’s incident in Islamabad. PML(n) lead government received a powerful one-two punch, since the current dead lock, as ISPR press release nullified what Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif … Read entire article »

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Waving burial shrouds

Waving burial shrouds

by Saad Hafiz For centuries, wielders of power have entreated the services of populist demagogues and political charlatans to confuse and contain diverse political interests. In Pakistan, the services of rabble-rousers are being instrumentally used to demonise, demobilise and out-flank foes in fiercely contested democratic power sharing arrangements. Powerful populist demagogy can prove to be particularly effective in a hyper-charged political culture, aided by the use of violent imagery of death and carnage. The rhetoric of … Read entire article »

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Dharna Duet not for Democracy says Nasim Zehra

Dharna Duet not for Democracy says Nasim Zehra

Malik Omaid “Nasim Zehra’s excellent tweets on the partisan role of (some) media & the complex web of forces & interests at work. History repeating itself.” Raza Rumi     [View the story “Dharna Duet not for Democracy says Nasim Zehra” on Storify] … Read entire article »

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Feeling Betrayed by Imran Khan

Feeling Betrayed by Imran Khan

By Zafar Siddique In 2012, when Imran Khan’s political popularity was at its peak, I got a chance to meet him and told him that the youth of Pakistan is overwhelmingly supporting him because they believe that he was the only hope for Pakistan. I told him that a certain segment of the youth believed that what he was offering was simply impossible to implement in its actuality and was highly unrealistic. I told him that … Read entire article »

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Photo of the Day: A lone wolfpaces the stage

Photo of the Day: A lone wolfpaces the stage

Alone atop his container on Thursday afternoon, PTI chief Imran Khan tries to rally supporters as the sit-in venue wears a deserted look. Photo by Tanveer Shahzad / White Star via Dawn … Read entire article »

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Our misplaced faith in shortcuts

Our misplaced faith in shortcuts

By Jamal Malik I was about 14 when the ‘Marde Momin, Marde Haq’, General Zia ul Haq toppled Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s government and imposed Martial Law in the country. It was 4th April 1979, when I came out of the examination hall of Abbottabad Public School, after taking my Matric Islamiat exam that my friends and I heard that Z. A. Bhutto had been hanged. Most of my friends were Bhutto sympathizers and it was an … Read entire article »

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Pakistan Peoples Party: A Bird’s Eye View

Azhar Ali However great ‘reservations’ people may have about Zardari, the phrase ‘giving the devil his due’ may help in painting him in less pale light. But because of him the Pakistan Peoples Party would have become irrelevant, marginalized and radicalized after it was most wantonly deprived of its highly charismatic leader. He let the establishment wallow in the success of its weird grand design by not shying away from seeming to cooperate with it and annoying party’s sympathisers, but what he succeeded in accomplishing in the bargain is not mean achievement by any standard. From the perspective of the establishment, Benazir’s murder was the final nail in the coffin of a party which kept on harrowingly bouncing back. After installing Zardari, a craftly maligned figure by the establishment itself in the … Read entire article »

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“Audacity of Hope” (An open letter to all Pakistanis)

Sultan Babar Mirza Reportedly, two foreign players have historically played the role of major kingmakers in Pakistan. Be it Ayub, Bhutto, Zia, Benazir, Nawaz Sharif or Musharraf – plenty of rumours say these ‘leaders’ largely owed their thrones to either the United States of America or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thanks to Wikileaks, we now have some evidence of this as well (not as much as one would like, but enough). Before going further, let us … Read entire article »

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‘Gates’ in Pakistan (Scamistan)

By Prof. Farakh A Khan: Since inception of Pakistan in 1947 we have been rocked by scams and ‘hidden hands’ with unfailing regularity. Before we got hyperactive media scams were buried deeply in accusations and rumours. Now we are bombarded with Pakistan shaking news items glaring at us from our TV screens. With an active independent judiciary exposures are made at the highest levels putting in jeopardy our new ‘democratic’ defenders of democracy leaders. A plaint Supreme Court and Election Commission headed by a person who will not rock the boat (i.e. corruption) of nascent democracy is the desire of most of our present rulers. The massive Balakot earthquake of 2005 and floods of 2010 had shown us that governance in Pakistan was non-existence. Post disaster management efforts by the NGOs and … Read entire article »

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Islamabad Diary: Zardari is in jail since November 1996, says the PPP Website

By Shahzad Raza: President Zardari should better fire the PPP’s webmasters. Or he may think of luring those who manage the PTI’s web-desk. Why? Let me tell you. A google search of “Pakistan People’s Party” would display the top result,, which I believe is the official website of the ruling People’s Party. Hardly, any surfer has time or desire to call the PPP headquarters to reconfirm the web address. Anyways, the is a mixture of nothing – some haphazard and obsolete information. The website still finds Asif Ali Zardari in jail, and Ms Benazir Bhutto abroad in self-exile. “Benazir Bhutto is in forced exile these days and her husband Asif Ali Zardari is in jail since November, 1996 facing bravely a number of cases engineered by Sharif Govt. as process of victimization…,” it reads. Whoever manages the … Read entire article »

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Zardari: Made of tougher mettle

By Saria Benazir The rumors of an impending coup further perforate into the already adverse political situation in the country, following the memo gate issue. This is another incredible issue, much like the incredible memo-an unsigned paper seemingly no importance to the White House has subjugated the whole country to a farce played out by our very laudable Supreme Court and the establishment. And now this new addition furthers the attack on Pakistani democracy. The likelihood of President Asif Ali Zardari’s resignation, as stated by the American Foreign Policy blog has created a hullabaloo throughout the country, and people seem to have unquestioningly placed their convictions in that blog. The army and ISI already own Pakistan, what about the Head of State? Does the US decide the resignations of Pakistani officials as … Read entire article »

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The Case of a Curious Memo

PTH is proud to publish this exclusive piece written by Ali Aftab Saeed (who made his mark as the creator of the famed Aalu Anday song by the beghayrat brigade band). Ali is remarkable for his clarity on progressive politics and he dispels the myth that Pakistan’s youth have been brainwashed by right wing media and doctored history textbooks. All power to him and hundreds of thousands like Ali – who need a voice. PTH … Read entire article »

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