Unpalatable or Disastrous

By Misbah Azam, Ph.D.

In his interview in 1867, with St. Petersburgische ZeitungIt, the German aristocrat and statesman, Prime Minister of Prussia […]

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A clarion call

By Shanzeh Iqbal

How far lifting the moratorium on death penalty would be effective in curtailing terrorism is a matter of […]

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کوئی حد نئیں صبراں دی

ضیاء کھوکھر

دکھوں کی صلیب پر مصلوب رہنے کے بعد قبر میں اتر جانے والی بیگم نصرت بھٹو
یادیں اور تاثرات
(نومبر۱۹۶۸ء تا […]

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When the Umpire Raised the Finger: General Zia- imposing Martial Law (5-07-1977)

Malik Omaid

Pak Tea House is sharing this video of dictator Zia ul Haq announcing Matial Law in the country on […]

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Our misplaced faith in shortcuts

By Jamal Malik

I was about 14 when the ‘Marde Momin, Marde Haq’, General Zia ul Haq toppled Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s […]

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Is this Jinnah’s Pakistan?

By Fazal Abbas

As the Independence Day, August 14, comes nearer national flags can be seen — hoisted on the government […]

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India and Pakistan in War Peace

By Ahmad Khan
The complexities of South Asia’s political and geostrategic environment drives scholars, experts and practitioners from within subcontinent and […]

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Servants, not masters

by Saad Hafiz
In the aftermath to the country’s independence, Mr Jinnah clearly articulated the role of the military: “Do not […]

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شہر کا شہر مسلمان ہوا پھرتا ہے

ملک عمید
معاملہ مسلمانوں کے گلاس میں پانی پینے سے بڑھا اور مخالف کو مزہ چکھانے کی دھن میں توہین رسالت […]

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